Thursday, December 24, 2009

to a special person,

this is a special post..

i woke up with an sms waiting to be read,and it was from luqman.

so here it goes....

to our youngest brother,Luqman Mohd Salleh Sahimi, NRIC..94xxxx-xx-xxxx, congratulations to you for your PMR!

inshaAllah,this will happen again for your SPM.we are soo proud of you! :)

strive hard,
your beloved kak lang :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009


the syndrome that's attacking the teenangers nowadays. i bet that everyone has someone close that is engaged.i am not here to say that i am against this thing, or neither am i supporting it.

from my point of view, engage in islam is something good. and Allah will give you pahala when you're engaged. but engagement doesn't mean that you have the ticket to go out with your fiance without being accompanied by you're mahram, it also doesn't mean that you can contact your fiance freely.

from a book (aku terima nikahnya) that my friend read to me, the author said that when he was engaged, he seldomly contact his fiance. he doesn't even know her birthday, and he rarely meet her. And that is the way an islamic engagement is about. Because,by engagement, it is still haram for a man and a woman to be together, or even think about his/her fiance.

engagement should be attended by the family members only.and everything is discussed among them,without the attendance of the lelaki,and the ceremony should be as subtle as possible.but nowadays, the lelaki himself came knocking the door and the engagement ceremony is one hell of a small wedding ceremony with the lelaki and perempuan sit together hoping for the blessing from the people who came.

and nowadays, those who are engaged, act as if they were married. they didn't meet but they do contact each other 24/7. and once they didn't call, they will miss each other, which is again, haram to miss anybody that is not halal to you.

the question is, IF the intention of getting engaged is something islamic, or some may say dating is haram but getting engaged is something you can get pahala with, but IF the action after the engagement is not that islamic afterall. what makes you different than those who are dating someone that is haram to him/her? MAYBE you didn't hold his/her hands but there's still those who are dating but prevent themselves from holding hands,right?hurm..

and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said:

rahsiakan pertunangan, sebarkan perkahwinan.

it doesn't mean that you should deny if anybody ask you if you were engaged, but i think that it means that you should keep it silent,but if anybody came to you and ask you the question, tell him that 'yes, i am engaged.' but i don't think that you should tell him the name of your fiance, because the fiance is not the husband yet.and by engagement, it is not as if the fiance is 100% will be your husband.

i have a friend that is engaged, but when everybody asked her,she denied.then 3 months later,BOOM,came the news of her getting married. and once she's married,she said that she's been engaged for about 6 months prior the wedding.after hearing that, i kept thinking that is it ok to tell lies?oh tak berdosa la kalau menipu aku dah bertunang? these religious people are sometimes,WEIRD. and don't tell me that it's a white lie because i know there is no such thing as a white lie. secetek2 ilmu agama aku,aku tahu kewujudan tipu sunat itu ada atau sebaliknya.

But the Prophet did say that rahsiakan pertunangan,which means, you don't have to make the ceremony as large as your wedding,or should i say it as a pre-wedding?

so i am writing this for everyone to spare a while, and ponder. and those who are planning to engaged, think carefully. and ask yourself your intention of getting engaged, is it for Allah? if it is, then follow the halal-haram rules that Allah has set for you.

i am not writing this because i think that i am soo religious,
neither am i planning on getting engaged whatsoever,
i am writing this because i think i should let people know my thoughts regarding this,
and i hope that i will become as i wished for my engagement. InsyaAllah :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

helllooo people!

it's the beginning of winter!goodbye hot weather, you will be missed.
egypt is,as usual,congested with malay students.
school is tiring,having more practical classes than lectures,loads of requirements to do,loads of fun yet loads of stress.

enough of school,i will tell you all about it when i have my own internet(currently using roomate's broadband.huhu) and i am blogging while doing some research about the crown and bridge.talking about taking chances!haha

emosi bermain dengan saya tahun ini.maybe it is due to the stress.this too,will be talked in much more detail,once i get my own internet.

so that's it.i'm off.i have research to do,remember?hoho.just stopping by to tell everybody that i am still breathing here and yes mom,i am doing fine,there's nothing to worry.totally.

nota kaki:
did i tell you that i have no weekends?'welcome' to mansoura,people!haih.
thanks kak hanis,for lending me your broadband :)
tak sabar tunggu cuti raya haji yang panjaaaaaaannnnngggggggg!!!!
cuti winter ni nak pergi mana ye?hoho

Monday, October 05, 2009

the world is angry.

i once heard that once there's continuous earthquakes,it's like one of the big the signs of we're about to reach the end of the world.

there's more.
the tsunami attacked Samoa,and the typhoon in Philippines.

and some people are just so full of themselves and doesn't want to help those who are in need.making excuses like the Indonesians wanted to kill the malaysian students,why should we help them?
since when our parents taught us that if people treat us bad,we have to treat them equally bad also?

stop blaming others because
Daripada Abu Hurairah ra bahawasanya Rasulullah saw. Bersabda: Jika ada seseorang berkata: Orang ramai (sekarang ini) sudah rosak, maka orang yang berkata itu sendiri yang paling rosak di antara mereka"

there's a saying that we have to help each other no matter how bad that person is,whoever he is,even if he's your enemy.

i'm not trying to be religious but all i'm saying is,stop being childish.the world is angry,he's getting old and we soon will die.everybody will die, no one is excluded.what's the point of being so arrogant?

treat people nicely,people!we have not much time left.
and go pray.
it's a reminder for you and a reminder for me as well.

and oh,i'm leaving tomorrow.goodbye malaysia :'(

and i don't want to leave home,it's too comfy to leave.
but yeah,comfortable is just temporary.
and i have a new resolution this year;i will study the smartest and the hardest!yeahhh!!
ok so tonight,i'll be sleeping with dear mommy haha jangan jealous!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


love this nasheed.
got to share it with everyone! :)
it's Asma Allah by the famous Sami Yusuf :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

raya 09

this year's raya :one of the saddest.

my nenek passed away the last day of ramadan.we got a call from cikde after we got back from tarawih and we immediately went back to kampung that night and yes, it was a sad night.But to think that nenek has suffered alot, i decided to just redha with her passing away.

from HIM we came,to HIM we return.
Al-Fatihah to arwah nenek.may nenek be placed along with those who deserved a place in jannah.

1st syawal,
we prayed the sunat eidulfitri at surau annur in bangi and visited arwah ayah's kubur.
it's been 3 syawals without,we miss you. :(
then we just spent the day sleeping because everybody was having super lack of sleep the previous day.

2nd syawal,
balik kampung for tahlil arwah.
and return back to bangi,spent the rest of the day..doing nothing?

3rd syawal,
went to pak andak's house,called random houses but sadly people are still at their kampung.
cooked laksa sarawak!(a bit salty,but i think i did a pretty good job :))
cikde and anjang came so we served them the laksa sarawak haha.

