Friday, June 29, 2007


cuti seminggu kerana pelajar2 ukm akan mendaftar masuk ke ukm.gahahahaha...BUT!ustaz ridhwan(the hot ustaz!)kate ade test lepas cuti.!@#!$#^%$&%^*&&*!!!!!!

ok enough about that test yang @!$#@%^%$&$&^ i have a week off!jom kita enjoy!haha.

apa yang saya nak buat pada cuti ini:
1. kemas bilik kot?
2. belajar memasak kot?
3. beli buku medic kot?
4. shopping!mega sale weih!MEGA SALE!haha.
5. keluar dgn rakan2 GMN mungkin?
6. tidur lewat,bangun lewat dan mandi lewat seperti selalu.
7. membalas dendam terhadap tv.
8. hafal perkataan2 arab.

we have a theme song!it's called 'alhakqultobib'.it meant kemenangan seorang doktor whatsoever.seriously lagu itu sedap.saya rasa idea itu datang drpd guys.bagus la diorg ni!they've changed the melody and it turned out to be a nice song!sodap!!tiap2 hari kena nyanyi.the original song mcm tak brape sedap la.hee.

so,kepada mereka2 yang dah mendaftar masuk ke universiti harini atau yang akan pergi mendaftar ke universiti esok dan minggu depan bila2 sahaja di mana2 sahaja,SELAMAT BERJAYA!!

insyaAllah,kalau adanya jodoh,kita pasti bertemu!amiin...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

a bunch of friends made me laugh again.

open day.

accompanied mak n luqman to the school's open day.i didnt feel like going at first coz i still wanna lazing around in my comfy bed and my friends told me that they dont wanna go.but mak insisted so being a decent daughter,i followed her.hee.

so when we arrived.some chinese songs which i loved in my schooling years,were on air!the feeling that i had was like the day i step into the school with my kodi bag n books dan yang terpenting!botol air yang lawa!i've been missing those days.where everybody was damn taller than me and ALWAYS! i repeat,ALWAYS! bully me around.just felt like i belonged here.thanks mak,for forcing me to join you.whee.

in yu hua,there's nothing wrong for being a bit manja or jumping around or being the centre of attention.nobody even care of what guys will think when you acted weird or wanted to be weird for a day.mmg kontra gile la dr ukm!

i met my former teachers.luckily they still recognized the same old annoying bising hannah sahimi.haha.i met suiying,sze yun,jia hee and i forgot some names.haha. sorry guys!hee..i missed the atmosphere.where i'm free to do anything.and there's noone to stop one to tell me to shut up when i laugh,no one to shut me up when i said something.ah..heavennye zaman sekolah!

so i hanged with my old gile weyh perasaan tu!!seriously.selepas approx 7 months tak berjumpe.mmg heaven la!rugi tak bawak camera!cisssssss!!!!!

so tonight we had our last conference today with amelin.aha.going to miss this conference thingy seriously!so for those who took the pictures of the big fonts of the conference,pls be kind to pass it to me,k?syukran jazilan!

till then!wailalliko'!

Friday, June 22, 2007

survived my 2nd week.


kaifa halukum?alhamdulillah syukran jazilan antum sihah wal'afiah.ahsantum!

i've survived my 2nd week in ukm!!yeay me!i met some new friends.i've found out the solution of my problems dah!thank you,GOD!

to be honest,i'm starting to get to use it there.memang la kan dah kena hidup dengan diorg for about 5 years nanti!hehe.

so,problems solved!yeay hannah!except for the language which i have to practice ALOT! to communicate with the libyaness(betul ke ape aku eja?) ustazah n ustazs.aha.go hannah!go!

so if you happen to be in bangi and wanna ajak me keluar,feel free to fetch me in ukm!haha.weekdays je ok?monday till thursday.anytime,'s a university for god sake!we're free to do anything!hahaha.

i've learned some 'amiah(bahasa arab pasar) words.ustaz ridhwan(he doesnt look like ustaz at all!seriously!) told me that in egypt,they only use 'amiah words to communicate and some of them dont understand any standard arabic words.

so in 'amiah,kof is hamzah n jim is ga(yg jawi tu) tsa is ta while dod is zho n zho is's very very'am(benar) is meshi or aiwa and la(tidak)is mush.i'm learning both standard and 'amiah arabic language now.orang yang terror bahasa arab tinggi pon tak paham bahasa ' feels like learning a new language when it gets to 'amiah.insyaAllah i'll try to kuasai both.

it's interesting when we learn 'amiah.everybody laughed their lungs out!standard arabic bores me sgt!sgt!probably because i dont quite understand what the eff the libyaness ustazs n ustazah were saying.lambat2 kayuh la..

so.that's all for this week.OMG july is coming!1 bulan lebih je lagi before i fly.aha.perghhhh...



