Thursday, October 06, 2011

a boring update.

hello the readers of my boring blog! (if exist.)

new semester, new hope. it's the final year! 10 months only hannah!just 10 months, insyaAllah.

abit awkward though jotting things here since i left the blog for more than a month. it's quite true though the more you grow up, the more secrets you keep, the less you tell the whole world about it in the blog.

but i'm super bored due to unfinished jet lag i'm having, and it's super early to do anything or go anywhere right now. kedai paling awal bukak pon 10am, so you do the math.

i didn't write anything on this blog the whole time i was in Malaysia. was super busy eating stuffs and make myself fat.haha.

no, kidding. the whole time i was in Malaysia, i was busy babysitting Tasneem,my niece, keeping my mom company to everywhere she wanted to go, meet-ups, and oh! i went to school and met my school teachers! they still remember me as the 'budak bising and nakal' in the class though.memalukan -.-"

overall, i think my 2011 summer vaca in Malaysia is the best one i ever had, with specific reasons :)

of final year.
bismillah. the scary final year. just attended the 1st week of classes and here comes the pressure! more clinical requirements to do this year. yeah, we feel more like a dentist but the stress is overrated! even talking about it now makes me wanna let us talk about something else.

you know, when you're living alone, with super dirty house, you tend to get homesick everyday. i have never been this homesick before, i even cry myself to bed. -.-" but i got myself busy with cleaning up the entire house. and once the house is already clean, and i'm satisfied with it, i'm alot happier! but then i become bored, because i have nothing else to do.

anyhow, i hope this year will be a good year for everyone,insyaAllah, ameen :)

call me a spoiled brat but, 'mommy, i am super missing you!'

Wednesday, October 05, 2011