Friday, April 17, 2009


you know the finals is just around the corner when..

the watermelons start to show up.

the weather getting hotter.

the people getting more selfish.

the stress faces appear almost every day.

the heater and winter coats already packed and left in the closet.

more and more pages of a certain book deleted.

the blog getting deserted.

the entry of a blog is in point form.

the airline companies compete to get more malaysian customers.

main question of a certain discussion is ..' balik tak tahun ni?balik naik apa?'

the people getting more homesick.

the ym list has lesser online friends.

the anatomy museum is getting more crowded with people.

the dentistry students carve gigi every day.

the extra classes are finished.

most of the classes are finished.

the medicine students are having study leave.(while the dentistry students still have classes every day.)

more and more people getting worried about wether or not they'll pass the year with flying colours.

the lights are switched on 24/7.

the eyebags are getting more prominent.

the moms are getting worried.

the room is getting more untidy.

and the people starts to talk in their sleeps,about anything related to their studies.

my practical final exams start this sunday,
my written final exams start this coming may,
and everything will end in the mid june.

thus the soon to be deserted blog.

luck is more than what i needed now.huhu.
good luck,people!