Friday, March 27, 2009


a friend of mine bumped into this one guy who once upon a time ago was one of the guys i liked because of his cool attitude.
one day this year,this guy suddenly got the hidayah and changed and became one of the religious men.
he wears kopiah everyday,he prays everyday.
but he didn't talk to girls anymore, and what annoys me more is that he dislikes 'not-the-type' not the type,i meant the ones wear baju kurung or jubah anywhere they go.i dare to say that he hates those type of girls(the not-the-type girls,and i'm one of them lah)
he rolled his eyes whenever he sees me,which is very contra from himself last year,the very friendly guy who waved and said hello to everybody and not judging them by the way the dressed whatsoever.
and i thought that i was the only one he rolled eyes on.

untill one day my friend that bumped into him came to my house and told us about the story of her bumping into a senior (read: my friend is one of the juniors and she doesn't wear tudung) and he asked her why she dressed up that way (not wearing tudung and wearing trousers instead of baju kurung/jubah whatever)
and she told us that he said this sentence angrily:

'lain kali kalau saya jumpa awak macam ni lagi, awak akan malu!'


Last year,we had sc(read: smart circle,some kind of usrah.usrah,is like where you gather with your friends and discuss about the life in islam) under a medic senior.the senior told us that she wanted to be the head of our sc is because of 2 reasons:
1. because nobody wants to hold us because we were one of the blok c students where blok c students were rumored as the 'budak-budak social'(because last year,blok c was for both boys and girls but most of them have gf/bf under the same blok)
2. because she believes that we are actually not that bad.
thanks to her, we actually felt like we were belonged.
she also told us that the one who actually refused to hold us and volunteered to hold students from blok b instead have problems with them(blok b students) where they didn't even open the door for her when she came to their house.

'akak rasa bersyukur sangat akak pegang korang,at least korang buka pintu untuk akak, jemput akak makan, solat sama-sama'


this year,our sc is under a dirasat(orang yang belajar agama) senior,because medic seniors only hold the 1st year juniors.and we had an sc session last friday,kak da invited us to come to her house for some i was choosing the clothes i should wear,my roomate suddenly said that she wants the kakak to accept us as what we are,so,she said she won't wear the baju that what the kakak wants to see,but the baju that she's comfortable to wear.
thus,she didn't wear baju kurung as i did.(because i was afraid of having problems with people staring at me as if i'm an alien or something,but they didn't alienate my roomate,so it's a good thing,right?)

my main point of telling these is that,even a very religous people still have this 'judging the book by it's cover' thing going on.
yea,i didn't attend the religous classes which were held every morning,does that mean that i'm a bad person?
my class starts in the morning everyday for God's sake.are you asking me to skip class just to attend the religious class?

like what mommy said,it's good to learn more religious stuff but remember the main reason you came.
that is why i'm still joining the sc.i still can learn through it.

a friend told me that she once went to the kelas agama, and being a friendly senior, she went on shaking hands and got into the junior's halaqah.she told them that she rarely attend the class and one of the juniors suddenly said,

'oh patutla, memang ada rupa jarang datang kelas ni'

ok fine, you attend the class every morning,being soooo loyal to the ustaz, but may i ask you did the class told you to judge people?
the ustaz himself didnt say anything about it,why should you?

kalau warak macamana pon, rupa alim macamana pon, berpakaian alim macamana pon, adakah itu membolehkan anda untuk mengata orang?membolehkan anda untuk marah orang?membolehkan anda untuk memandang serong terhadap orang?

berlagaklah!silakan berlagak!
pasal itu pon nak berlagak,baik tak payah.
kamu superior sangat ke nak berlagak?
hebat lah tu?

apelah yang saya tahu,saya tak pergi kelas agama setiap hari, nampak saya pon kamu terus menjeling.
jahat sangat ke kami ni?

tak perlu kot nak menjeling,aku tak main menjeling-jeling macam siti nurhaliza.

tak perlu kot nak tegur cara marah-marah, menyampah gile ok?

fine lah,aku memang gelak kuat..
since small lagi aku memang gelak kuat.
what's wrong with me having fun?
i'm living life,
i'm enjoying it.
i'm trying to make my youth life as memorable as possible.
it's not that i didn't pray or anything.
it's not like i kill anybody.
lain lah kalau aku buat kesalahan yang tak boleh diterima akal.

so let me be myself,
and please don't judge people.


AALAA' said...

i totally understand the being stared and/or judged part.
some ppl are just poyo. just bcoz u think ure better(in this case alim-er) than me,doesnt mean im in need to be stared/judged at rite..
haha mmg taksuke if they even scrutinized wat i was wearing (hoi kire decent la jugak pakaian aku mase tuh kan if die nak compare ngan yg nampak pusat ke hape)

hahha so if i went to program yg baik2 mcm tuh, i'll straight pakai my overused jubah ;p hohahah

:|mullah-akhi|: said...

:),mcm tu la manusia kan?

kita tk mmpu tutup smue mulut org,even kdg2 mulut kita pun kita tk larat nak tutup or jaga jugak..
then,pusing2 camtu ni pk camtu..kite pk camni..bile kite pk camni pulak,org tu pk camtu..:)

so,jgn pk ape org kalau2 itu tuhan yg kata..agak2 mcm mana la kite smue ni kan?

pupil..let them talking what they want~
(tenet ok?_

hannahsahimi said...

kak alak,
kan?kan?lain la if i pierce pusat ke memang sentiasa tak puas hati dgn kite..
i didn't say anything abt u,why should you,betul x?
cis betul.

betul2..biarkan je mereka berkata2..
tp kdg2 geram jugak.huhu
thanks akhi :)
internet tak brape nk ok.dlm seminggu mesti ade sehari takde langsung internet.adoi.

falling-evenstar said...

haha...I love this one!


ahmad said...

hahaha....paling penting selesa...tak guna cuma nak puaskan ati orang je...