Friday, March 02, 2007


i'm so bengang with mak these 2 days.she kept scolding me for no reasons.making me feel like i'm the bad person in the house while luqman senang2 goyang kaki and didnt even feel sorry for me.didnt even care to help.urgh.tak tahan duduk di rumah.nak keluar!!!

i want to get out and hang out with my friends,for at least 2 hours la kan.but everytime i think i get the chance to go out,there must be something happend and everybody needs to go out handle something and left me alone in the house to,what they say 'jage rumah'.as if someone break into the house,i will fight them or's pointless to 'jage rumah'.if someone wants to break in,they'll do it,no matter how.urgh.nak keluar!!

just now,mak scolded me for spent the most of my time in front of the,that's the only source for me to keep in touch with my friends kan?itu pon nak marah?then she scolded me for mintak tolong drpd,it's easier la to mintak tolong than i have to go somewhere else and spend approximately rm20 to settle it kan?kate nak berjimat?tak tahan la woi.

apa yang ku buat tiap2 hari:
1. bangun,kemas katil,sapu sampah.
2. masak.tolong je.
3. luqman has to go to school,accompany mak to send him to school.
4. come back home,doing nothing except watching tv and online.
5. accompany mak to fetch luqman from school.
6. had dinner,tahlil,and there goes my day!
7. hve to see the lawyer la at some day.
8. have to go to the post office etc to settle stuffs la.

tekanan wor!i cant work with tekanan!just need to spend like 2 hours for myself.lepak somewhere but home.

but i didnt argue with mak's rude to lawan cakap orang tua right?i dont want to be a anak derhaka.that's so not me.


niksu said...

hannah. samela kite! kat rumah dgn mak dgn adik. pastu mak suruh buat mcm2. masalah kite same! omg. bila nk keluar mak kata asek kuar je. tp bila niksu bgn pagi, mak asek hilang je. huhu. adik pun pengecut nk tgl sorg2 kat rumah. ish.

HaNnAh SaHiMi said...

lainnye niksu,saye tak kluar rumah langsung pon.adoi.rase macam nak jerit.