4th syawal,
well actually i think i just celebrate raya today because there were lots of people came and we actually berombongan went to abang amir's house in seremban.
and abang amir told us the story of him undergoing chemotherapy and so on. which made me realise how valuable this life is and how we must have the strength to keep on living life no matter how many obstacles we have to face.

conclusion of this year's raya:
it was a sad raya,
and we didn't actually celebrating it.
and the older you get,the lesser the money you receive.
but with the reason of fisabilillah,people tend to give you extra money hehe.

p/s: boys with baju raya are cute,but only when they dressed up decently. :)

no matter how,raikanlah aidilfitri dengan penuh bersederhana.
bulan syawal memang 30 hari,tapi itu tidak bermaksud kita boleh bersuka ria sepanjang 30 hari tersebut.berpada-padalah.
seronok,seronok juga tapi ingatan terhadap Tuhan itu perlu juga ada.


Al-Fatihah kepada mereka yang telah mendahului kita.

Friday, September 18, 2009

salam perantau.

Hanim sent a photo of us to utusan for salam perantauan.

andd..Utusan approved it!

but OMG huduhnye saye.

the best part is that kak Hanis also sent our raya haji photo to utusan for salam perantauan and still waiting for approval..

and IF Utusan approves it,mann mencapubnye kami.haha.

so i guess i'll cover my face the entire day of eid.

and i have to prepare myself hearing the orang kampung saying:
'eh,kau ada kat sini?apsal aku nampak kau kat surat khabar?'


well at least i've spent 3 weeks fasting in egypt kan?..enough said.

selamat hari raya peeps,be nice. :)

or click here

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hello malaysia 09 part 2.

nak tahu tak?

my flight last night was superbly fun.
it was like a rombongan balik malaysia.
the flight was full with Malaysians,especially students from Mansoura(my batch,of course)..
and due to that i was like overexcited and talked..non-stop,from the car to the airport to the plane.

i was too talkative until Din said: Hannah,slow sikit volume.and Ridh was like perhatian kepada hannah sahimi,sila rendahkan suara anda..thrice.malu.haih.

i don't mind if i have to sit with anybody but i was a bit segan-ish when i have to sit with an ustaz,the very religious one i must say and it automatically switched my mood 360 degree.yup2.and Din was like it's ok i will save you from him..but no effort wan Din?haiyooo..

luckily Amin talked to the steward and tadaaa~Amin saved the day,and i got to escape from the ustaz and sit beside Amin.yippie!
but then the steward keep on coming to me asking me am i still studying ke and keep smiling at me like every freaking time he saw me.haih too friendly pulak.

the steward left when we arrived Mumbai for our 45 minutes transit but then came another annoying steward disturbing.sabar je la when he accused us not fasting when we actually did and he said he saw Amin eating when all he do was sleeping.kan dah dpt bengong dgn kitorg.huhu

but maybe he's just trying to be friendly.i don't blame him for that.hee :D

the journey is even memorable when cute little balqis joined us along with her mama and papa.balqis really became the center of attention.

and there's no more story because all i did in the flight was sleeping and sleeping pengsan that i didn't realize Ee came to us wanted to chat but he decided not to when he saw us sleeping.aww~

except thatttt..
Amin eagerly waked me up and tersengih panjang gile for this:

'hannah hannah,tgk kan?cool kan?'
and i was like oiii u're bothering my sleep dlm hati je la..layan je la kerenah budak ni.haih.

so now i am home and it's 3.40 am and i am jet i decided to wait for sahur and will go to sleep after subuh.

i will fly back to egypt on the 6th of october as the dentistry class starts by then.huhu.

there're rumors about Tanta University is extending their cuti for another month due to the H1N1 that's attacking there.
Mansoura University tak nak extend cuti juga ke?hehehe
tp tak baik mendoakan yg tidak baik--bak kata cida jaya.

till then,selamat hari raya,maaf zahir batin,ampun maaf dari hujung kaki ke hujung rambut.semoga raya ini menjadi raya yang terhebat buat semua.tapi ingat,raya,raya juga tapi suruhan tuhan tetap perlu dipatuhi.selamat pulang kampung,berhati-hati ketika memandu,hargailah nyawa yang tersayang. :)


Monday, August 24, 2009

i'm leaving!

well well...tomorrow is tuesday and i've packed my bags.
not gonna bring so much though,since i'm coming home for raya. (oh manjanya hannah.urgh!)
i hate people calling me manja,so i listed down my reasons of coming home for raya.haha(taknak mengaku lagi XD)

1stly, i cannot change my ticket because there's no seats avail. So,i end up buying a return ticket. (with my own money,thanks!)

2ndly, there's totally nobody in Mansoura during raya which means,i'll be totally alone and that is the saddest part.i dont mind living alone at home,but raya alone means major sadness!

3rdly...ok there's only 2 reasons.haha...ok fine!i am mak's little girl.puas hati?haha :p

so i'll be leaving for 3 weeks, giving 200% attention for my exam,with no internet( because i'm not paying for the August's internet fee ), no entertainment, no fun.haha.

so wish me luck guys!i REALLY REALLY REALLYYYY need them.
pray for me in your prayer.orang kata, insyaAllah makbul doa di masa bulan ramadan.

as for all of you, have a blast ramadan.see you in 3 weeks!( start conteng calender.haha )

footnote: goodbye imam tarawih yang kacak dan bacaannya mashaAllah sedapnye.. huhu.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ahlan ya ramadannn!

Ramadan is here and on tuesday,i will return to the land that i fond of!(haha it's soo fake,i know).With that,i will celebrate the ninth month of the islamic calender in Egypt.

ingat lagi waktu standard 1,where there was this 1 time,the teacher(i forgot the name,i'm sorry lao shi) was soo furious when she found out mineral bottles were on the desks and she immediately ask the chinese students to respect us(the malays) during the holy month by placing their mineral bottles on the floor,where we(the malays) cannot see them and won't curi minum.

and then she made a really cute(in my point) rule where the students are only allowed to drink facing the walls,not facing the fasting friends.(cute right,my teacher?i know.haha)

and you know,chinese school,the canteen are always open,even during the fasting month,the malays are minority what..cannot do anything about yeah,the canteen were open and the standard 3 me and some friends who fast like 'separuh hari' went to the canteen,act as if we were chinese(bengong nak act mcm chinese tapi pakai baju kurung and tudung ,like what the hell kan?but i was 9 years old,so it's forgiven haha)ok back to the story,you know i didn't go to the canteen for just suka-suka watching people eating and drinking the whole 20 minutes of break(where the hell did i get the money?i have no idea!cause my mom never give me a penny for me to belanja,except if the teacher needed them),i bought myself some food too!and apparently my disguise works!haha.but then,jeng jeng jeng..bumped into the sister's friend,a malay,and the sister's friend was like hey hannah!and i pretended i didn't recognise him and then he told my sister that i makan,and my sister told my mom and my mom asked me if it is true(with a very angry tone,yup!) and i said nooo wayyyy!!!i want to collect money for my fasting days!!(because my late father once promised us,when we were young,it's sorta like the way he teaches us fasting by giving us RM1 per day for the fasting day)and i was like..suka hati je tuduh-tuduh orang tak puasa!!and my mom was cannot break fast with us,young lady, because you already did! and i was like..i swear to God i will never ever break my fast before maghrib,ever again because i will not allowed to have dinner with the family,and,dad will deduct the money. :(

that was primary school.when i enter secondary school,this funny thing happened.
my form 4 addmaths teacher(i will not reveal his name,but he's a chinese) was just finished teaching and he sat on the chair and starts picking his nose.and i was like..
'ehh cikgu korek hidung!!cikgu tak puasa ke??'

