Sunday, December 30, 2007


amelin recomended me to update my blog..

so here it goes..(puas hati amelin?hoho)

went to makan luar on's kinda monthly thing that we do.we'll try every restraunt in we tried pizza party.and the pizza there was worth every penny.oh and,pizza here is very cheap in a delicious way..hoho.

and i had fun.i was a bit emotional 2 days before,and i really wanted to go and eat outside so that i can release my tension.and my four housemates made it happened.

bitza barty.

hot chocolate loves strawberry mix

seriously their hot chocolate is the cheapest and the tastiest hot chocolate in mansoura!haha.

but the only thing that i dont like in their pizza is that they always put in some olives on it.and the olive is like so fresh and i will be very very picky when it comes to choosing my slice of pizza and i will dirty up my shirt for throwing away the olive from the pizza.and i have to brush the shirt,bleach it,and wash it again to get the kotoran degil off.oh how i wish mak was here.haha.but the bottom line was that i had fun that day.and my emotion got stablised.hoho.

Monday, December 24, 2007

i miss him

In The Name of Allah,The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful.

the date was 24th december 2006.

everybody was having a fever.i,on the other hand,have ujian berkomputer to sit.he was feeling fine that morning.he said,he's just 'tak larat'.we believe him and for us,it's normal for him to say that because he didnt go to the dyalisis center yet.the appoinment was suppose to be the next day,which was 25 december 2006.

i went to shop with mak to buy some breakfast.mak was also tak larat to prepare breakfast for us.i bought newspapers for him.then,i went to sit the ujian berkomputer that afternoon.i passed,i got full mark,50/50 to be exact.

mak fetched me,then we went to buy some lauks for lunch.when we reached home,ayah was sitting reading the paper.i went to the kitchen to cook the rice and prepare the lunch on the table.i was so tired that i slept in front of the telly.i was awaken by luqman.then we heard ayah talking to mak about him being feeling unwell.he said he sakit perut,but he barely move.the unwell mak kept him company by lying on a sofa.ayah suddenly knocked down the glass.and he was suddenly shivering and having some sort of sawan.he called him..mak scream:abang!abang!..while me and luqman kept calling him:ayah!dad!..then he woke up.he was conscious.he asked us what had happened.we told him that he passed out but he said,he heard us calling him.he said he's ok.then we went to continue the jobs that we left.not long after that,he did it again.this time it's hard for him to wake up.i hugged him,mak screamed his name.he woke up.he said,he wanted to go to the toilet.mak helped him.he went back sitting at on the same chair.he did it again.mak asked me to call our neighbours for help.

i ran to hani's.i quickly call uncle samion to come with me.when i got back,mak was teaching ayah to read ayat kursi,and other surahs.i was so afraid that i cried.hani hugged me.uncle samion wanted to take ayah to the hospital but he refused.after long time of coaxing him,he finally agreed.we called the ambulance.the stupid ambulance took a long time to arrive.the ambulance arrived and took dad away.luqman and i wanted to follow but mak said stay at will be fine.mak followed the ambulance and i called kak ngah immedietly after that.i told her that ayah is now in hospital.she said,ok,she'll call mak.suddenly we received a call.luqman picked it up.he suddenly came to me and cry.i asked why?he said:ayah dah takde.i was shocked.i quickly hugged him.i didnt cry.i called kak ngah,she couldnt believe cousin called her mum.i dont know what to do.i called mak again.mak said:ayah dah takde,kemas2kan rumah,nanti mak balik.i dropped the phone.along liza came.i ran to her and hug her.this time,i cried,hardly i couldnt describe how.along asked me to change my baju to baju kurung.i went upstairs to my room.i dressed up.i still couldnt believe that i lost my father now.i suddenly realize that i've done loads of mistakes toward him.i didnt get the chance to say:dad,i am so,please forgive me.i prayed.the house is already filled with people when i went down.

