Friday, March 27, 2009


a friend of mine bumped into this one guy who once upon a time ago was one of the guys i liked because of his cool attitude.
one day this year,this guy suddenly got the hidayah and changed and became one of the religious men.
he wears kopiah everyday,he prays everyday.
but he didn't talk to girls anymore, and what annoys me more is that he dislikes 'not-the-type' not the type,i meant the ones wear baju kurung or jubah anywhere they go.i dare to say that he hates those type of girls(the not-the-type girls,and i'm one of them lah)
he rolled his eyes whenever he sees me,which is very contra from himself last year,the very friendly guy who waved and said hello to everybody and not judging them by the way the dressed whatsoever.
and i thought that i was the only one he rolled eyes on.

untill one day my friend that bumped into him came to my house and told us about the story of her bumping into a senior (read: my friend is one of the juniors and she doesn't wear tudung) and he asked her why she dressed up that way (not wearing tudung and wearing trousers instead of baju kurung/jubah whatever)
and she told us that he said this sentence angrily:

'lain kali kalau saya jumpa awak macam ni lagi, awak akan malu!'


Last year,we had sc(read: smart circle,some kind of usrah.usrah,is like where you gather with your friends and discuss about the life in islam) under a medic senior.the senior told us that she wanted to be the head of our sc is because of 2 reasons:
1. because nobody wants to hold us because we were one of the blok c students where blok c students were rumored as the 'budak-budak social'(because last year,blok c was for both boys and girls but most of them have gf/bf under the same blok)
2. because she believes that we are actually not that bad.
thanks to her, we actually felt like we were belonged.
she also told us that the one who actually refused to hold us and volunteered to hold students from blok b instead have problems with them(blok b students) where they didn't even open the door for her when she came to their house.

'akak rasa bersyukur sangat akak pegang korang,at least korang buka pintu untuk akak, jemput akak makan, solat sama-sama'


this year,our sc is under a dirasat(orang yang belajar agama) senior,because medic seniors only hold the 1st year juniors.and we had an sc session last friday,kak da invited us to come to her house for some i was choosing the clothes i should wear,my roomate suddenly said that she wants the kakak to accept us as what we are,so,she said she won't wear the baju that what the kakak wants to see,but the baju that she's comfortable to wear.
thus,she didn't wear baju kurung as i did.(because i was afraid of having problems with people staring at me as if i'm an alien or something,but they didn't alienate my roomate,so it's a good thing,right?)

my main point of telling these is that,even a very religous people still have this 'judging the book by it's cover' thing going on.
yea,i didn't attend the religous classes which were held every morning,does that mean that i'm a bad person?
my class starts in the morning everyday for God's sake.are you asking me to skip class just to attend the religious class?

like what mommy said,it's good to learn more religious stuff but remember the main reason you came.
that is why i'm still joining the sc.i still can learn through it.

a friend told me that she once went to the kelas agama, and being a friendly senior, she went on shaking hands and got into the junior's halaqah.she told them that she rarely attend the class and one of the juniors suddenly said,

'oh patutla, memang ada rupa jarang datang kelas ni'

ok fine, you attend the class every morning,being soooo loyal to the ustaz, but may i ask you did the class told you to judge people?
the ustaz himself didnt say anything about it,why should you?

kalau warak macamana pon, rupa alim macamana pon, berpakaian alim macamana pon, adakah itu membolehkan anda untuk mengata orang?membolehkan anda untuk marah orang?membolehkan anda untuk memandang serong terhadap orang?

berlagaklah!silakan berlagak!
pasal itu pon nak berlagak,baik tak payah.
kamu superior sangat ke nak berlagak?
hebat lah tu?

apelah yang saya tahu,saya tak pergi kelas agama setiap hari, nampak saya pon kamu terus menjeling.
jahat sangat ke kami ni?

tak perlu kot nak menjeling,aku tak main menjeling-jeling macam siti nurhaliza.

tak perlu kot nak tegur cara marah-marah, menyampah gile ok?

