Friday, August 24, 2007

last day..

friday..24 august 2007..

tomorrow,i will leave this country and start a new life as a dentistry student in egypt.oh,i dont know what to expect to live to comunicate with the people there or how to study there.all i know is the atmosphere there are going to be 100% different with here.oh GOD,give me the strength to survive there!

so what more do i have to to expect there except for the fact that it's hot like 42 to 45 degree celcius..oh i'm going to be tanned!and the food there that's full of fat and cholestrol..oh i'm going to be extra extra fat!!and i have to cook!!haha..the 18 of non-cook-let-mum-do-the-work years has come to an end..haha..who knows if i come back next year,i can cook loads of food already?hee..

i've packed my stuff!with the help of mak,luqman and anjang.haha..and it's damn heavy that i think i would faint by pulling,carrying it.and i think i would faint once more if i find out that i have to climb up till the 4th floor where i have to stay.(they dont have elevator you know?how pathetic is that?).hopefully i get the 1st floor la kan..hee. is the last day i'm going online,and blog in this big M country.all i have to say to the readers is that i'm sorry if i offended ur feelings and annoyed you whatsoever.i'm really really sorry.sangat sangat sangat sorry!seriously from the bottom og my heart..i truly am sorry.who knows if i dont get the chance to say sorry,i'm sorry.

tomorrow,some of my friends are joining me to send me to sweet of them!so i think i will burst into tears tomorrow.haha.we'll see about that!

so this is my last post..i will update it when i'm free..and if i can find any internet connection there.hee.

so long friends!good luck in everything!!study bagus2..get 4 flat slalu..n sungguh2 la keep in touch.i love korg so much!hee.

and to niksu n amelin,i dont like him dah!!hahahahahahaha..lenkali kalau korg online,saye cerite..hehe..

status now: lone ranger a.k.a flying solo and not crushing or liking anybody.yeay!!hehe.

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