Friday, March 30, 2007

in real happy mood.

finally!the telekom guy came and did his magic and the phone cable is wired back to it's place again.seriously,those monkeys are pissing me off.they were the ones who made the cable putus-ed and i cant use the phone or even go online.nak berlagak pon tak boleh.pergh~

did i ever tell u that life without internet is sangat membosankan?especially when u're an spm leaver and u have no job plus u dont have anything else to do and u have nothing except radio, tv and the princess diaries book.adoi.

i passed my 2nd jpj test.i gave the tester a smile when he called my number,i gave him salam when i shut the door.i checked everything.then,i started gelabah.there was a bukit,and i remembered everything that cikgu ali(cikgu baru and my last cikgu for the belajar memandu thingy...he's hot.hotter that abg faizal.muahahahahaha) taught me.but,i didnt really press enough minyak and i'm fast enough to act quickly by pulling the brek tangan.and i was like...die,i'm not going to pass this thing again.but the tester was extremely nice and told me that 'takpe..takpe..boleh lagi..'what a relief!thank you!thank you!THANK YOU PAK CIK!!!

damnit my myspace kena spam yang gile tak bleh bla!i've changed the password like gazillion times,but i still kena spam!what the heck?macam ni..main friendster lagi bagus.pergh...

did i mention that our gang actually won the RM1000??yes.geng botol susu won the rm1000!!but jfk actually lied to first he called and he said..'nanti i'll call u back and i tanya apa nama penuh i.'..i was like..ok.senang ni!but when he called me back and asked me to hold n he didnt ask me the same question pon...i was like...ek eleh...but we won right?hahahahahaha...

so,everybody is willing to belanja me.muahahahaha.macam princess.but i dont know why bat wants to belanja me.i mean,i just saja je suruh dia belanja but he said he's kesian me and he willing to belanja me.i was like.ok!rezeki jangan ditolak.but bat,when ha?hahahahahahahaha..and akmal is also going to belanja me.coz i passed the jpj test.what orang tua said:'rezeki jangan ditolak!'haha..and some of my friends pon nak belanja.wahh!!!indah betul dunia!!!hahahahahaha...but,i have to belanja luqman coz he said i must belanja him if i lulus my jpj test.n i was being such an idiot agreed with,i have to spend like my own money to belanja him either kfc or bangi kopitiam.-_-"

and oh!aunty ani(she's a datin,but she dont mind me calling her,what the heck..)'s son,imran(not the one who terbakar and still in hospital) is now studying engineering in australia.kinda sad actually.adoi.only certain people je tahu why i'm sad.adoi la.

i cant wait till monday!!!and mak is sooo going to teach me how to drive the kembara.which is so hot.coz i'm now legally(not really...i have to wait till monday to be legal.aiyak!) to drive whatever car i want as long there's a P sign in it.haha.

ok.i'm getting bored.adios!

Monday, March 26, 2007


emotional moment.

last night.
i was chatting with ckl who got 7A and being effinly berlagak nak mampos!and i told him about what happened to my arwah ayah.And he said..ARE YOU KIDDING?what kind of person makes this serious matter a joke?and he said i fooled him because the 1st of april is near.i was like.OMG,YOU'RE SO EVIL THAT I THINK I'LL PUT YOU IN KANDANG HARIMAU AND LET YOU DIE.fuck!it spoilt my night!i burst into tears.damnit!i listened to kaer's izinku pergi song.lagilah menangis aku!bodoh betul!but it made me feel better.he's my hero.a friend of mine,fcb,scolded ckl for being so rude.he's my hero too!he even sent me some songs to make me feel comfortable.bat made me laugh again.after bersusah payah.thanks.mereka hero saya semalam.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

aunty sarah came usual,to advice me for my decision.i was like..i've made up my mind,so dont come and make it kusut again.and then came cikde and pak ude.who actually saved me from hearing aunty sarah babling about stuffs.mind you,she was a teacher.

