Friday, August 03, 2007



i think i cant stay in one place for the entire week without going out.or else,i will be stressed and moody and some sort.hee.

i went to kajang by rapid kl with izah n fifek this first,it was all about 'teman izah beli berus gigi ortho n fifek tak pernah nak rapid kl' but it turned out to be a shopping day for me n fifek.hee.fifek was like so jakun when she stepped her foot in it.hadoih.

i jogged twice this week!i had a splendid time jog around keris mas and outside keris mas!my jogging partner was fifek n mira.but it turned badly after i injured my leg.tu la beria2 sangat!kan dah kene leter ngan mak!hee.

i went to perhentian kajang by rapid kl with kak hanis,fifek n izah yesterday to buy kak hanis' ticket to go back to ipoh.and to perhentian kajang again today by ridhwan's car to teman kak hanis there.tapi in conclusion,keluar akan mengeluarkan stress juge!hee.

so i'm afraid i have to go to cairo like..everyweek to release tension sambil berjalan2 kat mesir nanti.hadoih duit mak aku!!!!

ok,there's nothing more to tell.salam!

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