i receieved a call from husna.she said,she's coming.i have no idea where did she get the news from.i went to the kitchen,pak cik asked me to eat something.i suddenly didnt feel like eating even though i was hungry.luqman said:makan la.i grabbed a piece of bread and force it into my mouth.husna arrived.i went out to get her.i hugged her and again,i cried.van jenazah also arrived at the same time.i went in the house,searching for mak.i found her.there were too many people.i called her,i hugged her tightly.mak just told me to sabar.aunty nolly grabbed me and luqman.she said:jom tengok we went.i couldnt help it,i cried.but aunty nolly said:jangan nanges,tgk muke ayah bersemangat kan?.so i stopped.i kissed him.and sat down to recite yassin.ustazah came to me and suggest that everybody should read 1 juz at a time so that we could khatam and the pahala will gets to ayah.i recited the quran continuously.whenever i lost my wuduk,i took it back and sat at the same position,near to him,and continue my recitation.later that night,kak ngah arrived from kuching.everybody stopped.kak ngah hugged mak which made me go to kak ngah and hug her.we didnt sleep.i wanted to keep ayah as long as i could before he dikebumikan.pak andak came all the way from his vacation in kedah.pak andak was ayah's closest brother,they argue alot but at the same time love each other more than their other siblings.pak andak and ayah have a very similar face.pak andak cried a lot.he even screamed,which made everybody stop everything they're doing.sayu sangat time tu.i dont know how to describe it.

the next day.
ayah's mckk friends,his students,everybody that knew him came.prayed the solat jenazah.we kissed ayah our last kiss,they said dont cry when you kiss the dead,after i couldnt hold it after i kiss him,i hugged kak ngah directly after that and cried so hardly for so long that i barely remembered if i ever hugged her for that long.then, pak uda took us to the kubur.luqman,for being the toughest and the only man in the family,join uncle samion in the van jenazah while us girls,followed pak uda to the tempat perkuburan. mak stopped me from looking at the kubur.When everything is done and talkin is read,we left dad and went back home,and i suddenly felt like crying when i overheard mak said to cikde:'boleh ke kita tinggalkan dia sendiri kat sini?'..cikde consult mak by saying it's not good to say that and we should be patient for everything that has been set for us.

there were loads of people when we arrived home.there were ayah's relative that we barely heard of,ayah's school friends,ayah's students,kak ngah's friends,mak's relatives,my friends,my school teachers and bandar baru bangi's citizens.i forgot who,but i heard someone asked mak which of us was the weakest,and mak said:'hannah'.i was shocked but i barely able to talk,i dont have enough energy to talk.after i obeyed kak ngah's order to take my bath,i became a bit fresh and got a bit of energy to chat with the people who sejarah teacher,pn faridah who came to my house,didnt recognise me.she said,muka hannah dah tak kenal.i just of ayah's relatives stared at me for a long time.mak asked why,she said:'muka dia sebijik muka ayah dia,muka dia paling serupa muka ayah dia'.and yet,i just smiled.

kak yong arrived from UK the night we were having our first tahlil was sad to see when kak yong hug mak.kak yong didnt get the chance to kissed ayah goodbye.but she's strong and able to handle everything by herself.that is why i respect my sisters till today.

since that,we got closer to each other,we began to love each other more and appreciate each other more.we solved problems regarding ayah's property,money,and everything together.i grew up to be tougher,stronger and act more matured.

if i could ever turn back the time,i would have done it only to tell dad how much i love him,and beg for forgiveness.i regret that i didnt do it before.

it's been one year,i miss him so much.daddy,kak lang misses you so much.please forgive me.dear God,please forgive the wrongs that my dad did his entire life.

Al-Fatihah to arwah ayah,Mohd Salleh Sahimi b Mohamed,a loving son,brother and father.(5/3/51-24/12/06).

i miss u,daddy.

Friday, December 21, 2007

my 1428H raya korban.

First of all,i would like to wish everybody a SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA!

i celebrated my hari raya haji on the 19th december 2007,wednesday.A day earlier than malaysia celebrates it but the same day kak yong celebrates it.(yeah,i know,whatever.hoho)

block c(my kodi block!woot!woot!) held a majlis takbir raya the raya eve.we were takbir-ing together and had a little makan-makan after was the juniors' ideas.(bangge sekejap jadi junior!haha).

during takbir
while waiting for the food after takbir

we performed our solat raya at senior's house.And it doesnt feel like raya after that because we went straight home and spent our day at home.but i cooked kuah kacang though!again,it's a succes!haha..

selamat hari raya haji!
selamat hari raya haji!

the first raya was like a normal day.we did our daily routine,didnt go to anybody's house.but with baju kurung and nasi impit and kuah kacang!the egyptians celebrate their aidiladha more meriah than their aidilfitri.therefore,the shops were closed..(till today!).the day went well until suddenly i received an sms from mak that touched me,and for the first time,i cried on eid day.i immidietly called my mak,prayed that this time she could hear me clearly.And for the first time,she heard every single word i said,without me screaming and waiting for the words to be delivered there.And we chatted for 15 minutes and that 15 minutes really statisfied me enough.i thank GOD for that.

