Wednesday, July 30, 2008

nasi durian

the delicious way of indulging the taste of durian.

try this.

take a plate,put some rice on it,the amount is up to you.

choose any slice of the golden yellow yummy durians.for me,i will take two;)
put the durian onto the rice.

dash some coconut milk or milk(low fat,full cream whatsoever milk) on the durian and the rice.add some amount of sugar on the rice.

squeeze the yummy durian and mix them all together with the rice and the sugar.put away the biji of the durian.

after finish mixing,enjoy your meal!it can be your lunch or dinner

we dont know the exact name,but we tend to call it nasi durian.
let me remind you again:it is very delicious!everybody should try it!

arwah dad taught us this delicious meal.he said it's from perak,but whenever i ask my friends from perak,they dont know it.probably it's from perak's old folks and the youngsters didnt learn how to eat them.pity them.

mak told us that the nasi durian is actually made by the poor people (back in the 60's) who couldn't afford to buy durians,durians were pricey back if they happened to get a durian,they will share it with their huge family,and they will mix the durians with rice so that everybody can taste it.and nobody get left behind.

we used to eat them with the coconut milk,but we changed it into milk after dad was diagnosed with his kidney disease.we assume it is the healthier way by using milk instead of coconut milk.but the lemak part is not complete la.

try it,you'll love it.i know it because the whole family love it!and i'm going to teach my future children about this,and and my future children will teach my grandchildren and so on and so on and so on..haha merepek.

if you're on diet,just have a bit.and you'll be craving for more!haha.

one more thing,dont eat too much durian or you'll get a major headache like what i'm having now.too many people gave us durians and our house has become the kebun of durians and mak kept open it one by one and i,on the other hand,cant help my hand to help mak tasting it slice by slice.aiyoo..mak can eat 2 whole durians without having headache.i envy her.huuu..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

saye si cekgu tusyen

'kak,nak topup $@&#^ 10 ringgit..'

i gave her rm50 but then she asked me wether i have anything lesser than that..

ku bukak2 poket2 purse.

'5,6,7,8,9...50 sen,70 sen..90 sen..(monolog dalaman:oh ade 5 sen dan 5 biji 1 sen!)'

susun dan confident betul tanpa ingat bahawasanya 1 sen dah tak gune..

'erm dik,1 sen dah tak gune kan?'

terasa sangat bodoh!!!!

'oh yeke?saye baru balik from luar negara,so saye tak tahu..sorry~'

padahal 1 sen dah tak digunekan dah lame kot??malu2.. :p

i have a JOB!!i just received half of my salary!

KERJA: guru tuition..
SUBJECT: addmath???haha..nasib baik ingat lagi!dan nasib baik form 4 je.. :p
DUIT KEMANA?: baju kot? :D

kau orang pernah nyanyikan lagu 10 budak hitam tu?well,aku dah minat tinggallah 9 untuk korg minat..haha..ok,orang tak gelak.

orang bijak dan hensem aku pernah jumpe,orang gentleman aku pernah jumpe,orang sengal pon aku pernah jumpe..tapi aku tak pernah jumpe lagi si gentleman yang bijak dan rock tapi tidak tinggal solat dan mempunyai senyuman menawan.nak cari lah!hehe..

mak's 51st birthday was yesterday.we surprised her with some presents and cake.she loved it.and we love our mak too!happy birthday mak,moga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.

ngantuk arh.selamat siang.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


service orang melayu vs service orang cina.

same day,same time.

situation 1:using the malay's service to repair the waterpipe.
called for number of times,then only they come to your house.
they came and check the toilet and tell you that they'll repair it that afternoon.but,janji orang melayu,they didnt come.
later that night they called,telling you the amount of money they wanted to repair the toilet(belum apa-apa dah nak duit)
soo egyptian-like-attitude.bila pasal duit,laju je.
then they told you that they will come the next day.
but..janji melayu,macam arab,tak nampak batang hidung.
you've called,you've waited for a week!then only they come to your house with their tools.
but it didnt end there just yet.
after you paid them then you realised,ada jugak paip yang bocor.cheh!
patutla laju je korang nak balik.

situation 2:using the chinese's service to repair the astro decorder.
called once,they told you that they will come at 1.
at 1,they showed up.(senyum)
they didnt tell you the ammount od money they wanted,they said :'let us repair it first lah'(senyum)
they told you that the soonest you can get your decorder back is after 1 week.
after 1 week,they called,the decorder is already back in action.

