Friday, February 29, 2008

goodbye abg jad~

we went to cairo.AGAIN!this time,for bidding abg jad farewell.this is what i hate leaving far from'll get close with your friend that you treat him as one of your family members and then you'll get sad of them leaving you.huhu.abg jad dah tamat pengajian~(jealous betul..huhu)

we (sito,aiman,afek,hanis,elly and i) went to cairo on wednesday,27th february morning.we reached cairo approximately at 12 and sito said let's walk to hussein.ok thinking that hussein(the place where the heaven of egypt's sourvenirs is built.huhu) is soo near to ramsis(the bus station),we agreed.dekat la sangat kan?lucky you,i'm not those kind of people who will get tired easily and start nagging about how long i've been walking,and how long i've been waiting you to get up from bed n get dress yada yada.we reached ataba square where they sell everything cheap.but you have to bring along a guy or a huge group of girls there because the egyptians will beg and pull you to their stalls to beg you to buy their stuff.kinda creepy.but yeah,that's egypt.

after the long walk(2 hours of walking kot?),we finally reached hussein.they were so many tourists and i felt like one too!wakaka.the food there was pricy.(thank GOD afeeq treated us!huhu),waited for the guys to finish sheesha-ing.and performed our zohor and asr prayer at saidina hussein's mosque.the mosque is very big and beautiful and there's makam saidina hussein inside.we have to walk outside the mosque's gate to take our wudhuk.what an experience.we went jalan2 at hussein for a while before we headed to abg jad's it there.jom pergi lagi~

we arrived at abg jad's house approximately maghrib.perfomed our maghrib and isya' prayer and then went to restoran cairo for some nasi goreng.abg jad and some of the guys sang some farewell songs before we head to the airport.

they were so many people sending abg jad.terkenal kot?huhu..abg jad is now safely landed.till we meet again,abg jad~

konon2 panas padahal sejuk.


hussein mosque

snapping the view.


the view from hussein.

taxi cairo
cairo's taxi.


jumpe lagi di malaysia~

kami dan ee pulang~

next trip to the airport:june kot?pulang~!!!huhu.

ps:pergi la berjalan dgn lelaki yg survive tak byk keluarkan duit.sebab,nanti anda tak perlu mengeluarkan byk duit.even penat sikit,tapi untung,u'll gain more experience by me.

Friday, February 22, 2008

pictures to share

mansoura's bus station to cairo(lina is buying the bus tickets for us)

city star's cinema.

the view from my room
the view from my house.(the real side of egypt)

the view from my room 2
the view from my house

the night view of the imarah(apartment).itu adalah kedai dobi.

ee's bday celebration at cookdoor
ee's birthday is our closest kawan lelaki.we were in the same class in UKM during the arabic course last year.

floe,everybody's favourite!the cat who connects people.kinda missing her..huhu..

naguib mahfouz's building.

the view from ma'rad kitab,book fair(the biggest book fair in egypt)betapa ramai orang~.

Monday, February 18, 2008

oh dunia~!dengarlah luahan geramku!

i had enough of these!

wahai manusia!behave la!belajar la hormat orang!belajar la cara2 nak jaga hati orang!ape kat skola tak belajar ke moral?oh fikir bagus sangat la kau budak medic or dentist kau takyah respect orang?ha?budak 4 tahun pon boleh pikir la ngok!

kalau dah pinjam tu,reti2 la pulangkan balik!takyah ar bawak baju belon aku gi tido!aku sendiri pon tak bawak baju tu tido memandangkannya mahal...aku boleh kira dengan jari bile aku pakai baju tu..kau ada hati nak buat harta sendiri?pakai tiap2 hari..ada hati nak pakai baju tu pergi lab kimia??pastu lepas aku cakap takut baju tu rosak,kau gelak2 dengan geng kau.what the fuck la weih!beli ar sendiri!kate bapak kau masukkan 1000 ringgit tiap2 bende entah hape2 reti!bende2 survival tak reti2 nak beli!dok mengendeng orang punya.