fine lah,aku memang gelak kuat..
since small lagi aku memang gelak kuat.
what's wrong with me having fun?
i'm living life,
i'm enjoying it.
i'm trying to make my youth life as memorable as possible.
it's not that i didn't pray or anything.
it's not like i kill anybody.
lain lah kalau aku buat kesalahan yang tak boleh diterima akal.

so let me be myself,
and please don't judge people.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

PERUBATAN sport's day.

a delayed post.

bertarikh 6 MAC 2009,bertempat di stadium MANSOURA UNIVERSITY.(istad gamaah)

Mansoura menjadi tempat berkumpul rakyat Malaysia dari seluruh pelusuk Mesir.(bangga!!)The first time such event held outside cairo.

i joined the basketball team Mansoura B, but i was just one of the extras. andd...we didn't win for the basketball game.3rd place is good enough whatt..huhu

i also participated the win,lose or draw game for sukaneka,wakil Mansoura.alah yang game yang macam teka-teka perkataan tanpa berkata-kata tu,you can either draw or act for your teamates to answer.yeah that one.kami menang woo!1st place!woot!woot!(pats self on the back)haha.

tapi hamper yang dimenangi tidak disentuh lagi.

Mansoura team for both ikhwah and akhawat, won the juara keseluruhan!(bangga lagi sekali..)
This year's sport's day was much more fun than last year's family day.lagi seronok berjuta kali.
but i have to agree on the bias emcee and the lembap-gile food.
and the nasyid was great.tak sia-sia aku mendengar korang practice kat bawah rumah aku everyday.

semangat kesukanan :)

photos are from:
xety and kak naneng :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

please don't stop the music.

Music reflects you. Music shows your personality. At least, that’s what they say.

The genre of a song shows the attitude of the listener. From a song that you listen, you tend to talk or act like it.

Some people love rock, while others prefer indie.

Some love pop, while others prefer Britpop.

Some love the 80’s, while others prefer the 50’s.

Some love alternative rock, while others prefer rap.

Some love punk, while others prefer nasyid.

One of my housemates told me,

‘dulu aku dengar lagu metal, perangai aku kurang ajar gila.’

If listening to metal songs make you kurang ajar,then what would a rap song do to you? Becoming a criminal or high in potential of committing suicide ? I don’t listen to any of those.

An indie music lover tend to becoming an independent person. They love to express their feeling towards the world, the society, the politics and so. Indie genre is a unique genre. They may be rock, they maybe pop or so. What I love about indie genre is that the songs are not the everybody-know-and-oh-so-popular songs. Indie songs rarely air in national radio stations. XFM(used to be is the only one radio station in Malaysia that airs the indie genre music and supports 100% Malaysian music(at least that is what they used to be once upon a time ago when I was one of the fanatics of what happened to them now eh? I just know that they changed name and the deejays. that’s it. The possibility of me listening to XFM here with a sucky internet speed is like..0%).

Ballads are okay. Not my favourite but I still can live with it. Ballad lovers have this jiwang side of them. Ballads are more to love songs. Which are not my type of lagu teman study. Mengantuk weih dengar lagu jiwang.hoho(no offence taken ok?hee). It’s not that I hate this genre. I listen to them while browsing the internet whaatttt…or..when I feel jiwang(which rarely happen! thank you very much)

I don’t actually know the differences between pop rock and rock. And between pop rock and pop. From what I discovered, those who love ballads, love pop juga kot? (suka hati aku je buat teori sendiri. Correct me if I’m wrong.hehe). one time, I like this song so much, I found out it’s a pop rock song. Next time, I like another song which is more likely the song I used to like before, but then it appears to be a rock song. Confuse weih confuse!!

I listen to almost every genre. And I will favour one genre to another according to the mood, according to the situation, according to week, etc.

1 week, I will listen to only Chinese songs and will love lee hom head to toe the whole week. Will go youtube stalking him. Will adore him so much that even my roommate, I think, can puke blood of hearing too much of me adoring lee hom’s story. From lee hom, I will go to gary chao, guang liang, jay chao, FIR, SHE etc etc. After getting bored with the asyik ulang-ulang of Chinese songs, I will change to the sweet songs, to some indies, to some rocks, to some 90’s.