had a blast moment playing with my anak sepupu.they're spending the night here.and they are sleeping now i'm bored.haha.takpe.masih ada esok!

akademi fantasia.i thought people will start getting bored with this thing.i mean,last year's af was as lame as a donkey.a donkey?haha.and last week's concert was like karaoke competition.but,this week's concert is different la.the bahang is back.people has started to feel the demam af.i love dafi.i love him so much that i think i'll start voting for him.but,every time i start voting for someone,they wont win.that's what happened to kaer and diddy!hangus duit aku!kesian mereka.haha.

so basically,i have nothing to blog.but i'm bored coz all of my anak sepupu already went to sleep.haha.enjoy.

Friday, March 23, 2007

kaer lagi.


check this out!!!!!!!!wajib!!!!

or just click here

Thursday, March 22, 2007


i woke up this morning and mak told me that aunty nolly and uncle khalid wanted to meet,the lazy me quickly took my bath and went down to meet them.and they advised me to think this and that before duh~that's what i've been doing this 2 weeks!,aunty nolly said she prefer me to do dentistry in mesir.uncle khalid pulak told me that banyak cobaan belajar oversea ni!ok.i'm confused.

so,me n mak went to meet the agent today and paid the booking fee.i'm currently just waiting for the offer letter.but,if somehow my luck will change and i somehow get the ipta offer letter,i'll reconsider on which to take.either mesir or ipta.i have personal reasons laaa...malas nak cerite laa...

after that,we went to pasar tani and bought the usual barang dapur.oh.mak asked me to buy sawi kan?and i dengan tak malunye pergi tanye that uncle,'sawi yang mane?'hahaha...bagus tak?haha

then,we went home an i did the kemaskini all the ipta form,the jpa form,i finished filling the felda form and hujan came.with hujan,i went to the photocopy shop to photocopy the certs.and went to fetch luqman.with payung walking like a duck.and a cinapek pissed me off.grr.tak terkata geramnye!

later at night,we went to pak andak's house.met kak ina,abg ewan,abg khairul,azri and the reason i went to the house is.....kak ina's daughter,amira(not really la.I went there sbb nak pengesahan sijil.hehe.).finally,i'm here.harhar.

new words:
hannah: kacak,rapuh n bazooka.
niksu: wangi,syabas n pistol air.
amelin: kencang,membara n meriam.
haziq kasih: tabah n kereta kebal.
maput sayang: kemas.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007



jari jemari
menyusun tari,indah pesona
tiada tandinganya
dikaulah puteri yang bersemadi
dihati ini,namun hadirmu
kan tetap jadi misteri
di malam yang sepi kau hadir menjelma
memukau pandangan
mungkinkah ini nyata
di malam yang sepi kau hadir menjelma
ku tersenyum lalu tergoda
khayalanku kan bersamamu
menyulam cinta di hatiku
bayanganmu yang menghantui
biar bersama
sinar rembulan mengiring tari
di bawah pohon rendang menyelimuti
puteri misteri zaman berzaman memukau alam
setiap langkahmu buatku tertanya
di balik awan kan daku berlari
memetik bintang yang berseri
kan ku mengabdikan
menjadi lambang cinta

lagu:audi mok
lirik:kaer azami

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


mak is confusing moment she told me to apply this,do this,go there,it's good for you and some sort.another moment she told me to dont do it,what if this,what if that?i dont understand.should i burn the booking fee?honestly,i dont know.

being 18 sucks.i wish i could be younger.the time when the adults make the best decision for us and we just follow them without any objection.really,i miss,we have to think.parents are only here to guide.not making times,we argue with them.we've made ourselves anak derhaka.i miss being kanak-kanak riang.they have nothing to worry about.i'm so jealous with them.

i dont have any conclusion yet for this matter.i wish i could travel to the future and see wether or not i've made the best decision.or,dream about the future that surely could give me some hints on which decision to make?which college to choose?which dream to chase?for now,i really dont know.

maybe i should just perfom the solat istikharah.