mak aku bagi 500 ringgit sebulan pon aku boleh survive je?beli buku,bayar tusyen,bayar sewa semua cukup.pehal kau nak cakap kau tak cukup duit?bangsat betul la.ape kau ingat orang tengok ke barang2 branded yang kau pakai tu?kat sini nak pakai barang branded takde maknenya la..berdebu jugak!yang kena raba sape?kau kan?tu la..berlagak sangat lagi..

tak tahu malu ke mengaku barang orang barang kau?mari saya beri contoh..
'nampak tak adapter kitorg yang ada tulis hannah tu?'
kepala otak kau tu korang punya!dah terang2 aku tulis nama aku,kau nak ngaku tu kau punya?sedih ar jadi korang..MISKIN sangat sampai tak mampu nak beli adapter..harap baju je mahal..muka je lawa..semua benda tak reti..hai..kemas rumah pon tak reti!kawan korang yang nak datang,buat tak kesah je kan rumah tu bersepah?aku gak yang pergi kemaskan!ape hal ajak orang datang rumah tengok rumah bersepah..tak tahu malu ke?dapur pon,senang sekarang nampak?dah lepas makan,tinggal!manja sangat kat rumah mak sampai satu hapah kerja pon tak reti nak buat.kalau aku tak masak,mula la nak ngadu kat boyfriend.HOI,PIKIR SENDIRI AR!takkan semua aku nak buat?dah la korang tak gi kelas!ingat aku ni hamba ke apa?pastu gelak2 aku gi kelas yang tak pernah aku paham least aku pergi ok?tanggungjawab student.mak aku hantar aku sini untuk belajar guna duit yang arwah ayah aku tinggalkan.aku bukan datang sini sebab melancong,i am here to study.

memang ar alexandria pon aku tak sampai lagi..berlagak ar dah bosan dengan alexandria..takde benda dah kat situ.saya takda masa ok?saya busy.cakap barang2 aku murah pehal kau nak pinjam?BELILA SENDIRI!!!!!

budget lawa sangat ar kau,kutuk semua orang..budget kau kaya sangat ar,nak memperlekehkan semua orang..orang kawen pon kau nak kutuk.macamkan takda orang deserve their life.sukati orang la orang tu nak jadi apa!kau sebuk sangat kenape?ke sebab life kau pathetic sangat.kesian la aku tgk kau..takde life langsung.berkawan dengan orang itu je..tak berkembang..mcmane nak berkembang?pemikiran mcm tu,takde sape suka la..padan ar boyfriend pon tak tahan gi carik lain.

kesian,kaya..tapi..belajar kat mesir je..kalau kaya sangat apsal tak gi russia?berlagak je lebih..tak kesian ke kat parents yg tungkus lumus carik duit?korang spend senang je..takpa,korang menang kali ni,Tuhan itu Maha Adil.

yeah yeah...blogging with hatred again.that's who i am!i keep it to myself and pour it by see,people can't be trusted cant express your feelings to any of them.because,then the whole mansoura will know.and i will feel so,i blog.

new definition of blogging to hannah sahimi: tempat meluahkan perasaan geram.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


winter is ending soon..
there's sunlight outside!
hello sunshine!long time no see!

the weather is just nice.not too cold and not too hot.just about 15 degree centigrate.oh yes,i can wear just selapis of shirt already.goodbye sweaters,baju belon2 and heater!i can put you in the cupboard now!see you in december!hehe.

next season will be spring.they said that it will begin at the end of march.cant wait to experience my first spring here.hehehe.but i kinda miss winter,really.egypt is a lot neater during winter.there wont be a lot of sampah and the pungent smell of himar(donkey)'s or horse's(wait,what is horse in arabic?i forgot..hehe) waste on the's everywhere.u wouldnt realise if u step on ewwy is that sound?haha.

new semester has started.oh exams is queing.loads of studying should be done.kinda like it,for i wont have any time to think about others.hihi.but it's kinda stress me up though.i dont know why.i never got stress in my high school years.i learned how to feel stressed or pressured here.and i learned how to be in bad mood here.and i talks other people's back!i used to hate people talking about others,but i end up being one.huahua.hipocrit i am.but that's life!hee.

we are statisfied with our new may look packed but for us,it's a bit lighter than our semester 1's least now,we only have saturday for night classes.we used to have saturday,monday,and wednesday for night classes last worries a lot of people because we always come home late.and we love our inorganic new lecturer!havent got time to get to know his name though.but he teaches in english!double thumbs up to you,doctor!it makes us stay awake and not wasting time emblessly in the lecture hall.we're actually learning!!!hehe.that's why i'm having this wide smile all day.haha.