There’s OST week for me, malay songs week, top chart week etc, etc. this is what happened when there’s no interesting radio stations I can listen to, or the web radio stations are just useless for me with this sucky internet.

I listen to songs according to my mood. Whenever I can’t study and the exam is like tomorrow. I prefer to listen to the keluar anak tekak or those semangat songs. My favourites would me over you by chris daughtry, gemuruh by faizal tahir, situasi by bunkface, stay the same by joey mcintyre , long before rock and roll by Mando Diao.

I can’t study without music. My brain will go down to the memory lane or some wonderland if there’s no music accompanying me. But the songs should be in a very low volume. If you can hear every single word of a song through my headphone, do not disturb me, because I won’t be in the mood of talking for the ‘weih kenapa apa yang aku belajar ni tak masuk-masuk otakkkkk???’ syndrome.

My roommate and I had this lagu pagi-pagi (used to,last year). They were avenged sevenfold’s seize the day and hanson’s I will come to you. There’s no lagu pagi-pagi this year as my classes start real early, and there’s no time to listen to some songs because I tend to wake up late these days. Half more hour and the class will start, makan pun sikit je. Yes, saya tak mandi kalau lambat ke kelas. Hee. There, I said it. Hohoho.

I have trouble sleeping nowadays. My eyes are still blinking even though it’s already 3 am, and even though the day I had was a very tiring one. I think I’m becoming an insomniac. I have to force myself to get some noon sleep (no,not nap)some more. That too, a very troublesome one. I have to put on some soothing songs, with a very slow volume, and poof, I will sleep soundly. I won’t be able to have my noon sleep without them. Menyusahkan, I know. I also hope this insomnia thingy can go away faster. shoh shooohhh!!!

When I walk alone, I listen to my mp3. When I travel, I have to bring along my mp3. When I get bored of the boring-hard-to-understand lectures, I will plug my ears with songs. Whenever I get stressed, I scream out the effing loud songs that I was listening. When I drive, it’s a must to have music along. When the mood is not with me too, I listen to music. Basically, I have to have music along my entire life. Hoho.

No music = not Hannah.

But kept listening to the same songs over and over again, with no fresh new songs, will also make you puke blood. With the low speed internet that is so slow that you can’t even open facebook or so, mimpi je la to download the new songs. Dengar through imeem pun you have to be very patient to keep refreshing the page because the internet kept disconnected every 5 minutes. (tak cukup pathetic ke?haiz)

So if the music reflects you. What does it reflect me? I listen to every kind, so do I have everything? I can be a kurang ajar and very soft hearted at once? Definitely..maybe.

Some of my housemates couldn’t accept the songs I listen. They say that the indie songs that came out from the laptop are weird songs.

lagu-lagu kau pelik-pelik lah Hannah.’

Or even.

aku tak suka lagu-lagu kau.tukarlah

Oh terasa siottt.. I love bunkface, I listen to yuna, fond of nitrus etc.they are, for me the talented ones. My songs are not suitable for you, then stop hanging around in my room. Music is art. Some people may say that an art is ugly, some may say it’s nice.No, I didn’t listen to the songs you listen that much, but I never underestimate your taste of music, right? I sometimes, sing it along with you too. Hmph.

I listen to muse, I like switchfoot and one republic, and I loooovveee the fray. Still not suitable for you? Sue me then.

Some say that music is like food. Music feeds your emotional needs. Some say that music is like your soul mate.

However you describe the music, whatever genre of songs you listen, enjoy the music your own way, and please respect other’s favourites too. :)

songs while typing this post:

bunkface - revolusi
gary cao - 3 7 21.
bsb - the call
hoobastank - the reason
kelly clarkson - my life would suck without you.
jonas brothers - inseparable.
hujan - bila aku sudah tiada.
jet - look what you've done.
butterfingers - cuai.
the pierces - secrets.

oh yea,when i go online too,i listen to music.

i listen to music too when i carve gigi.and this is because dr mennah asked us to.

'just carve the tooth when you feel like it,maybe with your music on.'

you know i love you,dr mennah ;)

switching self to study mode.see ya! :)