Wednesday, September 23, 2009

raya 09

this year's raya :one of the saddest.

my nenek passed away the last day of ramadan.we got a call from cikde after we got back from tarawih and we immediately went back to kampung that night and yes, it was a sad night.But to think that nenek has suffered alot, i decided to just redha with her passing away.

from HIM we came,to HIM we return.
Al-Fatihah to arwah nenek.may nenek be placed along with those who deserved a place in jannah.

1st syawal,
we prayed the sunat eidulfitri at surau annur in bangi and visited arwah ayah's kubur.
it's been 3 syawals without,we miss you. :(
then we just spent the day sleeping because everybody was having super lack of sleep the previous day.

2nd syawal,
balik kampung for tahlil arwah.
and return back to bangi,spent the rest of the day..doing nothing?

3rd syawal,
went to pak andak's house,called random houses but sadly people are still at their kampung.
cooked laksa sarawak!(a bit salty,but i think i did a pretty good job :))
cikde and anjang came so we served them the laksa sarawak haha.

4th syawal,
well actually i think i just celebrate raya today because there were lots of people came and we actually berombongan went to abang amir's house in seremban.
and abang amir told us the story of him undergoing chemotherapy and so on. which made me realise how valuable this life is and how we must have the strength to keep on living life no matter how many obstacles we have to face.

conclusion of this year's raya:
it was a sad raya,
and we didn't actually celebrating it.
and the older you get,the lesser the money you receive.
but with the reason of fisabilillah,people tend to give you extra money hehe.

p/s: boys with baju raya are cute,but only when they dressed up decently. :)

no matter how,raikanlah aidilfitri dengan penuh bersederhana.
bulan syawal memang 30 hari,tapi itu tidak bermaksud kita boleh bersuka ria sepanjang 30 hari tersebut.berpada-padalah.
seronok,seronok juga tapi ingatan terhadap Tuhan itu perlu juga ada.


Al-Fatihah kepada mereka yang telah mendahului kita.


Suya said...

salam takziah dari kak sue sekeluarga..selamat hari raya :)

Niksu Rashid said...

hannah, kenapa tak sms saya and bagitahu?

hannahsahimi said...

thanks kak sue,selamat hari raya juge. :)

niksu,saye pon taktau kenape tak bgtau.saye tak bgtau semua orang pon.terkejut kot.