Friday, July 30, 2010


kalau aku lupa telefon mak tanya khabar, aku harap kau ingatkan, kau tak biarkan
kalau aku kurang ajar pada mak, aku harap kau marah aku, kalau tampar boleh buat aku sedar, aku sanggup.
kalau aku lupa ziarah kubur ayah, aku harap kau ingatkan, kau bawa aku ke kubur ayah
kalau aku lupa diri, aku harap kau sedarkan aku, tak ikut aku lupa diri.
kalau aku lupa baca tahlil arwah setiap minggu,aku harap kau sedarkan, mengetuai aku membaca sekali.
kalau mak aku sakit, aku harap kau akan suruh aku jaga mak aku, dan tak melarang aku utk menjaganya.
kalau adik beradik aku ada masalah, aku harap kau bantu aku utk selesaikannya.
kalau aku ada masalah dengan adik beradik aku, aku harap kau damaikan.
kalau aku melengahkan waktu solat, aku harap kau marahkankan aku.
kalau aku lupa tuhan, aku harap kau sedarkan aku.
kalau aku membazir, aku harap kau nasihatkan aku, jangan ikut aku jadi boros.

i don't want a perfect guy..
yang aku harap seorang lelaki itu memenuhi ciri-ciri di atas.
aku sayang famili aku.aku harap dia faham.
terasa dengan apa yang mak ckp siang tadi. aku harap besar nanti,bila dah kerja,dah kahwin, aku tak jadi macam ape yang mak aku taknak aku jadi.

*ada sebab tersendiri sebenarnya entri ni..bukan sebab aku dah nak kahwin ye rakan2.huhu

Sunday, July 25, 2010


i was watching majalah 3 last night.they covered about the penjara pudu.which made me interested to the topic,and yeah i fell a tiny bit sad that the penjara pudu is now gone.and is being replaced with some condos.who the hell wants to live in a condo that is used to be the place where the prisoners being hang to death?taknak lahh!!gila ke?

anyhow,what past is past and the condo is under construction i'm just praying for the best.

the thing that i want to share with you is what is covered by majalah 3 after the penjara's about this guy right here..

ever heard of him? well he's aizdean.malay name: mohd aizuddin. a malay singer in japan.singing j-pop.and is curently famous in japan.cakap jepun macam air..tak percaya?let's see the next video..

take that!berhabuk bahasa jepun!

this is an interview video during his short visit to malaysia.

and this link will let you know more about him.a bit confuse here.most of the interviews and majalah 3 said that he's an electronic engineer in a company in japan..but nst said he's a chemical engineer.which is which eh?

his facebook links!!! :

well yeah, i did my research!ngahaha...kinda like him though.but i think he's been living in japan for too long until his malay sounds like a japanese malay.nevermind about that but didn't he ever wanted to come back and serve for his country?huhu...

and plus, he needs braces.yup.yup.yup!

oh btw, i'm currently in Malaysia for about a month! ;)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

special award hikhik *mata gedik2*

hey hey peeps it's been ages since the last time i was like crazy doing this kinda stuff. ie: special award lahh survey lahh etc. and kak mel gave me this award and it brings back,utk kak mel, kita buat eh?tapi sebenarnya flattered juga dapat award ni.thanks kak mel! :)

1. Anda mesti memberi pujian kepada pemberi 'award' ini.

ngeh ngeh kak mel.ohh kak mel.haha.kak mel ni comel,serious!hehe.and she's a doctor now so siape2 nak masuk meminang make sure cukup duit woh nak meminang doktor ni!!hehe. i know kak mel because she's kak ngah's bestfriend kot in UNIMAS.macam takkan lah kak ngah balik semenanjung without mentioning her name kan?and guess what kak mel, you're my bestfriend's senior in KMNS!(ok,takde kaitan dengan saye pon huhu)tapi, ibu2 kami cute!kan,kak mel?hehe.

