Friday, August 24, 2007

last day..

friday..24 august 2007..

tomorrow,i will leave this country and start a new life as a dentistry student in egypt.oh,i dont know what to expect to live to comunicate with the people there or how to study there.all i know is the atmosphere there are going to be 100% different with here.oh GOD,give me the strength to survive there!

so what more do i have to to expect there except for the fact that it's hot like 42 to 45 degree celcius..oh i'm going to be tanned!and the food there that's full of fat and cholestrol..oh i'm going to be extra extra fat!!and i have to cook!!haha..the 18 of non-cook-let-mum-do-the-work years has come to an end..haha..who knows if i come back next year,i can cook loads of food already?hee..

i've packed my stuff!with the help of mak,luqman and anjang.haha..and it's damn heavy that i think i would faint by pulling,carrying it.and i think i would faint once more if i find out that i have to climb up till the 4th floor where i have to stay.(they dont have elevator you know?how pathetic is that?).hopefully i get the 1st floor la kan..hee. is the last day i'm going online,and blog in this big M country.all i have to say to the readers is that i'm sorry if i offended ur feelings and annoyed you whatsoever.i'm really really sorry.sangat sangat sangat sorry!seriously from the bottom og my heart..i truly am sorry.who knows if i dont get the chance to say sorry,i'm sorry.

tomorrow,some of my friends are joining me to send me to sweet of them!so i think i will burst into tears tomorrow.haha.we'll see about that!

so this is my last post..i will update it when i'm free..and if i can find any internet connection there.hee.

so long friends!good luck in everything!!study bagus2..get 4 flat slalu..n sungguh2 la keep in touch.i love korg so much!hee.

and to niksu n amelin,i dont like him dah!!hahahahahahaha..lenkali kalau korg online,saye cerite..hehe..

status now: lone ranger a.k.a flying solo and not crushing or liking anybody.yeay!!hehe.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


okok..i have to admit..i havent pack my luggages yet!!!OMG..gile last minute hannah!!tak kacak betul.i dont have the time la...and barang2 agak banyak gak belum beli..hish2..

i went to mahkamah tinggi shah alam today.we had perbicaraan harta pusaka whatsoever.and we headed to pkns shah alam for some shop.aha,i ate alot today...
(-_-" yeay me..-_-").yesterday pulak,i went all the way to palong,n9 and came back home real late..oh,memang takde mase.tomorrow pulak,my friend is coming to visit..haiz..bile nak beli barang ni??huhu..

luqman told me that my shirt is small.but i think it suits me very well la kan..and mak end up buying me an XL size shirt..bapak besar!!i can wear an M shirt la mak!!!besar gile mcm petak.dah la i have to wear it this saturday!!OMG!argh!argh!jgn tgk aku mak told him this:'biar la luqman,nanti die kawan dgn budak2 alim,pakai jubah terus la nanti..'..and i was like...WHAT???aku tanak berubah weih!!!!!plz plz..tamo tamo my firends,u guys should and this is an AMANAH!u guys should remind me or tell me whatsoever of i changed to be like...NOT ME!huhu..sedih sedih..tamo berubah..TAKMO!!!but still,i bought the XL shirt la..tamo kene leter plak tak pasal2..huhu..

oh last sunday,me n syaf went to the cikgus' houses.we went to pn faridah,but she was not home.then we went to ustzah's house,still,takde orang kat rumah gak.and finally,pn raziah was home!at last!ade jugak!hehe.then,headed to husna's for few minutes.she had to go to her sister's that we didn't hang for long.then,met maput at bangi's mcd.hohoho.hari yang ntah pape je.

i want to meet more people!!!but everybody is busy with their studies and everything,so i guess,takde rezeki la kot..huhu..sedih dah..

