Tuesday, January 17, 2012

start your day with bismillah :)

in clinical year, we mostly go to the college to actually 'work'.
like work,but minus the salary.
you have to do everything your own, with the guidance of your lab/ clinic doctors.
it's actually fun! how you can go to college without getting bored of lectures, and lectures, and lectures. we do have lectures,still, and we do get bored of it, but the lectures are not as much as when we're in pre-clinical or non-clinical years.
more clinics= more fun!

until the requirements came...
oh the peer pressure! to complete a number of cases from each department is one thing, to actually FIND the patient is another thing, but when you found one, you'll be so thankful and you'll taste the sweetness of Allah's gift to you; when you realized that Allah asked you to be patient, and He'll reward you with the case best suits you :)

what i'm going to share is a very short story about my bridge patient.
i met her by coincidence in the clinic as she said she needs filling on the anterior teeth, and i checked her diagnostic sheet, she was indicated for bridge restoration on the upper canine to upper 2nd premolar, with missing upper 1st premolar.
made her filling on anterior teeth, and she agreed on making a bridge with me.
so the next day, while we were waiting for her xray from being processed, she asked me about how do i understand the Quran since my arabic knowledge was very little, i told her that there's translation, but she said, the translation doesn't really translate the Quran,in order to understand the Quran, you must learn arabic.

'insyaAllah' i answered. she made a deal with me that she'll teach me arabic like little kids and there's gonna be an exam for me. and i was like, how cute!
she gave me a little book of alif ba ta, and some pictures of animals and their arabic names.cute, right? haha.
so the next week, i had 2 patients. 1 for the bridge, and another 1 is for restoration. i was supposed to finish the bridge at 10.30 and immediately after that i have to start my restoration.
it was 10.30 and the doctors asked us to put temporary crown for the patient. i made the temporary crown myself, in order to put it on the patient's mouth, i need to remove any excess so that the temporary crown would be adapted nicely on the tooth i have reducted.little did i know it was very hard, and it was my first time. my restoration patient has been waiting outside. yup, the pressure to complete the temporary crown as fast as i can so that my restoration patient wouldn't have to wait too long.

it took me a long time to remove the excess, and my frustration is shown on my face, i was going to give up, but then she said, Dr, say bismillahirahmanirahim. in everything you do, you should start with bismillahirahmanirahim.
and i was like, yeahhh, i didn't start my day with bismillah, how should i go through my day with ease?

thank you madam aida, for reminding me. and since then, in every patient i treat, i will start with bismillah. and if there's something wrong in between the treatment, i 'll be thankful, as it is a test from Allah, for teaching me how to be patient, and to tell me that i have more to learn. and subhanAllah, Allah only test those He loves. so be thankful if you're in a difficult situation, you know Allah loves you :)


alright, i have to go back to books! we're having mid-term exam now. please make du'a for us, thank you!

ps: sorry if you don't understand any of my dental term! i'll explain soon, insyaAllah.

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