Saturday, August 18, 2007


saya sayang mereka.

yes!we satay-ed!it was fun!they were trying to bullying me around but failed!hee.niksu and zati came to kajang.mak fetched them up and drove us to sate kajang hj samurai samuri.and then mak told us that we have to walk to kajang's ktm station,she,apparently dont wanna come and fetch us up.huhu.

so we satay-ed!and chatted.what more do u expect?it's just us girls!haha.we called maput,and..he was in shah alam at that time.couldnt make it.buat penat menunggu je.huhu.we captured pictures,but they are all now at you have to wait.hee.

for the birthday presents!and the card!and kaer's autograph!OMG I LOVE IT!hee.i'll frame it and take it with me to egypt!trust me!and the chocs,hampir selamat dah..hahaha..korg memang la nak menggemukkan aku kan?fine larr..

sorry korg kena jalan kaki jauh2..hee..starting next year,i can drive without mak by my side dah!so that long distance walk tu agaknye the first and the last year,kita naik kereta plak!hee..

mak n i went for the GMN's 2nd briefing about egypt.seeing the pictures,making me question myself,am i going to survive there?but i will,insyaAllah!i will try my best to get a scholarship,i will try my best to excel in my studies.go hannah go!!hee.kitorg ade 40 kgs untuk dibawa!!hee.this means...MORE BAJU!!!hehe..

ok ini memang tak bleh bla..

i changed my locations dah untuk friendster,myspace n blogger..hee.dah bersedia gile la ni..KONON la..haha..

currently waiting for syaf to fetch me up.we're going to visit some cikgus!!hee.bored.bored.bored.

till then,adios!

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