'oh puasa tak bleh korek hidung ah?'

'mana boleh la cikgu..tak boleh korek telinga jugak!'

and he was like..'ohhh...ok go sit down.'

and after awhile,he called me back.

'hannah,puasa boleh telan air liur tak?'

' -.-", mesti la boleh cikguu kalau tak mcmane mau hidup?'

'ohhh itu macam ah?'

so yeah,now you know why i choose not to reveal my teacher's name.haha.
you know i love you right,cikgu?but please remember my university's name..'mansoura la cikgu,bukan al ajha(al azhar)'

In Egypt,yeah i did spend a whole fasting month in egypt when i was in my 1st year (a.k.a pre-dentistry year,in case u get confused)And there was this 1 time, my friend and i went to the shop to buy some juices,and we picked here and there,some of this,and some of that,and the cashier was counting and counting and then suddenly when we stepped out of the shop,there was this one big egyptian,laughing at us saying..

'tak puasa!tak puasa!!hahaha'(ok diorg guna bahasa arab la..)
malu gila kot dia menjerit kat tengah jalan!maka berlarilah kami menaiki tangga untuk kembali ke rumah kami.And as you know,in egypt,we the malay girls are advised not to perform tarawikh in the mosque (because of some unexplained reason),must do it at home,which i ponteng tarawikh once in a while,and that once in a while became,seldom then it became always ponteng tarawikh.haha

eh hannah,why you sooo jujur wan?
what's you problem?it's the fasting month,so need to be a good girl lah haiyoo.

whatever it is,i will never take my hands off when i see whoever tak puasa when they have reached puberty and have no reasons on why they tak puasa.(dah besar panjang suara garau if belum reach puberty,taktau la)
i once scolded a junior ordering juice from a chinese guy.and i scolded him real hard till he told his friends and his friends told the rest of the juniors that i'm the most fierce senior ever and my name remains as the fierce senior ever till now in that school.(don't believe?ask my brother lah)buruk ok bile orang kate..'oh kak han tu garang gile'..and they never even met me!cis!

okok enough babbling,the point of me writing this post is actually about wishing my non-existing readers,
selamat berpuasa.

andai ada terkasar bahasa,tersilap kata,terguris hati,terasa pancreas,saya mohon maaf.semoga dengan kemaafan itu,kita dapat mengharungi ibadah puasa ini dengan tenang,insyaAllah.

jadikanlah bulan ramadan ini seperti bulan ramadan yang terakhir buat anda,kerana,kita tidak pasti samada kita dapat menyambut ramdan lagi pada tahun hadapan.

Ahlan ya Ramadan!bulan yang mulia,bulan yang penuh keberkatan,bulan yang penuh rahmat.

selamat beribadah,selamat beramal. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

funny thing

i didn't know that bluetooth in chinese is actually 蓝牙(lan ya:lan,means blue;ya,means tooth)!
talking about how OUTDATED i am!

if 蓝牙 is bluetooth in chinese, what is bluetooth in malay?gigibiru?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

stressed is desserts spelled backward.

i am stressed..
2 more physiology topics that i hardly had a time to read,let alone memorizing the whole book!

my half book of anatomy calling and begging me to be memorized,which,again,where can i find the timeeee??

i have 6 days left before getting my ass to egypt,the country of happiness,which means,exams are just around the corner and i really really really need more time man!

the fact that i could never ever flunk this test because it may lead to major sadness and the nagging mom will nag like..nonstop.

just the thought of me going back,really increase the stress level.oh 'great'

even babies can get stressed too..
'being a baby is the most stressful job,you know?'

errr..can somebody teach me how to stress in such well mannered way?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

facebook addict,no more.

yup,you got that right! i deactivated my facebook.
the reasons:
the internet in my home is wayy too fast compared to the internet that i have in egypt.
this thing is too addictive lah!!
i really need to focus on my studies, 19 more days left, it's like a wake up call.huhu

no worries,i'll activate it back somewhere in the mid september. :D

it's time to pulunnnnnn!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the birthday post

thank you! thank you! thank you!

as you can read,yup,me coming home for raya. :D

see how addictive facebook can be to one's life?

my birthday was yesterday.
and i spent 25% of it having tummy cramp, another 25% of it sleeping because i was not feeling so well,another 25% of it,studying blood.totally not my favourite.and another 25% of it,i celebrated with mak and luqman.

overall,the day was spent quite okay.and yes,i am really satisfied with a simple celebration like this.couldn't wish for any better.

you see,i didn't realize that facebook is giving a big impact in one's life until today,most of the wishes came from it.i didn't receive this much of birthday wishes when i was an active user of friendster and i would like to say that facebook really did a good job in..erm..addicting the users?or in other words,connecting people.haha.

but that is nothing to compare to the surprise phone call that i received at 0040 hours from syazwan,ean and know i love you guys like..forever right?hehe.
yet,i have this wierd habit of remembering whose the 1st to wish me and whose the last,so congratulations to syiran amir and ibrahim for being the 1st and the last to wish me happy birthday.

but thennn, celebration with family is still the best among all.even though it is just the three of us,it is still,a special celebration,for me.
thanks mom for treating me pizzahut,and to abang fareed,for treating me johny's.

andd thank you for those who texted and called,i really appreciate all the wishes and the doa,and hoping that it will come true.

thanks juga kepada mereka ini..

special thanks to this girl,who,wished me 'happy birthday' thrice! :D

and to kak ngah for making a special post for my birthday :D

and yes,i deleted 2 of my previous entries,because, as what people say, i have to move on and stop whining,and the phrase of 'Allah tak akan menguji sekiranya hambaNya tidak dapat mengharunginya' motivates me from day to day. I appreciate kak alak,kak ngah, kak hanis and KAK nadia for giving me motivation talks,i am blessed to have them in my life. screw the egyptians for whatever they've done to me,what's done is may be unfair,tetapi kesabaran itu perlu and i'm sticking to the thought that maybe God put me in this condition to train me the meaning of patience,and maybe God wants me to learn more about physiology and anatomy, and maybe God wants me to not only chase the world,but also to chase the hereafter,and just maybe, my intention to study is just wrong,and i have to correct it back.(bukan hanya sebab mahu pass exam).tanpa ujian,kita tak akan belajar,aite? (see the matured 20 year old me soooo optimist wan!haha :p)

enough of babbling,it will just spoil everything!.