Monday, March 19, 2007

bazooka.tak kemas.

hari penuh penungguan.(panjang ceritanye)

maput lembab doh.hahahahaha.

finally got the chance to meet niksu(ni aku selalu jumpe),haziq n maput.we had satay kajang di petang² hari.thanks for susah² datang

amelin,next time kita jumpa eh?haha.

aku taktahu nak tulis ape dah.haha.karang² kalau ada masa aku tambah.

sesiapa yang tahu apa islamic development bank scholarship tu ape kejadahnye sila be kind bagitahu.

new word for today: BAZOOKA!

lagu baru: kaer-menjelma.

Sunday, March 18, 2007





Saturday, March 17, 2007

edu fair

we(me,syaf,ghazali,husna,ariffah,ghan,syazwan n aizzat) went to education fair in klcc today.before we go,i met seeling at the ktm and she suddenly tukar plan.instead of following her cousin who she said she's not close with,she followed us.and we waited there at the ktm for almost 2 hours for husna to come.geram sikit la.

we had kfc when we arrived at KL SENTRAL.syazwan works in kfc and he has the voucher,but being effingly kedekut taknak belanja.they spent about 30 mins there.mmg melambatkan masa je.geram lagi sikit.


we reached there,they suddenly wanted to watch and see ling was like...korg ni datang nak tgk edu fair ke nak suke²?me and see ling left them there and continued searching for private universities.ghazali bohong doh kate pameran ipta?!geram lagi.

to my surprise,there were loads of universities or colleges that's offering dentistry.and the minimum qualification for dentistry course is pretty low.swasta lah kan?there're loads of universities that's sending their students to either india or indonesia for the third till fifth year of dentistry.BUT,it'll cost much lesser if i study the same course in egypt.MUCH MUCH lesser.

we also searched for engineering courses.there's machatronic engineering course in GMI.but,we have to learn Deutsch before complete ur studies in germany.the study fees is completely free!i'm damn serious!see ling is considering on taking machatronic enineering.she's eagerly wants to go to germany.she's been learning some Deutsch lately.(or maybe she wants to meet her hero,klose?..hahaha).whatever it is,i had splendid time with see ling today.

dalam jutaan manusia tu,suddenly,i met fion,ker sinn,afiq and some former form six who i forgot the names.I was making fun of see ling and tried to search for the aimst booth,and see ling was left behind(she was standing in the middle of the road reading the map,and i was being high and loudly laughed at her..haha)and suddenly someone called my name..and it was afiq..i cant think at the moment..i was like..sape plak ni?..instead of saying hi,the first word that came out from my mouth was...bye.haha.

and oh.i met fion.she's going to berkhidmat untuk negara starting i gave her a big fat hug!tapi boleh jumpe pon.kat semenyih je..haha..

i took as many free pens i can get!i mean,i stole it and see ling was like surveying the pens and went to the booths and filled the forms,talked abit.and ran away with the pens.gaha.SEGI college punye pen best doh.BESAR GEDABAK!haha.

see ling and i was talking in mandarin,right?and everybody was staring at me.and every chinese asked me the same question:'u can speak mandarin?'..duh~..habistu bahasa ape yang aku cakap?SEPAK KANG!

i was hoping to see niksu.sekejap pon jadilah.but,tak ada rezekilah.i have to go home.see ling have to go home.others?let them be.i'm so geram with them.sorry eh niksu?

syukri akan berkhidmat untuk negara~yeay!selamat berjaya!

karwei told me that he saw me there.tak perasan.haha.

Friday, March 16, 2007

geram ar.

woi!aku tahu lah kau dapat 7A!yang nak berlagak sangat tu apsal?gelabah la woi!!!

mari bercerite:
i was chatting with him in MSN.he told me that he got 7As.suddenly,

ure not good in est meh?y ur bm dropped edi?