4 more days!20+ more kilos of luggage to be filled!yeay me!

my KMM friend sent me this picture.the picture of my ex-prektikum.oh gosh!i miss them so much!i miss the guys yang best..and the girls yang seronok to hang with!!oh this time,amal dah keluar.she went to uia to further her studies in dentistry jugak.hee.and after a week the picture was taken,nadiah left.she got an offer to go to russia to study medicine.same as me,private without any scholarships.but anyhow,I MISS THEM SO MUCH!rase kesal tinggalkan kmm is still there.huhu..they said it's fun there!and i met loads of new kmm friends from friendster..and there were so sporting.oh i wish i'm still there.huhu.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


saya sayang mereka.

yes!we satay-ed!it was fun!they were trying to bullying me around but failed!hee.niksu and zati came to kajang.mak fetched them up and drove us to sate kajang hj samurai samuri.and then mak told us that we have to walk to kajang's ktm station,she,apparently dont wanna come and fetch us up.huhu.

so we satay-ed!and chatted.what more do u expect?it's just us girls!haha.we called maput,and..he was in shah alam at that time.couldnt make it.buat penat menunggu je.huhu.we captured pictures,but they are all now at you have to wait.hee.

for the birthday presents!and the card!and kaer's autograph!OMG I LOVE IT!hee.i'll frame it and take it with me to egypt!trust me!and the chocs,hampir selamat dah..hahaha..korg memang la nak menggemukkan aku kan?fine larr..

sorry korg kena jalan kaki jauh2..hee..starting next year,i can drive without mak by my side dah!so that long distance walk tu agaknye the first and the last year,kita naik kereta plak!hee..

mak n i went for the GMN's 2nd briefing about egypt.seeing the pictures,making me question myself,am i going to survive there?but i will,insyaAllah!i will try my best to get a scholarship,i will try my best to excel in my studies.go hannah go!!hee.kitorg ade 40 kgs untuk dibawa!!hee.this means...MORE BAJU!!!hehe..

ok ini memang tak bleh bla..

i changed my locations dah untuk friendster,myspace n blogger..hee.dah bersedia gile la ni..KONON la..haha..

currently waiting for syaf to fetch me up.we're going to visit some cikgus!!hee.bored.bored.bored.

till then,adios!

samsons - akhir rasa ini.

samsons - akhir rasa ini.

terlarut aku

dalam kesendirian
saat aku menyadari
tiada lagi dirimu kini

sampai kapankah
aku mampu bertahan
tetapi aku jalani
semua kisah hidupku ini

tak akan terganti
setiap kenangan yang telah terukir
kan terekam indah
dan melekat di hati

akankah berakhir
semua rasa yang telah tercipta
didalam benakku
dan didalam asa ku

terlarut aku
dalam kesendirian
saat aku menyadari
tiada lagi dirimu kini

tak akan terganti
setiap kenangan yang telah terukir
kan terekam indah
dan melekat di hati

akankah berakhir
semua kisah yang telah tercipta
didalam benakku
dan didalam asa ku

kepada semua rakan2,belajar rajin2,capaikan cita2,jangan lupa kenangan bersama.selamat tinggal,rakan2ku.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a trip to hukm.

we had a fun trip to hukm.yeay!

oh yea it was awesome!hee..i had a splendid time there.hee..
i was wearing my white and pink baju kurung and when i reached ukm,i saw plenty of my friends wearing pink!it was like OMG gile ar BORIA!!!but i found out that the guy yang me n my roomates always talks about, wearing the same colour shirt as i did.and then we were OMG!!!!BEST GILE!!!!haha.

so we went there and heard a lil bit of briefing from a cardiologist about was cool!the way he explain everything was like sooo interesting.and he always use these sentences:

'u can ask dr thala are the women in egypt beautiful laa..'
'orang2 yang macho2 semuanye cardiologist je..'
'as i said...cardiologist je yang paling hebat'



after that we were seperated into 2 group will tour around the emergency room(E.R) and another group will tour around unit a fan of e.r and csi.i was kinda lost in which to choose.but i followed my roomates to unit forensik laa..then guess what?the pegawai took us to bilik mayat.and oh my GOD!he just did a post mortem to a new case.a guy who killed himself.he dressed up like a girl.they showed us the clothes je.the body dah selesai di post-mortem..the pegawai took us to see some orang gaji and a man.but being so short,i cant see a thing!eventhough i jengket-ed.oh pity me.sobs.

after that the pegawai took us upstairs to hear some taklimat.he showed some bodies' pictures.and i feel sorry for them.their lives end up like that.with incomplete body parts.and some got smashed so hardly they cant identify whose body it belonged to.i hope with forensics that's growing in malaysia,the bad person will end up where there belonged and the bodies' spirit will finally rest in peace.InsyaAllah.

