Sunday, July 25, 2010


i was watching majalah 3 last night.they covered about the penjara pudu.which made me interested to the topic,and yeah i fell a tiny bit sad that the penjara pudu is now gone.and is being replaced with some condos.who the hell wants to live in a condo that is used to be the place where the prisoners being hang to death?taknak lahh!!gila ke?

anyhow,what past is past and the condo is under construction i'm just praying for the best.

the thing that i want to share with you is what is covered by majalah 3 after the penjara's about this guy right here..

ever heard of him? well he's aizdean.malay name: mohd aizuddin. a malay singer in japan.singing j-pop.and is curently famous in japan.cakap jepun macam air..tak percaya?let's see the next video..

take that!berhabuk bahasa jepun!

this is an interview video during his short visit to malaysia.

and this link will let you know more about him.a bit confuse here.most of the interviews and majalah 3 said that he's an electronic engineer in a company in japan..but nst said he's a chemical engineer.which is which eh?

his facebook links!!! :

well yeah, i did my research!ngahaha...kinda like him though.but i think he's been living in japan for too long until his malay sounds like a japanese malay.nevermind about that but didn't he ever wanted to come back and serve for his country?huhu...

and plus, he needs braces.yup.yup.yup!

oh btw, i'm currently in Malaysia for about a month! ;)

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