stepping to the big two O life..and it's wonderful!yup,i am a prouuudddd 20 year old!takde kedut lagi kan? :p

remaja sampai umur 22 kan?hehe :D

Sunday, August 02, 2009

hari segala macam perasaan.

sedih,nenek dikatakan sakit.sudah 2 hari.mak decided to balik we went back to kampung immediately after subuh.
called the ambulance,took nenek to the hospital,chased the ambulance,and accompanied nenek in the emergency department,where they gave her glucose and sodium chloride.they said she's gonna be ok,so we went back home because i promised acap that i'd come to his sister's wedding.

bertambah sedih.when i reached kl sentral and i realized that i didnt bring any money except the money that i bought ktm ticket to kl sentral.
bertambah tambah sedih. when faridah said she might be late or she might not come because the train was wayyy toooo congested!
bertambah tambah tambah sedih when the superheroin ara said she couldnt come and rescue me because of her dad.leaving me,stranded in kl sentral,with no food,no atm card,no money..and the clumsy me didn't even bring along my stupid ic.which means,i cannot go to shah alam, nor to UKM,because i didnt bring a single penny.[mode kebencian terhadap diri sendiri]

relieved. after 2 hours at kl sentral.another superheroin came to the rescue!faridah made it!and we went straight to shah alam.

happy.because i met some of my mesir mates :)
and what makes me happier, superhero ibrahim said he can drive me home.yeay!
later that night, a gentleman.haha.he who must not be named looked smarter than usual last night. :)

tengah malam.

superhero ibrahim with his supercar(not acually that super la,i just wrote super because a superhero needs to have a supercar..haha) sent me home safely. thanks superhero :)

the superhero ibrahim and superheroin faridah :D

yup.a fraction of the mesir mates :)

acap's sister is like sooo pretty.jeles lah.haih.

nota kaki:
dah lama tak buat entry mcm diary mcmni.haha.
gentleman made me cair.aww~ haha
kakak acap sgt cun!
acap anak orang kaya.haha.amek kau!

mak, can i have a wedding that grand?huuu~

photo courtesy of : acap ishak.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

a note to dad.

i had a dream..
my dream was about you..
came home from your work..
wearing your favourite long sleeve whitish blue shirt..
and you were smiling to me..

i ran to you..
and cried: 'ayah,kenapa lama sangat baru balik?'

daddy,i miss you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i really really want to show you this picture eventhough i already post about it last year!haha

i know i knoww
i've already post about the nasi durian thing last yearr..(please refer here )

i still want to show you how it actually looks like,just because i just looovvveeee this meal sooo much.yeay me :D

so the nasi durian is actually look like this.

picture 1.
the white rice,2 slices of durian,some sugar and some coconut milk/milk(in this case,i used milk,because the santan that i bought was actually too thick)

picture 2.
just mix everything up and it will look like this!tadaa~

okok i know it looked a bit..geli, bad or whatever you may call it,but it tastes's like a mouth full of yummy lemak high cholesterol stuff.
i really really recommend EVERYBODY who eats durian TRY at least ONCE this nasi durian!

but you may suffer migraine after you had it due to the overdosage of just try it,Don't have it like..daily!or else you can get obesed or extreme migraine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i have a big brother now!! :D

regarding the title, i would like to congratulate the newlyweds,my dearest eldest sister hajar and the new brother in law, fareed.

the ceremony was A BLAST!
maybe i only felt that way because it was the first time i involve in everything regarding the ceremony and was the first wedding in Mohd Salleh Sahimi's family.

the wedding was held at the Dewan Surau Annur near my house.yeap,a surau.probably thinking how to hold a wedding in a surau.well,ladies and gentlemen,the surau is actually the biggest surau i've ever seen.2 floors,both wide and superbly huuuggeee.and the 1st floor is open to public during weekends.whoever wants to rent it,can do so,they will clean it up after that.and yes,we wear shoes in the dewan,like i said,they will clean it up.huhu.

a week before the wedding, we were busy for about everything,the majlis tahlil,the packaging the doorgift(which what mom said,luckily i'm home,at least i can help packaging the door gift) yup,packaging almost 300 by my own is really a' sweet' memory.but luckily mom and cikde did help making it up for a total of more than 1000 doorgifts.

what's in the doorgift,you asked?
for the adult,inside those little boxes,there's some tamar,a triangular dodol and the egypt chocolated brought to you by yours truly all the way from there.huhu
for the kids, they get toofees from iran.
the doorgift is then coincidencly themed 'arab style' huhu.

so the day before the wedding, mom's side of family came.too many of them,berkampung.some sleep on the floor,some on the sofas.everywhere!and i love the scenario.the super loud kecoh kepoh family that i have. :D
what makes me love the family more is when one van of them came all the way from singapore.aww~arent they sweet. :)

so after the long nite of berinai and endless layaning everybody, answering the same questions over and over like...
'where are you studying now?'
'how's the weather there?'
'how long will you finish?'
'what course are you taking?'

dannn yang paling tak boleh bla..
'when is your turn?'
ROFL. i'm just 20 for God's sake! adoi laaa..

okok back to the story,so after the long night,the day has come!!
AND people were kecoh-ing right after subuh,tension la,shouting la,the perfect,the whole perfectly all emotions were there.

after we get ready,me and luqman took the chance to escape from the noise to the surau to make sure everything is ready.hehe :D

And everything is set and done.thanks to the caterer, the cousins who helped and the surau committee itself.

the wali was luqman,the 15 year old hero of the family,mann i am so proud of him :)
and the akad nikah went well. alhamdulillah.

thus, i now have a big brother.yeay! the sporting one summore.yeay kali kedua!

courtesy of : kak fati
thanks to those who came memeriahkan majlis.and to those who didn't get the doorgift,we're so sorry but there's tonnes of them in the house.please come and take it if u want it.haha :p
terima kasih juga kepada mereka ini kerana datang dari jauh. :)

last but not least,congratulations again kak yong and abg fareed!(or should i call you yeop?haha :p)

more photos on facebook :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

jet lag punya cerita

mother: tengahari baru bangun?

saya: jet lag.

mother:jet lag apenye dah nak dekat 2 minggu dah balik? tak habis-habis jet lag.
(intonasi: garang; expresi: tak boleh bla punya geram)

saya: teehee.. :D

pengajaran untuk diri sendiri: sudah2 la tu,pergi tidur awal starting today!

goodbye nescafe,mommy scold me for staying up :(

Sunday, July 05, 2009

si adik penyanyi.