Al-fatihah to those who passed away.Moga roh mereka dirahmati Allah.InsyaAllah.

so these are the pictures that i've took.i cant take any picture in the bilik mayat.they dont allow it.and to respect the bodies there,i think i did not regret for not capturing any pictures there.we just took some pictures in bus and in jabatan surgeri.

we cant wait to reach there!

semua orang tak sabar untuk digelar doctor!

ecah said:'kau bau bilik mayat ar..jauh2 sket..'
sampai hati ko,ecah!

i had so much to tell but i wont tell everything hear.karang orang cakap aku mencapub pe kes plak kan? i had fun.i insaf-ed a bit.and i learnt loads of new stuff.till then!

Monday, August 13, 2007


i love my mum coz she let me ponteng my whole week's classes.hee..

but i will go to the hukm trip on wednesday la.i wont let the chance to see the whole bilik mayat,bilik forensik,e.r and so on flown away just like that.And i will reconsider on deciding wether or not to attend the asked me to attend though.huhu.

i went to class today but there was none of's just about some sort of pertandingan and we have to speak arabic...kinda something like that la..bores me to tears...and i heard that there will be a screening for tutorial.thinking that it will make me sleep the entire class.i ponteng-ed!hehe..blimey..mak knows about it ok?it's not like i'm being the bad daughter ok?hehehe.. mad came today and he gave us the form for the house that we're going to stay in egypt.and we got the house with 7 people living in it.and guess who willing to sacrifice and live in just 1 room alone?yes,yours truly.i guess they are being over spoilt.i guess i have to teach my future kids the hard way to live so they wont end up like spoilt brats and knows how to be independent like..their mummy.hahaha..ok ape aku merepek aku pon tak paham.

but mak said it's fine to live least i have more privacy space kan?hehehe..and mak said i should bring my own stuffs,and buy my own rice cooker or whatever so that i wont end up dying without food if i suddenly terbergaduh with them la..i hope we wont be terbergaduh la kan?insyaAllah.*praying hard!*and oh!i have to live with boys.NOT IN THE SAME HOUSE!!!the same bangunan but they have to climb up the stairs but we,the girls duduk kat bawah weird is that?i dunno what more weird stuff i have to expect.

oh about the MMC and mansoura university thingy.i found out that only the students who with twinning program with manchester have a problem with the,dont have any problem with them because it stated there that it has been recognised since the year 1978.insyaAllah everything will be just fine..

ok inilah kerje hannah kat rumah kebosanan takde bende nak buat sbb dah ponteng kelas...blogging..oh no..

Sunday, August 12, 2007


i received an sms from a friend of mine telling me to buy the star for it has something about my university,university mansoura, first i was not really interested into that matter so i didnt care much about it.

later in the cousin,abg kamal came with his family.and his son,my anak sepupu but 2 years older than me..(imagine how does it feels like to have a 20 year old,21 year old,22 year old and 23 year old call you mak lang??IT'S NOT COOL!terasa tua.)so he told me that he read the star and he said that MMC does not recognise this university.I was like...WHAT????

