Saturday, March 03, 2007


i'm fatter than how i used to be in school.thanks to tak buat pape but eat and sleep,plus tak keluar rumah langsung.i gained like 2 kilos.and i have to loose it.the 2 extra kilos.adoi.mak,dont cook yang sedap2 please..hehe..

things with mak has already settled.mak is being mak back again.i dont know what made her change back to herself again.maybe because she overheard me crying when i watch kaer singing izinku pergi at AC di sini.hey,it was the first time i heard the song and i was having a real emo moment after i poured all my problems that's pressuring me to a friend of mine.mixed together,become a real crying disaster tau!

i received a real sad news old friend of mine,imran has been admitted to the HKL's ICU for 60% of his body terbakar.his friend,to whom i said hi like only twice kot,also seriously injured.

ku berharap agar dia selamat.amin.

was chatting with kak ngah few days back,before she flew back to kuching.

me:'nak kawin dengan pilot lah!'

kak ngah:'baguslah,kak ngah pon tgh cari pilot ni!'

haha.mimpilah kami.

had a weird plan for my future kids.haha.
was lepak-ing with mak and luqman a week ago..

me:'nanti anak2 kak lang nak taruk sahimi belakang die.tak kisah laki ke pompuan'.

luqman:' huh?'

me:'yela.mcm anuar sahimi bin something something.sebab mak kan kate sahimi ni orang jarang gune.'

berangan lagilah saya.

was being busuk tak mandi at 10 am and mak asked me to buy newspapers at 7-11,so i went in with a complete baru bangun tidur look.put the stuff on the counter,suddenly stared at the guy.he's way hot.luckily,i've already brushed my teeth!haha.he's being so decent.well,that's kinda his job kan.and i was like tersipu2 thinking that dia tahu ke aku tak mandi lagi nih!haha.

speaking of newspapers,to all spm leavers,please buy our local newspaper on the 4,5,11 and 13 march for the jpa scholarship will be advertised there on those dates.thank you.

oi mukhsin,ape kau mengendap kat atas pokok tu?


niksu said...

haha mamat kat 7e slalu hot2 belaka. i wonder why! hmmm. hhaha

HaNnAh SaHiMi said...

kan?rase2 sbb 7e memang nak tarik pelanggan wanita kot?haha