Tuesday, January 08, 2013

a delayed 2012 review

salam and hello good people! how's everything. i guess i have been away for too long that i do not know how to actually write a post here haha.

ps: this entry will be rojak-ed with malay due to writer's block and bahasa inggeris saya sudah makin teruk. maaf! (the result of dah jarang baca english novel and jarang tgk cerita omputih. haih apa mau jadi ini macam?)

i know that i owed everyone a lot of stories, sorry for that, but let's just say that i've been away to search for myself (ecewahhh!). ever since i've been away, i keep asking myself, how can i help the ummah if i myself, is still in need of help? i wonder will people judge me as hypocrite when i don't actually practice what i preach? for example, i learn that wearing socks is a must since the legs are included in the aurah area for women, and i told my friends about it, but honestly saying, ever since i come back to Malaysia, i rarely wear handsocks, let alone the socks itself. i wear them only when i teringat. hypocrite, i know. this, i should change.

iman itu naik turun mcm ombak, banyakkan mengingati tuhan, maka naiklah iman seseorang itu, banyakkan lagha, maka turunlah iman seseorang itu. i do not agree when i read somewhere that her faith is not shaken eventhough she was mingling with her friends in the orang-putih way, who are we to say if our iman is at the safe stage? be humble, be rendah diri dengan Tuhan.(self reminder)

all in all, my new year resolution is to practice what i preach and to be a better muslimah than last year insyaAllah.

ok panjang mukadimah, let's go back to our topic. since that i have owed you alot of stories since i left, i've decided to make a review instead!

 2011-2012: final year dental student. the busiest year, the most stressful year in my 5 years of studying (sebab tu kurus! ahaks!)

july 2012: pre-graduation party!

 july 2012: housemates made a surprise pre-graduation party, with the topi and the cupcakes! aww moment :)

july 2012: another surprise from our juniors :)

august 2012: umrah ramadan. bliss. alhamdulillah :)

august 2012: family came to visit! :D

august 2012: graduation day, officially a dentist, alhamdulillah :)

 kak ngah got married on may, but i was having my final year exam that day, so i just attended the groom's side of walimah in september. alhamdulillah, another member in the family. :)

in september to october, i was busy with the registration and the pegawai pergigian interview. i am currently waiting for posting.

all in all, 2012 was a year to be grateful for. and of course it was the busiest yet stressful year as a final student. i am now have left egypt for good, the place where i gained a lots of ilm, and the place that taught me how to be independent and thankful at the same time. memorable place indeed.

Alhamdulillah Allah memanjangkan usia kita untuk merasai tahun 2013. how is it so far? i do hope that 2013 will make us a better muslim/muslimah insyaAllah. 

tahun baru, makin mendekati mati, iman kita? amalan kita? cukupkah? Allahu Allah..

Saturday, June 02, 2012

the power of hidayah

subhanallah, how amazing it is to see someone who just know, and learn about islam, is a better muslim than us, who are born muslims.
we know that we cannot ramdomly touch men who are not our mahram, but what are we doing now?
really, don't you feel ashamed that Allah has given you a gift, to be born a muslim, but you're like wasting this gift for the dunya?i know i am. let's be a better muslim insyaAllah.

ps: having final exams at the moment. in need of everyone's prayers! may Allah ease :)

 totally love this channel. i've been following them since this video. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

start your day with bismillah :)

in clinical year, we mostly go to the college to actually 'work'.
like work,but minus the salary.
you have to do everything your own, with the guidance of your lab/ clinic doctors.
it's actually fun! how you can go to college without getting bored of lectures, and lectures, and lectures. we do have lectures,still, and we do get bored of it, but the lectures are not as much as when we're in pre-clinical or non-clinical years.
more clinics= more fun!

until the requirements came...
oh the peer pressure! to complete a number of cases from each department is one thing, to actually FIND the patient is another thing, but when you found one, you'll be so thankful and you'll taste the sweetness of Allah's gift to you; when you realized that Allah asked you to be patient, and He'll reward you with the case best suits you :)

what i'm going to share is a very short story about my bridge patient.
i met her by coincidence in the clinic as she said she needs filling on the anterior teeth, and i checked her diagnostic sheet, she was indicated for bridge restoration on the upper canine to upper 2nd premolar, with missing upper 1st premolar.
made her filling on anterior teeth, and she agreed on making a bridge with me.
so the next day, while we were waiting for her xray from being processed, she asked me about how do i understand the Quran since my arabic knowledge was very little, i told her that there's translation, but she said, the translation doesn't really translate the Quran,in order to understand the Quran, you must learn arabic.

'insyaAllah' i answered. she made a deal with me that she'll teach me arabic like little kids and there's gonna be an exam for me. and i was like, how cute!
she gave me a little book of alif ba ta, and some pictures of animals and their arabic names.cute, right? haha.
so the next week, i had 2 patients. 1 for the bridge, and another 1 is for restoration. i was supposed to finish the bridge at 10.30 and immediately after that i have to start my restoration.
it was 10.30 and the doctors asked us to put temporary crown for the patient. i made the temporary crown myself, in order to put it on the patient's mouth, i need to remove any excess so that the temporary crown would be adapted nicely on the tooth i have reducted.little did i know it was very hard, and it was my first time. my restoration patient has been waiting outside. yup, the pressure to complete the temporary crown as fast as i can so that my restoration patient wouldn't have to wait too long.

it took me a long time to remove the excess, and my frustration is shown on my face, i was going to give up, but then she said, Dr, say bismillahirahmanirahim. in everything you do, you should start with bismillahirahmanirahim.
and i was like, yeahhh, i didn't start my day with bismillah, how should i go through my day with ease?

thank you madam aida, for reminding me. and since then, in every patient i treat, i will start with bismillah. and if there's something wrong in between the treatment, i 'll be thankful, as it is a test from Allah, for teaching me how to be patient, and to tell me that i have more to learn. and subhanAllah, Allah only test those He loves. so be thankful if you're in a difficult situation, you know Allah loves you :)


alright, i have to go back to books! we're having mid-term exam now. please make du'a for us, thank you!

ps: sorry if you don't understand any of my dental term! i'll explain soon, insyaAllah.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

aku rela, kerana cinta

"Biarku tanggung rasa derita
Asalkan agama, selamat akhirnya
Yang membantah, hanya berfalsafah
Kerana bimbang suapan harian"

Telah ku rela nama dan diri menjadi sasaran
Kerana cinta, aku berkorban
Telah ku rela segala tohmahan bermaharajalela
Kerana cinta, aku terpaksa

Kerana cinta jua aku berbicara
Dengan nada insan terluka
Meluah rasa, meluah fakta, mencedera jiwa
Semuanya kerana cinta…

Biarku tanggung rasa derita..
Asalkan agama, selamat akhirnya..
Yang membantah, hanya berfalsafah..
Kerana bimbang suapan harian

Dengan menjual nama Tuhan..
Lalu kebenaran disingkirkan,
Demi hidangan belian pendustaan
Namun aku yang sengsara zahirnya

Redha telah pun penuhi jiwa
Dalam keletihan ini.. aku bahagia

Pada kebenaran itulah terasa nikmat syurga.

ps: great song isn't it? after you understand the lyrics, you would understand what i meant.

aku rela, sengsara kerana cinta pada agama, kerana cinta pada Tuhan, bukan kerana cinta pada dunia yg penuh dusta, kerana sesungguhnya pada kebenaran itulah terasa nikmat syurga.insyaAllah, ameen. :)