Saturday, June 16, 2007

welcome home!

kak yong is home!!for her summer vacation.yeay!yeay!

ok people.i m fine now.i've poured out my problems to my friends that i've trusted.thanks niksu,nadia,and syaf for listening.gile tak boleh bla la 2 jam gayut.sorang satu's true that problems are best to be now i'm fine and well.

so after subuh yesterday,we went to the KLIA to fetch kak yong and had breakfast at mamak's.then,kak fati came and hanged till afternoon.then,i slept all day.hehe..

mak asked me to go back to ukm on usual there were rules saying that we have to be there tonight at 10pm.but i texted globalmedic's abg zul(he's hot!haha)and he allows me to go back there on monday.hoorayy!!!!!!!!heaven betul!haha.n mak said she'll send me directly to my lecture hall which means i dont have to walk for 30 mins!!tiada peluh.haha.

was supposed to have a 5C gathering but was cancelled due to some 'technical problems'.haha.thus,i didnt go out last night but winshen was bored so he came to my house and hang.he wanted us to go out but mak forbidden me to do we just hang in the was ok at 1st but then mak called my cell n told me to come in so that 'tak kena tangkap liwat.'hahaha..kelakar la mak then i forced winshen to come in and we hang till 10pm.mcm hape yeah.i had fun and i've put aside my problems.kawan2 lame jugak yang can cheer me up.heehee.

so then i have nothing else to do so i called nad for 1 hour n syaf for 1 hour.mampus aku mak tanye apsal bill week!seeling said she wants to visit me.heehee.syaf said she'll come back from KMNS and hang with me for a while.and i want to go back to school coz i think they're having this 'ambil report card day.'OH YEAH i miss yu hua so effing much!!!!

a new week.a new start.i think i will feel a bit more comfortable people,nak jumpa,mariii!!!saye suke jumpe orang.heehee.boleh shopping terus.hee..

till then,see you very soon!jumaat!jumaat!haha.

wa ilalliqok!

Friday, June 15, 2007


ahlan wa sahlan!!

I am home!!!!at last!!!i'm freaking happy to be home!!i miss my mak..i even miss my brat bro!oh yeah.sgt merindui rumah.

i think i have changed to a real sensitive person.i became really emotional when something offended me.argh.i hate this!!

i miss KMM.i think KMM is wayy better than this.much much better.i miss kmm so much.

i've made friends.close but not really close friends.either way,it's still just the 1st week.i still have like..2 months n 1 more week to adapt to the new environment kot.

I HATE TO BE A WANNABE.i want to be me.the true me who laugh a lot,who has the loudest laughter,who never care what people are going to say about me.but the people here,mcm..haizz...kenape la nak jadi fake sangat???kenape la nak kesah sgt ape orang ckp..JUST BE URSELF LA PEOPLE!!!WAKE UP!WAKE UP!!

i had another fever.and i was pressured till i cried so suddenly.and now,i still have this kinda flu thingy where mucus are now tersumbat in my nose.hadoih.2 fevers in a month.HEBAT GILE!haha.

till at 1 point,i thought about quiting.but insyaAllah i will survive this.5 tahun je hannah!!5 tahun je..pejam celik dah kerja.

so yeah.not a good review about the 1st week.lets see how will i survive the 2nd week.PRAY FOR ME,PEOPLE!!!

not in the mood of writing too i guess i will stop here.

wa ilalliqok!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

usah lepaskan

ok so i'm leaving...AGAIN.haha.but i'm like..not so sad for leaving..AGAIN..maybe because UKM is just like 2 km from my house n i know for sure that mak is going to be just fine n if anything happend,i can be to my house and settle it.hee..