damn,i dont know whether or not my friend(who said to me that he will bring back my laptop) is going to bring my laptop here.the vodafone line is so bad.sometimes,when i text my mum,my mum didnt receive it.but it charge me 50 pastels(cents) for the message but it is not delivered.fuck la.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

happy chinese new year!

oh is ending..

ah..i have classes starting this coming saturday..oh sangatla malas keadaannya!i think i had too many holidays till i feel like it's a burden for me to start studying again.n i have zoology test coming on 14th february.and because of that,i spent the rest of my winter hols at home,finishing up my physiology,embryology(oh ini tak sentuh lg)and histology.havent memorise them yet.i just scanned them.huhu.

cekteh is getting married soon,this coming saturday jugak.and i wont be able to attend the ceremony.oh no,i hate this.huhu.speaking of marriage,a friend of mine is getting married(or probably already married)with her coursemate.that is why they went back this winter hols.i mean,it's a shock when we got the news that they were getting married.mude lagu oo!but anyhows,congratulations!and semoga berbahgia ke anak cucu!~i wont telling names because it is said that once you received the news,you must keep it discrete until he or she allows you to spread it anywhere.but anyhows,you know who you are,pengantin baru,and if you're reading this,i hope that you're having a splendid time with your partner!i pray for your happiness!

mom's started to question me about me coming back.she kept asking me the date and wether i'll be free at this date and that date.she already asked me to book the air ticket to fly home.oh,i think she misses me!haha.but she said that she wanted me to be home early so that i can help pak andak dealing with his son's kenduri kahwin.again,i was body told me abg iwan is seeing someone,tibe2 muncul berite nak kahwin pulak.terkejut beruk la aku!his future wife is his junior and i cant wait to meet her!

i think my driving is getting worse.oh no!i have to drive with mak who's willing-to-teach-me-FOC and i have to bear all of her screams,curses,and shouts towards me when i'm behind the wheel.ah tak suke!i just want to drive!!huhu..

i hate this.i've planned my holidays and it keeps on tak jadi.i think there is high percentage of me not going to alexandria.cis!i knew it!abg jad said he's not really sure when he will take us there.oh no!i really really want to go there this hols!i cancelled my trip to sinai because of the bad weather and i dont want to cancel this trip too!even though my money is already spent for tuition fees and house rent!but on the bright side,i'll have time to memorise the my zoology for the zoology test.but the bright side wouldnt be so bright afterall because i spent more time reading the undomestic goddess than reading school books.argh!whatever it is.i HAVE and i MUST go to alexandria before june!so that they will be stories to tell to the family members and pictures to show!muahahaha..

anyhows,happy chinese new year to my chinese friends.oh GOD!i miss them so much!i actually miss celebrating chinese new year at school!oh,i love that school!!with the pesta angpau,and hari kebudayaan and tarian singa and CNY songs.oh rindu!!huahua..

i hope that my laptop will arrive here safely as soon as possible.i hate it when i have to bertendeng at other's laptop to online.because i am not THAT miskin to bertendeng and begging for sympathy.i also hate it when i have to break promises because i cant online for i dont have my own laptop.ciskek kau!tunggu ar laptop aku sampai,toleh ke arah kau pon aku tak mahu!berlagak sangat!huh!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


i am so proud of myself for travelling to cairo by myself (with friends) by bus.huahua.balik kampung pon aku tak pernah naik bus!so yeah,thanks mum,for sending me here so that i can be much much more independent.(senyum sampai ke gigi)