Night,went to kak yani's for attending her open house.kak zati's mee jawa is a double thumbs up i must say!hoho.

i enjoyed my aidiladha on the 2nd day of eid.we held an eid feast here at block c.we slaughtered(is it the correct word?) 5 sheeps.we woke up early in the morning.cooked something for the boys and went down to sotd's house to help peeling,cutting the onions,potato and such.after that,elly asked me to join her to watch how they sslaughter the sheep and the lapah daging session.and i followed.the takbir that sang by them during the first slaughteration(ade ke perkataan ni?) touched loads of first i was just looking and admiring the jobs that had been done by them but then,ustaz salman asked me to try to lapah the sheep's head.and i was like..why not?and i did it.I AM PROUDLY TO ANNOUNCE THAT I TOUCHED THE SHEEP'S NOSE,THE SHEEP'S HEAD,AND THE SHEEP'S LEG.hoho..jarang woo dpt peluang mcm ni!kat malaysia pon jarang!in fact,a friend of mine told me that takdenye peluang perempuan lapah daging kat malaysia cik adek oi!

while waiting for ustaz,with hanim

the 1st sheep.

the boys were holding the sheep so that it stays still.

they were singing the is time for the sheep to be slaughtered.

the 1st sheep is slaughtered.

upstairs,the girls were busy peeling and cutting the onions,potato and such.

the situation downstairs.

busy lapah-ing.

i was lapah-ing the head.

ayie was teaching me how to lapah the head.

oh yea!me and the sheep's head!

the people who were in charge for the head.

After the lapah2 thing,sotd ask me to make some kerisik..and i was like..i dont even know how kerisik look like!..but after main tibai buat,it was a success!haha.nasib baik menjadi..huhu.everybody got tired at the afternoon.the event ended after zohor.everybody went back to their homes,and leaving only some of us helping the ustaz to prepare the kari kambing.and then,it was is said that every time after aidiladha,after the slaughteration session,there will be rain.and the rain is for cleaning the blood that's spreading the road.the whole road!you have to watch it to believe was awesome.i thank GOD for that.

After maghrib,we held majlis doa selamat,tahlil ringkas,and jamuan for aidiladha.i gave my arwah ayah's name to the ustaz for the tahlil.Ustaz's advices and doa and the nasyid performance by the boys made everybody bursted into made us realize how important it is to make deeds,and thank God for every single seconds that we're is hort,cherish it,enjoy it,but dont forget HIM.always obey HIM,musn't disobey HIM.He is the ONE and THE ONLY.remember that from HIM we came,to HIM we'll return.harta benda,duniawi bukan segalanya.

after majlis.

makan-makan with the seniors!

After isya',we went to ilani's pulak.her house were holding an open house.the mee hailam was delicious,honestly!And after the long chit chat,the bloated us went home and sleep.hoho..that day was awesome!i enjoyed every single seconds of it!

at ilani's

saya dah gemok kan?i've told you!oh tidaaaakkkk!!!
handphone saye yg kodi tu takleh nak send sms.ia sudah rosak.=(
laptop saye bermasalah.saya taktau kenape.padahal takdela berat sangat isiannya.mungkin hardwarenya.ia tidak boleh dibuka.saya sedih.mak,nak laptop baru!=(

Saturday, December 15, 2007


it's winter and i'm fat.

i was walking to Blok B (where other girls live) and i bumped into a former classmate of mine.

wahh hannah!dah lama tak jumpa!! (i live in Blok C where it is isolated from Blok A and B)
haah!!dah lama tak jumpa!!apa khabar?
baik..baik..wah!!hannah dah tembam!!
haah!nampak sangat dah tembam!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG..I AM OFFICIALLY FAT!!and i neeeeeeddddd to loose weight before i fly back home in june.

