Saturday, December 15, 2007


it's winter and i'm fat.

i was walking to Blok B (where other girls live) and i bumped into a former classmate of mine.

wahh hannah!dah lama tak jumpa!! (i live in Blok C where it is isolated from Blok A and B)
haah!!dah lama tak jumpa!!apa khabar?
baik..baik..wah!!hannah dah tembam!!
haah!nampak sangat dah tembam!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG..I AM OFFICIALLY FAT!!and i neeeeeeddddd to loose weight before i fly back home in june.

it annoys me a lot when a friend of annoys me when my friends who are sooo damn skinny and when they're put on some weighs,they will react as if they're obesity or something.Are you trying to say that i'm the one who is fat?i mean,korang sangat sangat kurus ok?telling me that you're fat is a huge should go and pick someone your size to complaint!not me who is absolutely for sure bigger size than you!you've hurt me.And now i'm sad,and i think i have to put on a diet and jog.Rumors said that by exercising during winter,one will loose their weight faster.entah betul entah tidak i'm not sure.but i'll try it.Sometimes,i enjoy going classes.At least,my dentistry friends doesnt care about appearences or body figure or whatever effing word you describe it.hadoih.

I have new addictions now.Flyfm is my new favourite radio station at 12.00 am here (which means 6 am malaysia,big bang breakfast show.)as xfreshfm is now getting more 'un-xfresh' (oh i miss the old xfreshfm!) and fly is the only radio station that i can get clear frequency via this kodi egypt's wireless speed.And i'm now a lipton tea lover!i had lipton for breakfast,lunch and dinner,thank you.hoho.lipton tea is soo cheap only cost 1 genih (egyptian pound) for 10 tea bags.blimey,1 genih is equals to 60 cents back home.hoho.seronok gile minum teh!And,people said that drinking tea increase the potential speed of loosing weight!yeay me!hee..

Winter is getting to the now,there'll be smokes when you talk in the excites everybody!including those who think it's normal as they traveled a lot to four seasons countries and they've got used to blowing smokes during winter! it is time to take out the 'baju belon belon' out of the closet!!hoho..

Having free time sometimes bores me.We've finished our 1st semester's practical classes and by that it means that we have a lot of free time now before getting busier next semester.i dont know what to do.For sure i have to study but i dont know what to how do i spend my free time?by cooking!hohoho..i'm now know how to cook quite variety of dishes dah!it's true when my aunty told mak that i wont learn how to cook at home but i will learn it by myself when i'm away from her.hoho..benar is fun.but it will stress you up when you wanted to start to cook,you see bertimbun pinggan tak basuh.that part is not fun at all.hoho.jom jom belajar masak lagi jom!OMG..gemuk lagi nanti!adoi.

it's 10 and i'm already now i'm going to bed and God knows when will i wake up.wether i'll just take a nap for 15 minutes or 8 hours later (nap lagi ke tu?haha).. i have classes tomorrow for GOD's sake!

i am NOT a high standard girl.

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