29th january 2008
the bus arrived on time and we left mansoura at 10.10 am.the journey took us about 3 hours to arrive cairo.abang jad was not in cairo,so we took a cab to the malaysian hall(ARMA),luckily we got a very kind pakcik cab driver.we asked him wether or not he will accept 8 genih(egyptian pound) for the tambang,he said ok.normally,they will charge us 10 to 20 genih.In cairo,you have to ask the cab driver first for the tambang to go anywhere in cairo.and you have to be very good in persuading them for cheaper tambang.because,sometimes,they will take advantage of you and charge you very pricey.
we arrived at ARMA safely and met kak yani n kak zati there,as soon as we said our prayer,we were off to city stars which is the largest shopping mall in egypt.SALE,SALE and SALE is everwhere.rambang mata.the food there was kinda pricey.i had a set of mcdonalds double cheese burger and it cost me 17 genih.kempunan mcd dan lapar punya pasal,aku sanggup membelinye!
after lunch,we wanted to try to watch the movie in egypt,so we watched I AM LEGEND(egypt sangat lambat).the sound system is a thumbs up.and there were arabic subtitles.we were so amazed about kinda helped you to learn arabic though.huhu.funnily enough,there was a five minutes break.we were shocked for it stopped in the middle of the movie and people were going out,but the man beside us told us that it's just a 5 minutes break.memang gelak gile.
we went window shopping after that.i bought 2 faboulus(it's a brand name) shirts for 50% off.the shirts really made my day because i didnt bring much clothes from malaysia.then,we went to cilantro to have some drink.blimey,the watermelon-orange juice cost me 15 genih!but it worth a try.i grabbed cilantro's magazine(i paid 15 genih for the drink,so if it said free copy,it worth to grab!)and i helped kak yani to steal the cilantro's menu.sape suruh menu die comel sangat?huhu.

it's isyak and we were afraid of malaysian might caught us for walking at night without musyrif(at least 1 man have to accompany a group of girls if they want to go anywhere at night.the musyrif is supposed to act invisible but we always ask our male friends out if we wanted to use musyrif.even to classes or shop.they will scold us for not having a musyrif,but we were stuborn enough to break the rule.huahua)so we went back to was really cold and i didnt bring my baju terpakse mentegarkan diri mengharungi kesejukan malam.huahua.i didnt bring any blanket also,so terpaksa tidur mentegarkan diri.and i cant even sleep cause it's cold and they didnt provide heater at the guest room.

30th january 2008.
the family day has is for male indoor competition.there were bazaar around the ARMA and they sell loads of malaysian food.bersinar2 mata aku.huahua.we went to the biggest ma'rad kitab(bookfair)in egypt.and they were selling books cheap.i bought 2 khalifah Allah books for children as a present to my anak2 sepupu and 1 book for myself entitled the undomestic goddes.havent finish reading it yet.but it's an interesting book to read.there were so many people in the ma'rad kitab and we bumped into so many malaysians there.we went back to ARMA before night and borrowed some blankets and had an almost good night sleep.hee.

31st january 2008.
it is female indoor competition.the family day is for persatuan perubatan seluruh mesir.there were cairo,mansoura,tanta,zagazig.alexandria cant attend the family day because they were having a study week and they have exams coming tak boleh usha hot guys because alexandria has the most large number of malaysian hot sempoi medic guys.haha.i didnt enter any competition because by the time i wanted to insert my name,they said there were too many people.ah fine,i just walk around and buy malaysian food to eat.APAM BALIK!!muahaha.i went to haiyu 'asyir(section 10) where the malaysia's rumah negeris were built to settle up my zakat problems.and Alhamdulillah it is settled.just need to post it back to in cairo means money.loads of money are spent in cairo more than how i spent in mansoura.i rarely spend money in mansoura.i just bought the house stuff if i wanted to.therefore,we decided to come home.that night,there were no musyrif for us.we told everybody that we will be fine without musyrif.but everybody forced us to stay another one night,it might be dangerous.but we said it's ok,we can take care of ourselves and checked out that night itself.manelah tahu,a friend of mine told me that there were 3 boys wanted to join us,so we have musyrif to accompany us.hadoih.we went home by bus also.and we arrived home at mansoura,the cab driver will only charge you at least 1.50 genih or 3.00 genih highest.that is why i love mansoura much more.muahaha.

spent a lot of money.dah sengkek.but tried a lot of things.for the first time,we went to cairo and survived without senior's help.hehe.mak,you have to be very proud of me!hehe.

kesian dgr kisah mereka yang ke sinai.cuaca buruk.i cancelled my trip to sinai.probably will extend it to next year,insyaAllah.

pictures will be uploaded soon.

next trip:alexandria.