it annoys me a lot when a friend of annoys me when my friends who are sooo damn skinny and when they're put on some weighs,they will react as if they're obesity or something.Are you trying to say that i'm the one who is fat?i mean,korang sangat sangat kurus ok?telling me that you're fat is a huge should go and pick someone your size to complaint!not me who is absolutely for sure bigger size than you!you've hurt me.And now i'm sad,and i think i have to put on a diet and jog.Rumors said that by exercising during winter,one will loose their weight faster.entah betul entah tidak i'm not sure.but i'll try it.Sometimes,i enjoy going classes.At least,my dentistry friends doesnt care about appearences or body figure or whatever effing word you describe it.hadoih.

I have new addictions now.Flyfm is my new favourite radio station at 12.00 am here (which means 6 am malaysia,big bang breakfast show.)as xfreshfm is now getting more 'un-xfresh' (oh i miss the old xfreshfm!) and fly is the only radio station that i can get clear frequency via this kodi egypt's wireless speed.And i'm now a lipton tea lover!i had lipton for breakfast,lunch and dinner,thank you.hoho.lipton tea is soo cheap only cost 1 genih (egyptian pound) for 10 tea bags.blimey,1 genih is equals to 60 cents back home.hoho.seronok gile minum teh!And,people said that drinking tea increase the potential speed of loosing weight!yeay me!hee..

Winter is getting to the now,there'll be smokes when you talk in the excites everybody!including those who think it's normal as they traveled a lot to four seasons countries and they've got used to blowing smokes during winter! it is time to take out the 'baju belon belon' out of the closet!!hoho..

Having free time sometimes bores me.We've finished our 1st semester's practical classes and by that it means that we have a lot of free time now before getting busier next semester.i dont know what to do.For sure i have to study but i dont know what to how do i spend my free time?by cooking!hohoho..i'm now know how to cook quite variety of dishes dah!it's true when my aunty told mak that i wont learn how to cook at home but i will learn it by myself when i'm away from her.hoho..benar is fun.but it will stress you up when you wanted to start to cook,you see bertimbun pinggan tak basuh.that part is not fun at all.hoho.jom jom belajar masak lagi jom!OMG..gemuk lagi nanti!adoi.

it's 10 and i'm already now i'm going to bed and God knows when will i wake up.wether i'll just take a nap for 15 minutes or 8 hours later (nap lagi ke tu?haha).. i have classes tomorrow for GOD's sake!

i am NOT a high standard girl.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my first REAL exam.

Are you Malaysian?


Ok,there's no question for you for this semester,but for the next semester,study hard.

ok,thank you(with a happy joy-i face)

that was my oral test.seronok gile weih!haha.i've done my physic's practical mid-term exam!woot woot!the examiner supposed to ask the students question while they're doing their experiment,but he skipped me and other 2 malaysians who were at that time sitting for the same madah(subject) at the same time.seronok weih.orang malaysia lain yang kene test pagi ditanya 5 soalan tuu..lucky me!eh,eh..alhamdulillah.

You have to choose randomnly your number and go to the table that stated your number,and after you examinated your apparatus and got a big HINT of what experiment you have to conduct,you have to do the experiment la.there's no tajuk given,there's nothing,they just give you a blank booklet.and two questions.nervous jugak mule2 masuk tu..cuak doh..dah la kena hafal 15 experiments!but Alhamdulillah,i can answer and conduct my experiment,which was the sonometer.thank you,GOD!

dont know the results yet..harap-harap ok..semua kena DOA!amiin..

i finished my report 15 minutes early.and with bismillah,i passed it up.

that was my first REAL (mid term) exam experience in egypt.muahaha.for those pre-dentistry students who are taking theirs either today or tomorrow,good luck!!jangan risau,soalan tak susah sangat!hee..May THE FORCE be with you.