-_______-" geram sungguh.GERAM SANGAT!

mcmkan 7A tu bagus sangat.nak je bunuh budak tu!


Thursday, March 15, 2007


a hectic day i had..

cikde n cik andak came over.nenek dah ke pahang.everything settled.alhamdulillah.

talked to bat yesterday.surprisingly he wants to be a dentist too!he'll start next month.a private university in penang n kedah.congrats dude!

mak kate cost belajar dentistry di penang lebih mahal than belajar di yeah,i've made my decision.i want to go to mesir.if the agent said there's still tempat for me.saya akan book esok.harap² masih ada tempat lagi.

1. i can learn bahasa arab pasar kalau saya ke mesir furthering my studies.the heaven's of languages that arwah ayah once told us to kuasai.

2. and if i go to mesir,i'll imediately start my 1st year.i'll skip the pre-u program.and insyaAllah kalau result elok,i'll be a dentist when i reach the age of 23.lebih cepat daripada orang lain.haha.kacakk!

3. mak said i can come back!hahaha.kalau ada cuti panjang.yeye!boleh balik!yeye!kacakk betul!

so,i really hope that ada lagi tempat for me in this program.AMIN~

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

damnit la i'm bored!

not watching AF.not in the mood of following this year's AF.saya suke DAFI sahaja.others?biarlah mereka.ramai sangat pon!and everybody is talking at the same time.bingit betul.and, some of them are like...there's camera everywhere,i have to look pretty all the time.hell la.balik lagi bagus.

i logged in to blog at 9.00,it's already 11.34 pm.n i already forgot what i wanted to blog.haha.nvm.recall.11.57pm.cant recall.i forgot everything!didnt feel like blogging.but AB n niksu said,blog je la!so here it goes.enjoy reading!haha.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

minah jpj.

urgh!!!minggu ini memang minggu yang tak kacakk!!!i failed my JPJ test!i did well in bahagian II.terasa kacak.

i was the last person in bahagian III!imagine how you'll feel if u came damn early,dah passed bahagian II pon antara yang terawal,then u have to wait for EVERYBODY to finish!4 HOURS!bengang la kan!

minah jpj tu memang aku nak sumpah!CIBAI betul la minah jpj tu!i wanted to belok kanan, i saw kereta coming,but it was like way far lagi!so i beloked!then she stopped me.asked me to get out of the car and she sent me back to the track.tapikan,die bawak lagi bahaya!minah cibai tu bawak laju gile pastu ade lori kat depan die slambe je taknak slow down.sampai nak cium bontot lori tu baru tekan brek kuat2.minah cibai tu tak layak ar nak fail kan aku!cibai betul.kan aku dah banyak mencarut harini!pasal minah cibai tu la!urgh!!!aku tahu la kau nak balik kerje cepat2!aku yang bayar kau,buat ar kerje elok2!nak jadi contoh pon xbleh!dah la aku penat je menunggu macam dungu kat situ.cibai betul.baru drive 5 minit.bangang betul minah tu!geram!

jpj lelaki wayy better la!jpj lelaki tak kesah pon mcm mane orang drive!kimi drive lebih limit pon passed je.jpj lelaki rocks!jangan la tunjukkan muke kau kat aku lagi ye minah jpj.hopefully 27/3 ni kau bukan examiner aku.bla la!

i woke up today and mak suddenly asked me:'hannah nak pergi mesir buat dentistry tak?'

met the agent today.kalau cepat kasi dia documents,boleh la dpt tempat.kalau dpt tempat,akhir august saya fly~

rupe kimi tu mcm rupe AB lah!kembar AB kot..tapi die lagi tampan dan kacak,LEBIH MATANG pulak tu!hahaha...shtum!
tapi terlupe amek no phone kimi yang kacakk tu.adoiii!die tersangatlah friendly!
saye dpt kawan baru!namenye faeeza.kami sama2 failed!haha.tapi die failed both bahagians!haha.