BUT,i'm damn lazy for going there.i cant imagine how m i going to like..stay awake for 11 hours and keep on learning arabic non-stop.ok fine,there'll be breaks in between for zohor,asar n maghrib.but still,11 hours!!!from 9 am till 10 pm!stw.

preparations.OUH!i havent pack yet.haha.i didnt even open my bags since i got home from KMM.haha.ok fine.i'll the very very last,the pendaftaran will be opened from 2 pm till 5 i told my mak that i'm going there at late as possible la.thinking that it's like soooo damn near n i still want to lazing around in front of the telly as long as i could but mak said no.kak ngah's flight is going to be at night la i guess i have to register 3 kot..perrggghhhh...

so,i dont think i'll be sending kak ngah to KLIA tomorrow.i really2 hope mak will come to ukm tomorrow night and fetch me up to send kak ngah to KLIA.*please..please!!pretty please!!*.and kak ngah is not going to come back till raya so i dont have the chance to meet her again unless i'm suddenly become the richest person on earth and i can fly back everyweek!,tonight is going to be our last night before i fly to egypt.sad eh?halamak!!

but i dont think i'm going to CRY again tomorrow like what i did on the first day of KMM.aha.silly me.i'm a tough,dont cry,hannah.jangan nak place.have to make new friends.whee~..

so yeah..this is my last post before i go to ukm.jom blaja arab!!haha.will update this blog everyweek,dont miss me yet!haha.let's see how many arabic words that i will learn by the end of the week.till then,see you!!

p/s:heard this song in APM last night.TAUFIK BATISAH IS SO HOT,ok?hee.

Taufik Batisah - Usah Lepaskan

yang terindah terlukis di bibirmu
tak pernah ku lihat senyummu sebegitu
pudarkah sudah cinta yang ku beri
berwarna-warni segala
yang dijanjikan kan ia

usah biar ku bersendirian
usah biar hatimu ditawan
usah biar diriku disini
seorang menunggu tanpa teman
usah lepas genggaman tanganmu
usah biar semua berlalu
usah terlupa perasaan hati
pertama kali kita bertemu
usah lepaskan

tak mudah ku melupa segala yang berlaku
ku ingin selalu bersamamu

usah biar ku bersendirian
usah biar hatimu ditawan
usah biar diriku disini
seorang menunggu tanpa teman
usah lepas genggaman tanganmu
usah biar semua berlalu
usah terlupa perasaan hati
pertama kali kita bertemu

ku tak peduli apa sebabnya
engkau dan dia harus bersama
mendungnya langit bila berkata
kita patutnya masih bercinta
usah lepaskan..
usah lepaskan..

yg terindah terlukis di bibirmu
tak pernah ku lihat senyummu sebegitu.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

no monkeys please.

I HATE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
some may said that monkeys are cute whatsoever but HELL NO!they're aint cute at all!monkeys are the most annoying n stubborn animal ever!

yeah.i forgave them entering out house n steal like..everything edible..yeah.i forgave them ruining mom's beloved pokok2 n for sratching like hell pagarku.tapi,i wont n i repeat,WONT forgive them by ruining the phone wire for the 2nd time.yeah,it didnt putus yet but it will be after like million times the monkeys swing n walk there.and we have to wait like 2 weeks baru telekom muncul utk repair.cis punye monyet!nasib baik membunuh itu berdosa!

telekom pon satu!lembab buat keje!aku call awal,datang awal boleh tak?kalau nak potong line,cepat je..service lembab nak yang aku naik angin ni!BAZOOKA!!!!then,tipu orang.ckp package etc anywhere u want n u just have to pay this much every month.bil datang berkali2 ganda kena bayar.ngok kau?dasar ayam!tak gune!

ok dah settle.kemarahan dah hilang.terasa mcm nak report kat tribunal.harhar.cakap je lebih.whee~


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

big girls dont cry.

went to jusco balakong with luqman,alang n kids while mak went to tabung haji HQ with kak ngah.we went there to watch shrek 3 disebabkan jusco balakong baru bukak cinema itu.gaha.best2.go go away..but yeah,shrek 2 lagi extra2 best.

after that,we went to globalmedic network to settle down the payment.alhamdulillah everything is settled.except for the passport which i will make it right after i turn 18.hee.

saye suke perak!i love kuala kangsar,bagan dato,selekoh n ipoh.i got excited whenever i see signs or anything related to hometown.arwah ayah's hometown to be exact.i miss perak.bile la nak pergi perak lagi?huuu..