Thursday, December 06, 2007 sekolah

i have to admit it,i miss my old school.gaha.

simptom-simptom hannah sahimi merindui sekolahnye:
1. she went searching for more chinese song.
2. she suddenly went searching for the lyrics of lee hom's songs and copy it down.
3. she ask around how to pronounce a certain chinese words that she forgot how to pronounce it.
4. she listens to chinese songs almost a week till she thinks her housemates got bored listening to it.gahaha.
5. she went browsing the s.m.j.k. yu hua,kajang's website and keeps on complaining how lucky her juniors are.
6. she curses when she found out that interact club has been dominated by the gediks of the school where they wear tight skirts that were soooo damn tight and kept on rooling their eyes and thinks that they were so good.She curses because she was the vice president of the club last 2 years and the club was a very decent club back then with no berlagak faces and they willing to help everybody in need.because that is what interact club supposed to do.
7. she screamed when she notice that her former classmates online.gaha.
8. she updated her MSN messenger so that she can keep in touch with her school friends as they prefer MSN messenger than Yahoo Messenger or Skype.
9. she got so jealouse after knowing that the school rules are being renewed and they will be no more botak heads after form 2 which means luqman will be able to keep his hair after next year.
10. she went crazy after seeing the pictures of her new-look school where they've renovated it and she realized that all her 'hannah was here' has beeing removed behind the paint.
11. she kept on thinking how fortunate her juniors are for after 2 years of sacrifising her ears listening to the construction,the juniors can now use it without pencemaran bunyi and she didnt have the chance to step her foot to the newly-built what the former headmaster used to call 'bangunan lima tambah satu tingkat'.
12 she willing to put the books beside so that she can post a blog about how she misses her school.

yeah.i miss school.and i am now collecting more and more lee hom's new,for those who have lee hom's songs,buzz me or nudge me anytime.because i am so craving for them!!!!!!!gahahaha.

the weather is giler sejuk weih!!!dont take ur bath,boys and girls!haha the water is killing cold and you'll be effingly menggigil and mencucuk.ANGIN MEMBUNUH!!

heard the rumors that the school is going to organise a prom for the form fives.Dont know wether or not it's true.kalau betul,aku cekik2 korang!hahahahahaha.

that's all about me and my feelings toward my old school.thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

getting busier!

egyptians and their so-called punctual.

organic chemistry's oral test is posponded..AGAIN!hadoih.hopefully that there will be the real test next two weeks.we cant stand of memorizing again and again with lack of sleep and got all tensed up for there will be a lot more tests coming up!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!takut la plak exam dah dekat ni.because my dear readers,i have no idea what the lecturers were teaching from the beginning as they teach fully in arabic (except for microbiology that being teached by Dr. Yehyia whose english is so fluent and use english in his teaching almost 90% of the time in the lecture.sayang dr yehyia!! and dental material's Dr Gum'ah who giving us extra dental material classes for malaysians..sayang dr gum'ah jugak!!).Luckily for us,after so many times of seeing the dean,we managed to get lecturers who teach in english for our practical least,we are not that lost like last year's dentistry batch.alhamdulillah.

I have physics practical test next tuesday..and i'm going to be the only malaysian that's going to take the test on that day.dah la balik maghrib!!OMG OMG siape sanggup teman????????others will take theirs either on wednesday or thursday.aku sorang gak yang tercicir hari selasa.hadoih.hadoih.

Planning to read novel ayat-ayat cinta by Habiburrahman Saerozi,a novel pembangun's about egypt,love,agama etc.the novel was introduced by mahfuz.i'm going to try it!hee...

we're going to have eid's break for 4 days starting 20th now,we're planning on what should we do during the eid break.either to stay home and study or go jalan2( must bully abg jad for this) alexandria or zagzig or tanta or wherever.haha.seronok cuti!hehehe.

winter break.
will be having 2 weeks of winter break.which means...JALAN-JALAN!!ha,aku tak jealous la dgn korg yang nak balik..i have other plans worr..either to JORDAN or to SINAI(the only place in egypt with snow..haha)..jom kumpul2 duit..i dont mind to go to anywhere i just want to JALAN-JALAN!!

ape ni hannah??exam next week la!!english assignment not done yet.inorganic chemistry practical tak study lagi.physics practical tak sentuh lagi.ok.byebye

thanks to syazwan n akmal who willing to sacrifice their money to sms with me from far!!tapi 20 sen per sms je...hee..

hari ini tahun lepas:hari last paper spm..haha