This morning..
i woke up early, terus membantu membuat door gift for kak yong's wedding.
mom suddenly came to us and said:
' mak nak call mak faizal tahir..nak jemput'

and we were like..'call la call la!!' super excitedly..
and my sister was like..'anas mak..anas!!..'

me and luqman were beside mak when she call the mother of faizal tahir..
hoping that she'll come..

but sadly..
mom:' tak boleh datang, dia nak pergi convo anas kat UK.'

oh mannn....masing2 muka sedih.haha

well mak and faizal tahir's mom are actually friends when they were in UK berjuta tahun dahulu,that's why she's invited.huhu

how i wish anas could come..huhu

i like this one better.haha :p

hee :D

okiedokie,off back to books!enjoy the videos :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

the place called HOME.

i am home!
home as in the house of mine,not the one i'm renting, not the one with small living room with overcrowded stuff and super hot temperature either in or outside the house.

how hot you ask?
egypt is now super hot that you'll be sweating like a pig even though you just went out for 5 minutes with 40+ degree celcius, and the fan is only like.. half inch from the face which pretty much made your mood swings whenever the fan's making trouble.

for the two weeks of merdeka, we did a photography session and an annual dinner together

dentist photography session
venue: gama'ah mansoura (Mansoura University,Egypt)
photographer: Taqi(syukran awwi taqi!)

the dentist batch 07/08 dinner.
venue: ramada hotel.

with a super duper fast egypt air(ok, i'm exageratting), i took a 12 hour flight straight to home sweet home.and dear mak made a surprise for me with the new room.yeay!my mom is just too sweet,i know.. :D

they made me fill the health declaration form for a precautionary step of the H1N1.and what made my jantung berdebar is when they give me the card stated ' this person may be exposed to the influenza A (H1N1)' and they told me to give the card to a doctor if i catch any flu.creepy..especially when it was the first time i fly alone,and the nurses treated me as if i really got infected with the H1N1.

changes since i left home for approx 8 months:
luqman has grown taller,and i'm missing the short him.haha
everything in the house has changed,it felt like eric leong came to the house and made some decorations..haha
yours truly has gained weight but lesser than last year due to the stress of studying.well that's the alasan that i gave to whoever ask me 'kenape dah berisi?' haha.
yours truly has gotten tanned,due to the super duper hot weather in egypt.

did i tell you that my eldest sister is getting married?*super excited!*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

merdeka :)

saya sudah merdeka..

after more than 2 months of exams, i am finally free!

and here are a couple of videos to show how relieved we were.

ok i'm akward in videos.that's why nadia is the one introducing me.huhu

and this is nadia, and that is nile river.

say hello to endless movies to catch and novels to read :)

but i got myself super bored because i was the only one who had finished the final exam in the house.
so i went to fifek's last night and i find myself in love with this little thing..
meet tinkerbell a.k.a gedek a.k.a mokku.

fifek and i did some music videos marathon the whole night since she said i was sooo outdated.hey,blame the location of my house which is farrr away from the community, and the internet which made you pay like sky high genih but the quality of it was like... double thumbs down!

1 week the internet is ok..
the next week,totally no internet..
end of the month..laju gila la pula internet ni..

which made us think twice when we say.. 'taknak amek la internet bulan depan'.

but i didn't subscribe the internet for this month due to:
1. no money la,have to save some for the souvenirs.
2. the JPA money is just not enough.
3. mommy wants her money back for this year's tuition fees.
4. have to save due to no 4.
5. yeah refering to no 1, i am going back to Malaysia this year :)
6. let's just say i am totally saving the money till i didn't touch nasi for 2 weeks already because we didn't cook already due to the business of the housemates,and buying nasi from either GMN or NUSANTARA is just too pricey. i prefer to have bread.(man,it sounds too pathetic)

thus,i would like to thank the dear housemates for letting me using their internet. :)

sankiu sankiu sankiu.

Well orang tua tua said setiap kegembiraan pasti ada kesedihan.

if you happened to read the newspaper, or even watch the news,you would probably hear about a cairo medicine student who had passed away over an horrible car accident.
i did not know him but the news about him passing away really saddened the whole egypt.
as far as i read in others blogs he was a great man and a man who is deserved a place in jannah.
may Allah blesses his soul.

Al-Fatihah to Muhammad Ammar Zulkifli.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

the episode that brings back memories.

ayah:' i'm going to spend RM10,000 to get a kidney transplant in China.'

me:' buat apa?baik bagi hannah je 10 ribu ringgit tu.

that was me back when i was in form 3.i didn't get it why dad insisted on getting a kidney transplant in China.kenapa mesti China, my idea of China at that time was a non hygienic, and totally unsafe for anything related to medicine, or surgery whatsoever. so i didn't allow him to fact,i refused to go with him when he asked me to accompany him there.

my father was indeed sad after i told him that it's better to give me that 10 thousand ringgit than getting a transplant in China.and i didn't care less of my father's feeling. the rebel me care nothing but myself. everything has to be done MY way, I decide everything and everyone has to listen to me.

yesterday, i watched an episode of grey's anatomy. the episode where they had a major project of 6 kidney transplant surgeries in 1 time.
the episode was about a father willing to give 10 thousand dollars to his son for being a his donor. and for the money,the son said ok,he will do it,and he kept asking his father about 'when do i get to get the money?' 'is there really 10 thousand dollars,dad? because i wont do this if it's not about the money.'
while watching it,i cried, because it kind of reflect the 5 years back of me. where i did not allow my father to spend 10 thousand ringgits for a transplant in China. what a spoil, selfish , rude, non supportive daughter was i?

In the grey's anatomy episode, after the father suddenly received a seizure, and was informed he has not much time left, the son realized that he was rude toward his father, and he went to his father,crying apologizing.but i didn't get the chance to do that, i was too slow to realize what i did was actually wrong.

i should have been supportive, i should tell my father to go on with the surgery, i should give my kidney to my father. but no, i was too ego to do that.
the thought of..
'alah, takda apa2 punya tu..'