OMG i received globalmedic's letter and it stated there that the lectures for arabic language will be held from 9am to 10 pm!wtf???agak2 la bahasa arab pon...cis la suruh blaja 11 jam.apekejadah?halamak have to stay there!if not,boleh je ulang alik dari rumah.i told mak that i REALLY REALLY want to come home like..EVERYWEEK.n if she doesnt want to fetch me up,i will come back jalan kaki.syok la dekat2 ni..heeee...

ok,i have nothing else to blog dah.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

happy birthday sayang..

we've celebrated his birthday last saturday.we had chocolate cake and some food.i gave him a big hug.and the gift that we bought for him.happy belated birthday luqman.hehe.

was supposed to go to eyes on malaysia last night but was canceled.ayaiyai..

had a very busy day yesterday.we went to cikde's to send nenek there and then to HKL to buy kak ngah's third year medicine heavy berlambak books.then,off to alamanda for lunch(alamanda dah ada baskin robbins!gahaha) n mak surprised me by buying a huge bag for egypt.besar gile sampai saye boleh masuk ok?,bought luqman's present,again,there.after that,we went straight home and it was maghrib.aha.therefore,mak said:'dah penat,tak payah la pergi eyes on malaysia.'...grrrr...anyhow,thanks mak,for the bag.

i went to pejabat imegresen today to renew my passport but they said i'm not 18 yet.therefore,i cant get the student price which is 50% off!wtf???so mak said we have to wait till 11 august baru pergi on the bright side,i'm still 17!!muda seyh aku!!!hahaha..

i drive the car (with mak beside) till tabung haji!!bapak best!!hahaha..thanks mak!hahaha...but i didnt turunkan the handbreak all the way there.patutlah berat semacam!dont tell my mak about this!!hahahahahaha

i miss my KMM friends..

ok tatau ape nak tulis dah.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

KMM dihatiku.

i'm home.and wont be going back to kolej matrikulasi melaka anymore.mak told me to leave early to spend so called 'quality' time with kak ngah who will fly back to kuching next monday.

i've learned alot while staying in matrikulasi.i've learned how to be punctual,the techniques of fast learning,and how to survive in asrama.

i've made new friends.close friends.the friends that i've been searching for the first time i stepped into kolej matrikulasi melaka.the friends that i can chat anything with.

i've got closer with my prektikum group.even the guys.korang terbaik seyh!!shawal,walaupun kau pemalas tahap dewa,tapi rupe2nye kau baik jugak.sorry sangat2 kalau terasa hati kalau aku cakap kasar.syimir!OMG i like this guy!die sgt baik hati!sgt best la kawan ngan die!and phiau,OMG he's like the best chinese there!thank you for willing to speak mandarin with me so that i can practice my mandarin before i forgot every single word that i've learned (mungkin tahun depan lupe semua!haiz.)thank you so much!




and the girls.OMG sangat terasa kehilangan!i think we have the best prektikum group ever!H2P6T6 rocks!!!anissa,sorry for calling you tengku even though u dont like it.hehe..baru je nak rapat,tetibe aku kene bla plak..haiz..reen,sorry sebab slalu rhyme-kan name wo!haha..nik,sorry sebab slalu panggil nik dengan lagu chiky tu.nadiah,thanks for accompany me to library that night.sgt best la sambil2 study sambil2 borak2.n,kita ade rahsia seyh!haha.zahirah!baru nak kenal kau.baru start rapat rabu haritu.dah la kumpulan koko same!adoi,sedih je.keep in touch,k?



to amal,pipat,nik,and zarifth,thanks for teman-ing me lunch everyday.tak kesah ar cafe a ke b ke c ke.semua balun!haha.oh oh kirim salam kat mimi!haha tak bleh bla betul la..ckp kat die minah menjerit tu dah kuar dah.haha.good luck k korang??next week ade quiz!bace buku!make sure UPS,sem 1 n sem 2 4 FLAT!amal,kita dentists.good luck utk kita..haha.serious happy dapat tahu ramai nak jadi dentist kat kmm!hehe.kalau kau nak ngutuk cikgu maths dengan 'zacs n dabal u' die tu,ingat2 la kat aku.serious best!haha.kirim salam kat en. salah!!haha.n Ms. umi kalthom.the best english lecturer ever!zarifth yg slalu homesick.jangan risau,nnt akan dapat balik rumah gak.blaja leklok.pipat,kongsi mimi?haha.merepek tol.keep ur promise!ushakan die.gahahahahaha.nik,tak sangke seyh nik orang putrajaya.dekat je kite.cuti ogos kalau x jumpe memang la korang semua ni.semua duduk selangor,takde alasan xleh jumpe.haha.dengar lagu kaer,ingat aku,ingat time kite berlima nyanyi lagu tu dengan sumbangnye.kenangan terbaik.i will store it in my heart.

