Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my first REAL exam.

Are you Malaysian?


Ok,there's no question for you for this semester,but for the next semester,study hard.

ok,thank you(with a happy joy-i face)

that was my oral test.seronok gile weih!haha.i've done my physic's practical mid-term exam!woot woot!the examiner supposed to ask the students question while they're doing their experiment,but he skipped me and other 2 malaysians who were at that time sitting for the same madah(subject) at the same time.seronok weih.orang malaysia lain yang kene test pagi ditanya 5 soalan tuu..lucky me!eh,eh..alhamdulillah.

You have to choose randomnly your number and go to the table that stated your number,and after you examinated your apparatus and got a big HINT of what experiment you have to conduct,you have to do the experiment la.there's no tajuk given,there's nothing,they just give you a blank booklet.and two questions.nervous jugak mule2 masuk tu..cuak doh..dah la kena hafal 15 experiments!but Alhamdulillah,i can answer and conduct my experiment,which was the sonometer.thank you,GOD!

dont know the results yet..harap-harap ok..semua kena DOA!amiin..

i finished my report 15 minutes early.and with bismillah,i passed it up.

that was my first REAL (mid term) exam experience in egypt.muahaha.for those pre-dentistry students who are taking theirs either today or tomorrow,good luck!!jangan risau,soalan tak susah sangat!hee..May THE FORCE be with you.


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