Monday, March 12, 2007


alhamdulillah.i've done my best.i should not be upset.i deserved it.i've tried my best.or should i say...padan muka kau hannah!haha.but i'm so proud that i got an A for biology.walaupun keputusan saya tak kacak,saya amat berbangge bio saye!,i'm the only malay who passed my school.satu lagi yang saya bangge.

cine² hebat² betul!they jumped and screamed joyfully.congrats.

saya bangang BM.gaha.that's the truth.okay.too much information.saya TAKMAU bgtau di sini!amat mencemar maruah plak nanti.oh AB,kan betul saye ckp saye truk BM?tak caye?hahaha.mungkin salah tajuk.mungkinlah.memang pon salah tajuk!tajuk PLKN tu.PLKN ni mmg lah.haha.

papepon,i thanked GOD.syukur alhamdulillah.

i didnt cry tak berlagu today.maybe i wanted to cry,but i cant.niksu said last year orang average straight As,this year orang average macam kite.right!that's so true.last year,addmaths 15 markah dah A siot.damn busuk unfair!tak kacak langsung!

mak was....erm...maybe dissapointed...

mcm mane ni hannah?

and after like 10 minutes...

mcm mane ni hannah?

then,those aunties started to call.malu.segan.adoih.

mak said:'hani lagi bagus.'

ok.perbandingan lagi.silelah.saya terima dgn hati terbuka.akan ku buktikan nnti!next year cgpa 4 flat!ternganga semua org?saya berjanji akan berusaha ke arah itu!

amelin,memang lah saye mat salleh!saye anak mat salleh!anak mohd salleh!
siape result die kacak,silelah belanje saye yg harini tak kacak ni.

ESOK TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


i still have....23 hours left to do nothing except cuak-ing.sangat takut.i repeat:SANGAT MEGA TAKUT!!

mak was talking with cikde on the phone.

'esok tanyelah khabar.tanye khabar hannah.'

dush!dush!tak perlulah susah² nak tanya khabar!

i have to attend my additional driving class tomorrow before i go to school to take know what...therefore,i have to wake up real early tomorrow.adoih.i bet i'll drive badly tomorrow.

cant sleep last night.i just dozed off for a few hours.mengantuk!

back to Chill-lah di xfresh with kaer.
i'm leading with over 120 thousand votes.i am...what they called...tamak.haha.niksu is currently at the 2nd place with 79 thousand votes.

n,budak² NS 1st batch dah pulang..FOR REAL!yes!yes!gahaha.

syukri,nanti dptkan title wira negara tau!haha.
amelin,terima kasih malam tadi!
niksu,saya makin suka tompi.haha.


hannah sahimi.
time: 11.23 AM. lagi 23 jam 37 minit.
sedang: CUAK sambil dgr lagu² kaer hampir sejuta kali.

insyaAllah,semua orang akan berjaya.Hanya Dia yang Maha Berkuasa menentukan segalanya. ku berserah!

Friday, March 09, 2007


was walking with liyin to her car and suddenly this guy came to us.

'eh,ni student kan?'


'bukan eh?rupa familiar.'


'nah' bagi phone number.

me:'ha?buat pe?tak nak'

'tak.ambek je.'

me:'ha?tak nak' wishing him to get the hell away from me please!

