Saturday, June 23, 2007

a bunch of friends made me laugh again.

open day.

accompanied mak n luqman to the school's open day.i didnt feel like going at first coz i still wanna lazing around in my comfy bed and my friends told me that they dont wanna go.but mak insisted so being a decent daughter,i followed her.hee.

so when we arrived.some chinese songs which i loved in my schooling years,were on air!the feeling that i had was like the day i step into the school with my kodi bag n books dan yang terpenting!botol air yang lawa!i've been missing those days.where everybody was damn taller than me and ALWAYS! i repeat,ALWAYS! bully me around.just felt like i belonged here.thanks mak,for forcing me to join you.whee.

in yu hua,there's nothing wrong for being a bit manja or jumping around or being the centre of attention.nobody even care of what guys will think when you acted weird or wanted to be weird for a day.mmg kontra gile la dr ukm!

i met my former teachers.luckily they still recognized the same old annoying bising hannah sahimi.haha.i met suiying,sze yun,jia hee and i forgot some names.haha. sorry guys!hee..i missed the atmosphere.where i'm free to do anything.and there's noone to stop one to tell me to shut up when i laugh,no one to shut me up when i said something.ah..heavennye zaman sekolah!

so i hanged with my old gile weyh perasaan tu!!seriously.selepas approx 7 months tak berjumpe.mmg heaven la!rugi tak bawak camera!cisssssss!!!!!

so tonight we had our last conference today with amelin.aha.going to miss this conference thingy seriously!so for those who took the pictures of the big fonts of the conference,pls be kind to pass it to me,k?syukran jazilan!

till then!wailalliko'!

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