'there's still time'
'ayah will be fine,there's nothing to worry'
keeps running around my head.

i keep on thinking of the what ifs.
what if i didn't stop my father, would he be here with us now?
what if dad really did the transplant,would he be staying with us a little longer?

i did nothing but disappoint him.and regret is the only thing i love doing nowadays.

i wish that i had more time with my father, more time to say :'daddy,i am so sorry for making you sad,i am so sorry that there are few times, i screamed at you, i am so sorry for hurting you, i am so sorry for being such a rude daughter, i am so sorry,dad..soo sorry.'

but the chances of me saying so to my father has been taken away. yes, i regret that i didn't cherish him while he was alive but all i can do now is just praying that he'll be resting among those who ensured a place in heaven, and may God forgive his wrongdoings.

i pray to God that HE forgive all my sins toward my father as i didn't get the chance to hold his hands and say, 'ayah,hannah mintak ampun maaf zahir dan batin.'

it's been 2 and a half years daddy, i miss you.
to Arwah ayahanda Mohd Salleh Sahimi bin Mohamed, Al-FATIHAH.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

In Egypt, 2nd Year :)

last year, they made a hindustan video,
this year, they made this..
looking forward for next year's video. :)

kisah mula dulu kala..
saat kita baru jumpa..
namun kini tahun 2..
kita dah bersama..

tawa jiwa ubat duka..
ingt kenangan kita bina..
lagu ini khasku gubah
untukmu oh semua..

kisah mula dulu kala..
saat kita baru jumpa..
namun kini 2 tahun ..
kita semua dah bersama
rasa itu tak terkira
fikiran ku mahu gila
pabila bulan purnama

lagu ini khas ku gubah
bukan malu kan siapa
tp ia dlm jiwa bila kenang kisah lama
bagai cara aku gubah cipta lagu
utk mu oh semua...

maafkn khilaf ini
Jika hak tak dipenuhi
Tika kita ditahun 2

kini ku mulai gusar
dptkah bersama lagi...
jumpa lagi ditahun tiga

fi awallin ana arif masri kullu kuaywis
ba`din hina ana syuf masri kullu fi musykilah
ana taalin fi sobah, huwa biulli bukhroh
au ba`din nussu sa`ah

fi awalin ana musyhibbu masri awi awi
ba`din ana sakin hina ana ariffu masri
ana kalim arabi,ana kul~toqmiah
ana uhubbi masri..

2 tahun dimesir..
sannah tanni fi masri..
in egypt second year

comment: saya rasa lagu yang mereka gubah ini comel.
Biiznillah,kita akan berjaya bersama-sama :)
sekian. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


you know the finals is just around the corner when..

the watermelons start to show up.

the weather getting hotter.

the people getting more selfish.

the stress faces appear almost every day.

the heater and winter coats already packed and left in the closet.

more and more pages of a certain book deleted.

the blog getting deserted.

the entry of a blog is in point form.

the airline companies compete to get more malaysian customers.

main question of a certain discussion is ..' balik tak tahun ni?balik naik apa?'

the people getting more homesick.

the ym list has lesser online friends.

the anatomy museum is getting more crowded with people.

the dentistry students carve gigi every day.

the extra classes are finished.

most of the classes are finished.

the medicine students are having study leave.(while the dentistry students still have classes every day.)

more and more people getting worried about wether or not they'll pass the year with flying colours.

the lights are switched on 24/7.

the eyebags are getting more prominent.

the moms are getting worried.

the room is getting more untidy.

and the people starts to talk in their sleeps,about anything related to their studies.

my practical final exams start this sunday,
my written final exams start this coming may,
and everything will end in the mid june.

thus the soon to be deserted blog.

luck is more than what i needed now.huhu.
good luck,people!

Friday, March 27, 2009


a friend of mine bumped into this one guy who once upon a time ago was one of the guys i liked because of his cool attitude.
one day this year,this guy suddenly got the hidayah and changed and became one of the religious men.
he wears kopiah everyday,he prays everyday.
but he didn't talk to girls anymore, and what annoys me more is that he dislikes 'not-the-type' not the type,i meant the ones wear baju kurung or jubah anywhere they go.i dare to say that he hates those type of girls(the not-the-type girls,and i'm one of them lah)
he rolled his eyes whenever he sees me,which is very contra from himself last year,the very friendly guy who waved and said hello to everybody and not judging them by the way the dressed whatsoever.
and i thought that i was the only one he rolled eyes on.

untill one day my friend that bumped into him came to my house and told us about the story of her bumping into a senior (read: my friend is one of the juniors and she doesn't wear tudung) and he asked her why she dressed up that way (not wearing tudung and wearing trousers instead of baju kurung/jubah whatever)
and she told us that he said this sentence angrily:

'lain kali kalau saya jumpa awak macam ni lagi, awak akan malu!'


Last year,we had sc(read: smart circle,some kind of usrah.usrah,is like where you gather with your friends and discuss about the life in islam) under a medic senior.the senior told us that she wanted to be the head of our sc is because of 2 reasons:
1. because nobody wants to hold us because we were one of the blok c students where blok c students were rumored as the 'budak-budak social'(because last year,blok c was for both boys and girls but most of them have gf/bf under the same blok)
2. because she believes that we are actually not that bad.
thanks to her, we actually felt like we were belonged.
she also told us that the one who actually refused to hold us and volunteered to hold students from blok b instead have problems with them(blok b students) where they didn't even open the door for her when she came to their house.

'akak rasa bersyukur sangat akak pegang korang,at least korang buka pintu untuk akak, jemput akak makan, solat sama-sama'


this year,our sc is under a dirasat(orang yang belajar agama) senior,because medic seniors only hold the 1st year juniors.and we had an sc session last friday,kak da invited us to come to her house for some i was choosing the clothes i should wear,my roomate suddenly said that she wants the kakak to accept us as what we are,so,she said she won't wear the baju that what the kakak wants to see,but the baju that she's comfortable to wear.
thus,she didn't wear baju kurung as i did.(because i was afraid of having problems with people staring at me as if i'm an alien or something,but they didn't alienate my roomate,so it's a good thing,right?)

my main point of telling these is that,even a very religous people still have this 'judging the book by it's cover' thing going on.
yea,i didn't attend the religous classes which were held every morning,does that mean that i'm a bad person?
my class starts in the morning everyday for God's sake.are you asking me to skip class just to attend the religious class?

like what mommy said,it's good to learn more religious stuff but remember the main reason you came.
that is why i'm still joining the sc.i still can learn through it.

a friend told me that she once went to the kelas agama, and being a friendly senior, she went on shaking hands and got into the junior's halaqah.she told them that she rarely attend the class and one of the juniors suddenly said,

'oh patutla, memang ada rupa jarang datang kelas ni'

ok fine, you attend the class every morning,being soooo loyal to the ustaz, but may i ask you did the class told you to judge people?
the ustaz himself didnt say anything about it,why should you?

kalau warak macamana pon, rupa alim macamana pon, berpakaian alim macamana pon, adakah itu membolehkan anda untuk mengata orang?membolehkan anda untuk marah orang?membolehkan anda untuk memandang serong terhadap orang?

berlagaklah!silakan berlagak!
pasal itu pon nak berlagak,baik tak payah.
kamu superior sangat ke nak berlagak?
hebat lah tu?

apelah yang saya tahu,saya tak pergi kelas agama setiap hari, nampak saya pon kamu terus menjeling.
jahat sangat ke kami ni?

tak perlu kot nak menjeling,aku tak main menjeling-jeling macam siti nurhaliza.

tak perlu kot nak tegur cara marah-marah, menyampah gile ok?

fine lah,aku memang gelak kuat..
since small lagi aku memang gelak kuat.
what's wrong with me having fun?
i'm living life,
i'm enjoying it.
i'm trying to make my youth life as memorable as possible.
it's not that i didn't pray or anything.
it's not like i kill anybody.
lain lah kalau aku buat kesalahan yang tak boleh diterima akal.

so let me be myself,
and please don't judge people.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

PERUBATAN sport's day.

a delayed post.

bertarikh 6 MAC 2009,bertempat di stadium MANSOURA UNIVERSITY.(istad gamaah)

Mansoura menjadi tempat berkumpul rakyat Malaysia dari seluruh pelusuk Mesir.(bangga!!)The first time such event held outside cairo.

i joined the basketball team Mansoura B, but i was just one of the extras. andd...we didn't win for the basketball game.3rd place is good enough whatt..huhu

i also participated the win,lose or draw game for sukaneka,wakil Mansoura.alah yang game yang macam teka-teka perkataan tanpa berkata-kata tu,you can either draw or act for your teamates to answer.yeah that one.kami menang woo!1st place!woot!woot!(pats self on the back)haha.

tapi hamper yang dimenangi tidak disentuh lagi.