2. Sila beri 'award' kepada 10 bloggers yang lain.
can i just give it to 1 or 2? ok la 4 je.hehe.
- niksu rashid (oh yeahhh kamu dah lame tak buat bende2 mcm ni kan?)
- izzati ramly ( please note that i just miss both of you.hehe)
- intan dadramaqueen (ini mama saye ye rakan2 :D)
- faridah

3. Anda mesti beritahu kepada 10 blogger ni.
okie problemo. ;)

4. Bagaimana anda boleh di gelar 'blog' yang 'Best and Great'?
she said that she just love me yada-ing.but there's nothing in this blog so i don't really know why actually.hehe.

ok nak tengok cerita.sambung esok.

btw, i am officially single people.SINGLE! dah jangan kau tanya lagi status aku.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

you've got a friend in me :')

siapa membesar dengan tengok cerita toy story please raise your hand~!! *angkat tinggi2, jengket2 kaki*

ho yeah i grew up watching toy story. and i re-watch it again and again without getting bored.heck,who the hell get bored when it comes to toy story?it's like i grow up with this andy kid. toy story 2 has been my favourite childhood movie since forever. no any other animated movies can beat toy story. *ok, sangat fanatic pula*

anyhow, yesterday was the hang out day with gigians and we decided to go to cairo because the last time we went to cairo was like....4 months ago! and we heard there's stock clearance sale in some branded stores so we end up shhooopppiiinnnggg totally nothing. -.-"
nothing caught my eyes lah. plus, mommy told me not to spend money on something not important since there's not much left in my savings and i have to save some for my effing expensive flight ticket which makes me totallyyyyyyy broke. -.-"

so we went to watch toy story since it was the first reason why we wanted to go to cairo like cannot tahan already.huhu. and it was the best toy story ever! i went emotional at the end.aku tengok cerita jiwang pon tak menangis teruk macam semalam tau?huhu..and then i suddenly realize..i cried over a cartoon -.-"
spot us!hehehe..

ok don't wanna elaborate much..nanti orang marah baling tomato semua.ciskek lah.
there's a match tonight! i hope germany wins. i put my trust on you, dear germany.

for those who haven't watch toy story 3, i suggest you to watch it.tak mahal pon..only 35 LE with 3D specs yang tahan lama..not made from paper..tak percaya? see the picture below:

masih tak percaya spec 3D ni best?hoho

andy sangat kacak :)
philipp lahm, i love you.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

hello back people!

the finals is officially over! yup2, it's official. :)
now i can sleep again. i forgot when was the last time i had my beauty sleep sebab the schedule was like really super packed! tapi alhamdulillah, dah lepas.

dah usaha, dah exam, skarang cuma boleh berdoa. and prayer is a very powerful weapon. you just have to believe in HIM and insyaAllah, He'll answer your prayer.ameen :)

i have not buy a ticket home yet. ticket mahalll!!! am trying to get the cheapest one. buy whatever it is, this time, i will book a ticket after the date of the result.takut wohhh!!exam was like 50:50. plus,i sucked my prosthesis practical, so that double the worry. do pray for me, people! thank you :)

i've never been this homesick before. sampai tahap yang macam jumpa orang eh rupa dia mcm uncle xxx! eh this surrounding is like my home in, this road is quite similar to the road back home. eh, i think i saw my mom! oh rindu.rindu! plus, kak yong is on the way home now, kak ngah is now home, making the house almost perfect. i do hope that i can pass the year without any resit to make the house complete. *ok time type ni tibe2 rase mcm nak menangis.ah, mengade kau!*

and there's one time, i was at home revising, and i heard this one car honking( well no la actually, people here honk like almost every second, but this one car's the most stood up one) and i was like hey, mak dah balik!! ok, pathetic.

ok, enough of the homesick moment. been with it for about a month now..i want to introduce you to my new favourite band..

say you don't want it by one night only..(there's emma watson~!)

saya tiba-tiba ada masalah hati..mungkin ke cairo esok akan membantu..mungkinn..