Tuesday, March 20, 2007


mak is confusing me.one moment she told me to apply this,do this,go there,it's good for you and some sort.another moment she told me to dont do it,what if this,what if that?i dont understand.should i burn the booking fee?honestly,i dont know.

being 18 sucks.i wish i could be younger.the time when the adults make the best decision for us and we just follow them without any objection.really,i miss that.now,we have to think.parents are only here to guide.not making decisions.at times,we argue with them.we've made ourselves anak derhaka.i miss being kanak-kanak riang.they have nothing to worry about.i'm so jealous with them.

i dont have any conclusion yet for this matter.i wish i could travel to the future and see wether or not i've made the best decision.or,dream about the future that surely could give me some hints on which decision to make?which college to choose?which dream to chase?for now,i really dont know.

maybe i should just perfom the solat istikharah.

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