Mansoura team for both ikhwah and akhawat, won the juara keseluruhan!(bangga lagi sekali..)
This year's sport's day was much more fun than last year's family day.lagi seronok berjuta kali.
but i have to agree on the bias emcee and the lembap-gile food.
and the nasyid was great.tak sia-sia aku mendengar korang practice kat bawah rumah aku everyday.

semangat kesukanan :)

photos are from:
xety and kak naneng :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

please don't stop the music.

Music reflects you. Music shows your personality. At least, that’s what they say.

The genre of a song shows the attitude of the listener. From a song that you listen, you tend to talk or act like it.

Some people love rock, while others prefer indie.

Some love pop, while others prefer Britpop.

Some love the 80’s, while others prefer the 50’s.

Some love alternative rock, while others prefer rap.

Some love punk, while others prefer nasyid.

One of my housemates told me,

‘dulu aku dengar lagu metal, perangai aku kurang ajar gila.’

If listening to metal songs make you kurang ajar,then what would a rap song do to you? Becoming a criminal or high in potential of committing suicide ? I don’t listen to any of those.

An indie music lover tend to becoming an independent person. They love to express their feeling towards the world, the society, the politics and so. Indie genre is a unique genre. They may be rock, they maybe pop or so. What I love about indie genre is that the songs are not the everybody-know-and-oh-so-popular songs. Indie songs rarely air in national radio stations. XFM(used to be is the only one radio station in Malaysia that airs the indie genre music and supports 100% Malaysian music(at least that is what they used to be once upon a time ago when I was one of the fanatics of what happened to them now eh? I just know that they changed name and the deejays. that’s it. The possibility of me listening to XFM here with a sucky internet speed is like..0%).

Ballads are okay. Not my favourite but I still can live with it. Ballad lovers have this jiwang side of them. Ballads are more to love songs. Which are not my type of lagu teman study. Mengantuk weih dengar lagu jiwang.hoho(no offence taken ok?hee). It’s not that I hate this genre. I listen to them while browsing the internet whaatttt…or..when I feel jiwang(which rarely happen! thank you very much)

I don’t actually know the differences between pop rock and rock. And between pop rock and pop. From what I discovered, those who love ballads, love pop juga kot? (suka hati aku je buat teori sendiri. Correct me if I’m wrong.hehe). one time, I like this song so much, I found out it’s a pop rock song. Next time, I like another song which is more likely the song I used to like before, but then it appears to be a rock song. Confuse weih confuse!!

I listen to almost every genre. And I will favour one genre to another according to the mood, according to the situation, according to week, etc.

1 week, I will listen to only Chinese songs and will love lee hom head to toe the whole week. Will go youtube stalking him. Will adore him so much that even my roommate, I think, can puke blood of hearing too much of me adoring lee hom’s story. From lee hom, I will go to gary chao, guang liang, jay chao, FIR, SHE etc etc. After getting bored with the asyik ulang-ulang of Chinese songs, I will change to the sweet songs, to some indies, to some rocks, to some 90’s.

There’s OST week for me, malay songs week, top chart week etc, etc. this is what happened when there’s no interesting radio stations I can listen to, or the web radio stations are just useless for me with this sucky internet.

I listen to songs according to my mood. Whenever I can’t study and the exam is like tomorrow. I prefer to listen to the keluar anak tekak or those semangat songs. My favourites would me over you by chris daughtry, gemuruh by faizal tahir, situasi by bunkface, stay the same by joey mcintyre , long before rock and roll by Mando Diao.

I can’t study without music. My brain will go down to the memory lane or some wonderland if there’s no music accompanying me. But the songs should be in a very low volume. If you can hear every single word of a song through my headphone, do not disturb me, because I won’t be in the mood of talking for the ‘weih kenapa apa yang aku belajar ni tak masuk-masuk otakkkkk???’ syndrome.

My roommate and I had this lagu pagi-pagi (used to,last year). They were avenged sevenfold’s seize the day and hanson’s I will come to you. There’s no lagu pagi-pagi this year as my classes start real early, and there’s no time to listen to some songs because I tend to wake up late these days. Half more hour and the class will start, makan pun sikit je. Yes, saya tak mandi kalau lambat ke kelas. Hee. There, I said it. Hohoho.

I have trouble sleeping nowadays. My eyes are still blinking even though it’s already 3 am, and even though the day I had was a very tiring one. I think I’m becoming an insomniac. I have to force myself to get some noon sleep (no,not nap)some more. That too, a very troublesome one. I have to put on some soothing songs, with a very slow volume, and poof, I will sleep soundly. I won’t be able to have my noon sleep without them. Menyusahkan, I know. I also hope this insomnia thingy can go away faster. shoh shooohhh!!!

When I walk alone, I listen to my mp3. When I travel, I have to bring along my mp3. When I get bored of the boring-hard-to-understand lectures, I will plug my ears with songs. Whenever I get stressed, I scream out the effing loud songs that I was listening. When I drive, it’s a must to have music along. When the mood is not with me too, I listen to music. Basically, I have to have music along my entire life. Hoho.

No music = not Hannah.

But kept listening to the same songs over and over again, with no fresh new songs, will also make you puke blood. With the low speed internet that is so slow that you can’t even open facebook or so, mimpi je la to download the new songs. Dengar through imeem pun you have to be very patient to keep refreshing the page because the internet kept disconnected every 5 minutes. (tak cukup pathetic ke?haiz)

So if the music reflects you. What does it reflect me? I listen to every kind, so do I have everything? I can be a kurang ajar and very soft hearted at once? Definitely..maybe.

Some of my housemates couldn’t accept the songs I listen. They say that the indie songs that came out from the laptop are weird songs.

lagu-lagu kau pelik-pelik lah Hannah.’

Or even.

aku tak suka lagu-lagu kau.tukarlah

Oh terasa siottt.. I love bunkface, I listen to yuna, fond of nitrus etc.they are, for me the talented ones. My songs are not suitable for you, then stop hanging around in my room. Music is art. Some people may say that an art is ugly, some may say it’s nice.No, I didn’t listen to the songs you listen that much, but I never underestimate your taste of music, right? I sometimes, sing it along with you too. Hmph.

