Thursday, December 06, 2007 sekolah

i have to admit it,i miss my old school.gaha.

simptom-simptom hannah sahimi merindui sekolahnye:
1. she went searching for more chinese song.
2. she suddenly went searching for the lyrics of lee hom's songs and copy it down.
3. she ask around how to pronounce a certain chinese words that she forgot how to pronounce it.
4. she listens to chinese songs almost a week till she thinks her housemates got bored listening to it.gahaha.
5. she went browsing the s.m.j.k. yu hua,kajang's website and keeps on complaining how lucky her juniors are.
6. she curses when she found out that interact club has been dominated by the gediks of the school where they wear tight skirts that were soooo damn tight and kept on rooling their eyes and thinks that they were so good.She curses because she was the vice president of the club last 2 years and the club was a very decent club back then with no berlagak faces and they willing to help everybody in need.because that is what interact club supposed to do.
7. she screamed when she notice that her former classmates online.gaha.
8. she updated her MSN messenger so that she can keep in touch with her school friends as they prefer MSN messenger than Yahoo Messenger or Skype.
9. she got so jealouse after knowing that the school rules are being renewed and they will be no more botak heads after form 2 which means luqman will be able to keep his hair after next year.
10. she went crazy after seeing the pictures of her new-look school where they've renovated it and she realized that all her 'hannah was here' has beeing removed behind the paint.
11. she kept on thinking how fortunate her juniors are for after 2 years of sacrifising her ears listening to the construction,the juniors can now use it without pencemaran bunyi and she didnt have the chance to step her foot to the newly-built what the former headmaster used to call 'bangunan lima tambah satu tingkat'.
12 she willing to put the books beside so that she can post a blog about how she misses her school.

yeah.i miss school.and i am now collecting more and more lee hom's new,for those who have lee hom's songs,buzz me or nudge me anytime.because i am so craving for them!!!!!!!gahahaha.

the weather is giler sejuk weih!!!dont take ur bath,boys and girls!haha the water is killing cold and you'll be effingly menggigil and mencucuk.ANGIN MEMBUNUH!!

heard the rumors that the school is going to organise a prom for the form fives.Dont know wether or not it's true.kalau betul,aku cekik2 korang!hahahahahaha.

that's all about me and my feelings toward my old school.thanks for reading!

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