'ambek je.'

i took it,and threw it away.kau gila ape?stalker ntah mane.blah la weih!luckily liyin was there.tak tahu la apa akan jadi kalau dia tak ada.

luqman memang la nak kena!he gave my number to a friend of his yang same age as me tapi i dont even know him.tibe2,hai anna.aku paling pantang orang eja nama aku anna atau nana(voon how and kar wei excluded).elok2 arwah ayah bagi nama sedap2,kau eja entah ape2.blah la.luqman said that guy actually hafal-ed the quran.i dont care.siapa suruh kau panggil aku anna?sepak kang!

current top kaer voters:
mazuhara (72242 votes)
Cut3GirL (56572 votes)
niksu89 (27761 votes)
darenna_enna (20983 votes)
ginggi (5941 votes)
badiuzaman (3984 votes)
baByEasT (3509 votes)
edylaneesa (1842 votes)
fammykhairi (1800 votes)
mohas9229 (672 votes)

mazuhara ni memang taknak kalah!geram betul lah!
nasib baik x perlu guna duit,kalau tak,mati lor~..
it's good for me tho,cause i wont be thinking about this coming monday.

about this coming monday...
luqman:'kak lang pergi amek result pukul brape?'

me:'10 kot.kenape?'

luqman:'nak ikut.nak tgk.'


ustazah came over for mengaji...
ustazah:'hannah dah kuruslah.'

me:'hah?' makin gemuk adelah!haha.

ambil result 12 march.
driving test 13 march.
wah "indah"nye minggu depan!!...

mari vote kaer banyak2!
1. mazuhara
2. darenna_enna
3. badiuzaman
4. fammykhairi
5. baByEasT

brape juta korg vote kaer ha?penat!~

jaga2...hannah datang nak dptkan no 1~

niksu,mari vote!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


had a splendid hang out time with liyin at secret recipe.i had speggheti and 7up while liyin had tom yam kung and apple juice.after that,we shared blueberry cheese cake and some blackcurrent juice.liyin is like the nicest person ever!she belanja me the whole thing!even the 2 pieces of cakes that i tapau-ed for mak and luqman!like,jimat betul duit aku!haha.

had the lunch date with liyin because she want to see me before she go to the national service thing.GOSH!i'll miss her deep!waikuan pon pergi.hadoih.sunyinye nanti.huhu~.

liyin dyed her hair.cantik!

liyin was being extra nice because she just got her 1st salary.kerja ma~.belanja la..
after the whole lunch date thing,she drove me back and lepak-ed here.we just..hang and talk.

did i ever mention that I BOUGHT KAER'S CD?i bought it just today!hohoho.that uncle was being nice and gave me discounts.gahaha.gembira sungguh lah saya hari ini!!

saya kaeratic!

kaer menjelma

1. menjelma
2. izinku pergi

3. ku tak ingin bebas
4. sinar cahaya
5. apabila
6. dalam kenangan
7. kau telefon lagi
8. hilangnya cinta
9. mama said
10. seribu impian
11. kembali bersama

lagunye semua kacak-kacak!trust me.

complete dah hari ini!gahahaha!

p/s:lagu telefon lagi tu gile..

kau mula menelefon lagi
lagi dan lagi dan lagi
ku jadi gila lagi-lagilah
mahu saja ku senyapkan telefon ini
ish..ish..ish sush pula yg lain menghubungi
jika HANA dan sarah boleh lagi
ini minah masuk ke sepuluh kali.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

esok keluar!

received a call all the way from kuching.

kak ngah: han,result dah keluar ke?kenape amirah tu dah dpt result?

oh ho.kak ngah baru tahu berita.kesian tahu lambat.

aunty nolly: next week!next week!19 A ke?


luqman putuskan earphone kesayanganku!!baik kau ganti balik,luqman!!!

esok keluar berlepak bersama liyin!gahaha!