I listen to muse, I like switchfoot and one republic, and I loooovveee the fray. Still not suitable for you? Sue me then.

Some say that music is like food. Music feeds your emotional needs. Some say that music is like your soul mate.

However you describe the music, whatever genre of songs you listen, enjoy the music your own way, and please respect other’s favourites too. :)

songs while typing this post:

bunkface - revolusi
gary cao - 3 7 21.
bsb - the call
hoobastank - the reason
kelly clarkson - my life would suck without you.
jonas brothers - inseparable.
hujan - bila aku sudah tiada.
jet - look what you've done.
butterfingers - cuai.
the pierces - secrets.

oh yea,when i go online too,i listen to music.

i listen to music too when i carve gigi.and this is because dr mennah asked us to.

'just carve the tooth when you feel like it,maybe with your music on.'

you know i love you,dr mennah ;)

switching self to study mode.see ya! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

selamat hari kasih sayang

semester baru dah start.selamat hari kasih sayang.
exam minggu depan.selamat hari kasih sayang.

ini jadual baru kelas saya.tak faham?tak mengapa.yang penting saya ada 4 hari kelas start pukul 8 pagi(wahhh happynye saya *nada sesarkastik mungkin*)
and to make my life more happier, 3 hari kelas habis pukul 4 petang(melonjak-lonjak 'kegembiraan')

dan,ini belum campur kelas-kelas tambahan lagi yang mana saya terpaksa drop satu subject untuk kelas tambahan saya kerana saya dah tak larat nak balik malam-malam buta tiap-tiap malam,dan dengan harapan saya akan dapat belajar subject biochemistry itu tanpa sebarang masalah.

tapi,berita yang betul-betul gembira(buat saya sahaja,dan mungkin rakan-rakan gigi yang lain),kami mempunyai 2 hari cuti dalam seminggu.compared to 1 day per week last semester,kami rasa sangat-sangat bersyukur. :)

semangat semester baru!!!! mari baca..errr...baca magazine di kuliah?contoh terbaik daripada orang arab!haha

*jangan orang ni baca dan sue saya sudah la..hoho*(eh,orang arab reti ke baca bahasa melayu?Ahmed is excluded)

saya ada exam minggu depan dan a week after that.God loves me,i know.
mari berkasih sayang dengan buku tebal-tebal.
(serious terfikir mahu merebus buku dan minum.hoho)

selamat hari kasih sayang!have a blast valentine's day.
saya nak bear besar dan coklat sekotak.siapa rela kasi,dapat pahala.haha :p

p/s: sepatutnya entry ini bertarikh 14.2 tapi internet rumah ni bodoh.sekian.

Monday, February 09, 2009

the winter break :)

ok now i can blog :D

the memorable vacation.

the holiday started with me going back to cairo with kak hanis for the zakat(yang macam sangat membazir masa because the pegawai was so effing kerek and told me that the zakat thingy is still in malaysia yada-yada..bila aku balik,kata ada kat sini,bila aku kat sini,kata ada kat malaysia pula!kata nak tolong orang susah!wtf?)

while waiting for the pegawai to come to cairo all the way from zagazig,we went to the book fair (again).

and we went to rumah selangor the next day by bus which cost us for only 50 PIASTRES! (proudddd!!!) all the way from ARMA.(which by cab will cost you almost L.E 15,see how jimat you can be when you use public transport?huhu)

this is for aisa..dengar baik-baik aisa..
nak naik bus from ARMA to hayyu asyir haritu kitorang main tanya je bus driver tu which bus is going to hayyu asyir.once we got it,we hopped in lah.tapi mcm tak sangka lah pula kan 50 sen je.huhu

after the whole drama of me nearly crying telling the abg kerani about my late dad,my family etc etc and kecewa over the kerek pegawai,we went back to mansoura the day itself to pack for the next day's trip to luxor which needed us to come back to cairo again because the train is from there.

we wanted to go to luxor and aswan sebab nak lari daripada sejuk yang agak mengecewakan sikit la kesejukan tahun ni tak berapa sejuk.miekk.

honestly i nearly merajuk and wanted to go back mansoura once i heard that the train tickets were fulled.

but after some time of thinking,i decided to go jugak.

we went to luxor by bus.and the kaki was effing aching for the 12 hours of traveling.

once checked in to the L.E 20 per night cute hotel,we went touring the temples around luxor.

king's valley

hapshetsut temple

horse riding in luxor.

the L.E 20 comel oasis hotel :)

after a comel breakfast on the rooftop of the comel hotel the next day,we travelled for 4 hours by van to aswan but stopped at karnak temple in luxor before.

karnak temple,luxor.

favourite pic :)

watched sunset from a yatch.cantik!cantik!cantik!

3 am the next day,4 more hours of travelling to abu simbel.the sunrise scenery on the way there was superbly beautiful.

abu simbel was hot but windy.

Abu Simbel,aswan

back to aswan,the philae temple..

dari russia:amin and zack

went back to cairo by the 16-hour train which cost L.E 102 only.
we extended our vacation for another day in cairo to accompany my friend sending her boyfriend to the airport.but before that,we went to giza for the pyramids and sphinx,and dream park.


unta riding :)

cairo international airport.

overall budget to luxor and aswan :
if you're not an easy spender,L.E 800 is just nice(transportation,hotel and tour are included)
L.E 500 is for tansport,hotel and tour.
you just have to keep another L.E 300 with you for some shopping,lunch and dinner,and also,tickets to get into the temples.
the most expensive ticket is abu simbel where you can get L.E 48.50 for student price.

for an easy spender,ermm...just bring as much money as you can lah.huhu

what i achieved along the trip:
i met new people,made new friends and hopefully it will last long. :)
i learned new stuff.did you know that the temples in abu simbel are actually under the sea?huhu
i've tried new things.riding a camel is one of them.
i went to the book fair thrice this year.haha(siapa boleh kalahkan aku?haha)
i learned that travelling like what we see in lonely planet or destinasi bajet is actually not that ewwy afterall.
sadly,i didn't get sunburn.which is for me,it's like a sourvenir from there.haha(i'm weird,i know that.haha)
it's not about the luxury,or the comfy that you needed when you travel under budget,it's all about the experience.bila lagi nak experience things like this if not now,right?

overall,i like this whole 'just go and terjah or redah without any tour guide' trip,and will probably do it again next year.
and i like this year's winter break,it's better than last year's lah but abit dissapointed with the not so cold weather lah.huhu

photos credit to:

hanis,hanim and zack :)

thanks for the lovely vacation,you guys!

and to the russian guys,datangla egypt lagi :D semester is going to start soon and i didn't prepare anything for it yet.leading to suicidal act,i know.