roomates:masit,me, azi


roomates terbaik!!OMG gile la dah start rindu korang.A5-3-11.paling bising kat blok A5.haha.gile best seyh merepek ngan korang.buat lawak yg takblehbla sampai aku tergelak2 peluk pintu.THANK YOU SO MUCH sebab jaga aku time demam.masit,azi,n syida.aku akan merindui korang!!rindu seyh makan roti expired hari2.azi,thanks sebab introduce-kan kuey tiow tomyam!serious sedap.masit,gilela rindu slalu mandi lewat2.kol 8 malam.geng mandi malam terbaik seyh!pastu rindu doh nyanyi dalam shower ngan kau.takblebla lagu elliot yamin.A5-3-11.boleh berborak walau di mana jua.kat shower pon boleh.dalam shower conquer tiga2 dalam satu mase.hebat betul!syida,thanks doh ajar aku macam2 pasal islam.budak2 A5-3-11!aku takde,korang kene ar beli tong sampah,puncher,staple,termos,ridsect n radio!haha.kumpul plastic!!kumpul surat khabar!budak baru masuk nanti suruh die buat ape yang aku dah tulis tu!haha.tgk laut ingat aku!serious hebat bilik kite bleh nampak laut.kapal tu dah gerak ke blom?static lagi?haha.masit,mari jadi dentist dan carik aeroengineer atau pilot!haha takblehbla gaduh pasal pakwe di langit tiap2 kali kat corridor nampak aeroplane mase tunggu turn mandi!brindu seyh biar kau terkunci luar bilik sengsorang.hebat gile perasaan tu!azi,kirim salam kat rakan2 pilot lain!haha.serious sorry slalu kacau azi ckp dlm handset!sorry sangat2.salahkan masit!haha.goodluck dlm interview perguruan tu.dapat maktab,inform k??masit,next time jumpe sheikh muszaphar lagi,ajak aku!!!!kau nak ke aku menjerit2 senja2 tgk gambar kau ngan dia mcm haritu????serious jealous!!haha.ingat lagu look after you,ingatlah aku.ingat lagu izinku pergi,ingatlah aku.

jiran depan!!!!thanks sebab menghuru-harakan suasana!kila,rajin2 la lagi jengok bilik A5-3-11!!jage mimi seyh.serious x best die dah tahu!bengong betul.tak bleh bla suruh aku jangan tido lagi sbb kau nak gi toilet kol 1 pagi!'kenangan terindah' betul la.adilah n nadira.aiyo..baru minggu ni start rapat.sedih!tak sangke plak la kawan2 kite same.dunia ni kecil betul!!keep in touch tau?budak2 aras 3 blok A5!!dah xde dah orang ketuk2 pintu korang ckp line yang same..'al-mulk bilik __!'pastu menchapab plak masuk bilik kecoh2.sorry ganggu privacy.haha.asmat,jadilah wakil wing baru yang berdedikasi!haha.asiah,aina,fadhila,faeezah,raihanah,hana,afzan n yan hui..good luck!!4 FLAT happening k??yang lain sorry tak tahu nama.tapi good luck juge!!make sure blok A5 aras 3 wing B semua dapat pointer 4.00!!goodluck untuk sukan blok!!A5 terhebat!!

jiran depan!!

i had fun walaupun 3 minggu je.nak dekat sebulan.gaha.semua tempat dah pergi.dah!cume yang tak pernah ialah riadah waktu petang.aiya...menyesal seyh..i learned alot!i've gained new made me feel more berdikari.i would like to thank KMM for making me matang.i thank abg2 n kakak2 fasi for making me love KMM even though i've been there for only three weeks.dua minggu habis satu chapter!fast!mcm rocket.biology lagi la..2 minggu 2 chapter.cepat!tu yang membuatkan kita lebih matang.tak macam form 5 dulu.relax je sentiasa.aha rindu KMM!KMM dihatiku.seriously,KMM DIHATIKU!HEY LONDANG!i miss you.i will keep everything with me.the matrik card,room key chain,jotter books,tutorial books,reports,lab manual books,baju bersamamu,beg bersamamu(lepas rakan bawak balik beg tu..).i will keep them.i promise.

hannah bt mohd salleh sahimi.
MS 0711500568.
kolej matrikulasi melaka (14/5/2007-2/6/2007).

aiyark..dgr lagu sedih mcm nak nangis plak dah!emosi!!