Monday, March 05, 2007

monday blues.

i went to the public bank and waited for like half an hour and they only tell me this:

sorry,release letter tu belum sampai lagi la.nanti we'll call you.

pergh..bukannye nak cakap awal²!

i went to the post office after that and the customer service's counter was closed but a policeman was there so i asked him about mcm mane nak pos laju.

tu,isi tu.(with effingly annoying voice)

i looked around and found nothing.luckily,i spotted a guy filling the pos laju form so,i followed him.polis yang tak membantu langsung!

sesiapa tahu cara baca yassin hajat?

hari ini harijadi arwah ayah.Al-fatihah.


was having breakfast and ean suddenly called.

ean:'weih,result keluar bile?'

me:' 12 la '

ean:'aku dgr radio tadi ade org dpt 19 A1'

me:'ha?tipu kot?'

ean:'yekot.saje call kau.'

so i continued having breakfast without knowing that what ean said is actually true.

was in the car with mak,and suddenly mak said,

'ade orang dapat 19 A1.'

me:' ha?betul ke?patutla ean call tadi.'

mak:'yelah.orang johor.'

boleh tak percaya lagi tu!
so,i asked mak to buy surat khabar.

yeah.sgt benar.di utusan malaysia siap tulis eksklusif lagi.hebat betul minah ni!sgt jealous.berdebar-debar.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

jpa dan mara

borang jpa dan mara hanya boleh diisi mulai 12 mac 2007,bersamaan hari isnin.Permohonan boleh dibuat melalui online application secara percuma melalui atau di

Program pendedahan kerjaya seorang doktor di hospital-hospital kementerian kesihatan yg terpilih di seluruh negara selama 3 hari iaitu pd 27,28 dan 29 mac 2007.Calon2 dikehendaki mnyemak maklumat terkini permohonan melalui portal jpa tersebut:

1. keputusan panggilan bg mengikuti program pendedahan kerjaya seorg doktor: 25 mac
2. keputusan panggilan temuduga jpa: 30 mac.

tajaan jpa: 03-88853397(10 talian) atau email di
tajaan mara: 03-26915111(samb. 1103, 1107, 1120, 1134, 1155, 3619, 3620 dan 3631)
atau email di

sekadar berkongsi maklumat.harap dapat membantu.

was browsing
evil bunny's site and found this cute enjet-enjet semut cartoon.kelakar.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


i'm fatter than how i used to be in school.thanks to tak buat pape but eat and sleep,plus tak keluar rumah langsung.i gained like 2 kilos.and i have to loose it.the 2 extra kilos.adoi.mak,dont cook yang sedap2 please..hehe..

things with mak has already settled.mak is being mak back again.i dont know what made her change back to herself again.maybe because she overheard me crying when i watch kaer singing izinku pergi at AC di sini.hey,it was the first time i heard the song and i was having a real emo moment after i poured all my problems that's pressuring me to a friend of mine.mixed together,become a real crying disaster tau!

i received a real sad news old friend of mine,imran has been admitted to the HKL's ICU for 60% of his body terbakar.his friend,to whom i said hi like only twice kot,also seriously injured.

ku berharap agar dia selamat.amin.

was chatting with kak ngah few days back,before she flew back to kuching.

me:'nak kawin dengan pilot lah!'

kak ngah:'baguslah,kak ngah pon tgh cari pilot ni!'

haha.mimpilah kami.

had a weird plan for my future kids.haha.
was lepak-ing with mak and luqman a week ago..

me:'nanti anak2 kak lang nak taruk sahimi belakang die.tak kisah laki ke pompuan'.

luqman:' huh?'

me:'yela.mcm anuar sahimi bin something something.sebab mak kan kate sahimi ni orang jarang gune.'

berangan lagilah saya.

was being busuk tak mandi at 10 am and mak asked me to buy newspapers at 7-11,so i went in with a complete baru bangun tidur look.put the stuff on the counter,suddenly stared at the guy.he's way hot.luckily,i've already brushed my teeth!haha.he's being so decent.well,that's kinda his job kan.and i was like tersipu2 thinking that dia tahu ke aku tak mandi lagi nih!haha.

speaking of newspapers,to all spm leavers,please buy our local newspaper on the 4,5,11 and 13 march for the jpa scholarship will be advertised there on those dates.thank you.

oi mukhsin,ape kau mengendap kat atas pokok tu?

Friday, March 02, 2007

izinkanku pergi.