Immediately after they left,i went to thestaronline and search about it.and yeah,it's true.i was having a huge dilemma!i told mak about it and mak acted as if it's MY FAULT for MMC didnt recognise the uni.damnit.

thus,i went back to the net again,and i search for MMC's page and i found out that it was recognise by the MMC since 1978!which is the truth???man!i hate being in the middle of some complication!i am sooo going to question this to prof mad or abg zul or whoever in charge with this!argh!!

i searched more about it in kementerian kesihatan's website and found out that both perubatan n pergigian in mansoura university are recognised by the goverment.

senarai institusi yang diiktiraf: pegawai perubatan

senarai institusi yang diiktiraf: pegawai pergigian

Saturday, August 11, 2007

the big eighteen!

metro point.girls,thanks for bringing me here!

she made me blow the cheese away.

i love u girls for making the party for me!

happy birthday to me!

yes!i'm 18!i'm legal to watch every type of movies already!and as what hani said,i'm legal to masuk jail dewasa dah!haha...bangge plak..haha..i think i had a splendid time celebrating it.hehe..thanks,friends.

thanks for those who sms-ed,called,sent a testi/comment for me,and those who wished me directly.

thanks for the gifts and the cards.thanks for the party!thanks for the sweet birthday song that have been sang out-pitched.hehe.thanks for the birthday song that has been played via a piano by pei lee.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

i celebrated my birthday with a cup of coffee and chores that has been ordered by my dear a decent daughter,i have to do it even though today is my special day.till noon baru mak teringat and asked me:'harini harijadi awak ye?happy birthday!'..ouh the wish that i've been waiting to come out from mom's mouth the entire morning.thanks,mak!then i continued reading my newly bought harry potter and the deathly hallows which cost me only 70 bucks!then received a call from xinwei and they told me to meet them at kajang.syaf said she'll be the driver for my birthday.we went to fetch nadia and meet pei lee,mei yee,xinwei,and win shen in pizza-hut.had pizza-hut and a birthday song.then went to metro has baskin robbins and starbucks there!i mean,OMG.but it bores us quite easily for there were nowhere to shop whatsoever.nadia treated me baskin.sedap seriously!

after that before sending me home,we went to meet syahiran at uniten.nice to meet you,syahiran.thanks for the wish!hee.

night.pak andak was having a bacaan yassin n doa we went to pak andak's my surprise,pak andak bought me a cake!and we celebrated the baki of my birthday together with abg ewan's graduation.

i am 1 year older!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

goodbye malaysia.

not in the mood of blogging.

we received a shocking yet sad news yesterday morning.encik fairuz,the ceo of global medic network informed us that our flight has been forwarded to 26 august 2007 0040 hours due to the congested air traffic for muslimin and muslimat to perfom their umrah in makkah.mara scholars will also have to fly early (1 sept) for the same reason.

everybody went ballistic! parents kept on screaming and cussing him (haha padan muke,sape suruh bagitau 2 september awal2?).most of the girls cried and doesnt feel like want to go to tutorials that afternoon...including me.some of them called their parents and went straight home,doesnt even care to come back again for so-called dinner,bbq or taklimat.people are desperately need the time to shop!!but we still have 1 more week to finish up our kursus bahasa we only have 1 week to prepare everything.WTF??.but mak said mungkin takyah pergi kelas minggu depan.hee.thanks mak!u're the best!

so,goodbye malaysia!happy 50th bday!i will celebrate it there.nun di sana~..beribu batu~...

Friday, August 03, 2007



i think i cant stay in one place for the entire week without going out.or else,i will be stressed and moody and some sort.hee.

i went to kajang by rapid kl with izah n fifek this first,it was all about 'teman izah beli berus gigi ortho n fifek tak pernah nak rapid kl' but it turned out to be a shopping day for me n fifek.hee.fifek was like so jakun when she stepped her foot in it.hadoih.

i jogged twice this week!i had a splendid time jog around keris mas and outside keris mas!my jogging partner was fifek n mira.but it turned badly after i injured my leg.tu la beria2 sangat!kan dah kene leter ngan mak!hee.

i went to perhentian kajang by rapid kl with kak hanis,fifek n izah yesterday to buy kak hanis' ticket to go back to ipoh.and to perhentian kajang again today by ridhwan's car to teman kak hanis there.tapi in conclusion,keluar akan mengeluarkan stress juge!hee.

so i'm afraid i have to go to cairo like..everyweek to release tension sambil berjalan2 kat mesir nanti.hadoih duit mak aku!!!!

ok,there's nothing more to tell.salam!