Izinkanku Pergi-kaer

Sinaran mata
Cerita segalanya
Duka lara terpendam
Memori semalam
Tinggal segala cinta
Tiada kembalinya
Abadi kasih kita
Kau bawa bersama
Mimpi indah mekar
Saat cinta bersemi
Sedetik asmara syurga

Pergilah rinduku
Hilangkan dirimu
Tak sanggup menanggung
Derita di kalbuku
Pergilah sayangku
Bangunlah semula
Semangat cintaku
Membara kerana dia
Tiada niatku

Tersemat jiwa
Setia bersamanya
Cinta murni berdua
Beribu tahunnya
Mimpi indah mekar
Saat cinta bersemi
Sedetik asmara syurga

Oooohhh... Pergilah sayangku
Bermula semula
Semangat cintaku
Membara kerana dia
Tiada niatku

Maafkan daku
Duhai kasih
Izinkan ku pergi

ehem...lagu ni sedih..serious!nangis lah anda.sebab saya nangis.haha.malu.


i'm so bengang with mak these 2 days.she kept scolding me for no reasons.making me feel like i'm the bad person in the house while luqman senang2 goyang kaki and didnt even feel sorry for me.didnt even care to help.urgh.tak tahan duduk di rumah.nak keluar!!!

i want to get out and hang out with my friends,for at least 2 hours la kan.but everytime i think i get the chance to go out,there must be something happend and everybody needs to go out handle something and left me alone in the house to,what they say 'jage rumah'.as if someone break into the house,i will fight them or's pointless to 'jage rumah'.if someone wants to break in,they'll do it,no matter how.urgh.nak keluar!!

just now,mak scolded me for spent the most of my time in front of the,that's the only source for me to keep in touch with my friends kan?itu pon nak marah?then she scolded me for mintak tolong drpd,it's easier la to mintak tolong than i have to go somewhere else and spend approximately rm20 to settle it kan?kate nak berjimat?tak tahan la woi.

apa yang ku buat tiap2 hari:
1. bangun,kemas katil,sapu sampah.
2. masak.tolong je.
3. luqman has to go to school,accompany mak to send him to school.
4. come back home,doing nothing except watching tv and online.
5. accompany mak to fetch luqman from school.
6. had dinner,tahlil,and there goes my day!
7. hve to see the lawyer la at some day.
8. have to go to the post office etc to settle stuffs la.

tekanan wor!i cant work with tekanan!just need to spend like 2 hours for myself.lepak somewhere but home.

but i didnt argue with mak's rude to lawan cakap orang tua right?i dont want to be a anak derhaka.that's so not me.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

what i predict mak will say if i get low grades for my spm:

'itulah!mak suruh blaja,bukan tgk tv!'

'mcm mane nak jadi dentist kalau mcm ni?'

'dulu taknak blaja,nangis tak berlagulah.'

'baru nak menyesal?'

'kak yong dgn kak ngah dulu lagi bagus.'

what i will say to my mum:


or just keep quiet.

i had a weird dream few weeks back.the dream was about,you know,spm was the day the results releases and i really dont want to go to the school,and i cried because of that.i dont want to go to the school to take the slip that contains my spm results.luqman kept pujuk me to go to the school,but i still dont want to go there.and kept crying.apekah maksud mimpi itu?

told mak about the result will be released on 12 march.and mak's reaction was:'hah!macam mane tu?'.mak asked me to ask mazris wether or not i can change the date of my driving test to next week.she said:'bagitau diorg,hari sebelum tu nak amek result,nanti takut test tak pass'.i didnt call them yet,but i think they wont allow me to do so cause it's already full kan?packed with spm leavers.


1. yesterdy's news.seorang lagi budak plkn meninggal dunia,tidak sedarkan diri di dalam bilik air.

2. mak said:'tak lama lagi,habisla plkn tu.'

3. 11 more days!~tak mahu!