so whose service is better?you decide.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the violin.

yeah,i have nothing else to do than lying on the bed watching tv,or cook if mak told me to,or just sit in front the boring desktop for hours.

people are just too busy studying and left me here alone with nobody else to hang with.wahh emosi.hahaha..

i'm not actually that bored!mak's friends always visit mak here and for that reason i have to entertain them with my egypt stories and like mak said,tunjuk muke orang mesir.and i have to start over the same story from day by day.cant they just come on 1 day so that i would not waste my saliva of talking the same stuff and my jaws would not be cramped almost everyday for giving those aunties the sweetest widest smile i ever gave?but there's nobody to least i would not be dead bored with nothing to do.huhu.

i found this video on kajang town.and i was like hey!i know that guy!i met him before.

he was the instructor of er hu in my old school.

after being amazed by the talented Mr Cham Kum Loong,i decided to learn this er hu(chinese violin)

but then i am so sure that mak will slap me back to reality.i wasted hundreds of ringgits when i was in form 2 when i told my mak that i wanted to learn the chinese flute but only went for only 2 months of classes.hee.

who ask the instructor to be so fierce?i came innocently and willing to learn but he scolded me and liyin most of the time.till we almost cry one day.huh.maybe we were too young at that moment.haha.

he's too fierce that at one time when i ask him where to buy the chinese flute he didnt answer me at all he just showed me his fierce face and i was like smiling innocently.then at that time the er hu instructor,Mr Cham,came to me and told me that he will buy 1 for nicee..(smiling)

i remembered my friend told me that er hu was supposed to be played by men only!the women were forbidden to play it but in the modern world,the men and women has the same rights,so the women are now damn luckier than their greatestest great great great grandmothers and they can play the er hu now.(i dont know the truth of the story,blame my friend if she's telling me the wrong story.hehe)

if only i know i would not survive the fierceness of the flute instructor(i basically forgot his name la,see?too fierce that i forgot his name),i would go and spend the money to er hu instead.and i will be a pro in no time!(cewah berlagak!)huwaaaa...

mommy,i want to learn er hu!!!

i bet mak will pretend that she didnt hear me.

oh well..

Sunday, July 13, 2008


when i meet my school friends,if they ask me how's egypt?i will answer..

'tak best.i dont like it when people judge my every move.'

but when mak's friends ask me how's egypt?i will answer..

'ok la.takde la teruk sangat.boleh je enjoy kalau dah adapted.'

and when my junior ask me how's egypt?i will answer..

'best!pengalaman baru!just enjoy it.'

heh.hypocrite ke ape?honestly i dont know how i feel about Mansoura University.i told my cousin about how stressful was i during last 2 semesters with lectures i dont understand and how tired was i after attending classes in the morning and still have classes till middle of the night.and my cousin suggest that i should change to university in indonesia instead.i immediately objected.i told her that it was not that hard afterall.

but then,after i got made me reconsider.

then mak asked me to clean up the study room.oh it was full with books here and there.i was cleaning up my table until i found this...

kolej matrikulasi melaka.i found the notes i jotted during lectures for the three weeks i was my surprise,i actually jotted a lot of notes!my notes were very thick even for only three weeks!and i had a conversation with mak about it..

'wah rajinnye hannah time matrik dulu!notes tebal2..hahaha'

'ha!bagusla..kalau stay dulu maybe boleh dapat 4 flat.'


would i get 4 flat if i stayed?probably.even kak ngah got 3.98 before.
regret of leaving?definitely.there's still tiny bits of that feeling haunting me.
would i have a great time in matriculation?probably.i had a very close prektikum mates.we still contact each other now.i had fun those three weeks!adoi.
tapi takpe la.i chose this path.maybe i'll get 4 flat but still didnt qualified to enter dentistry course.maybe i wouldn't get that 4 flat.everything happens for a reason.

i was studying form 4's addmaths for i have to teach my cousin's daughter after this.and i actually miss those moments where i learn to understand but not learn to school,the teachers gave us reasons on why this or that happened.but in my university,if we ask the lecturer why this thing happened,he/she will say..

'you dont need to know,you just have to memorize it.' comments.

the dentistry seniors told me that in pre-dentistry year,you will feel the stress but once you enter the 1st year,you'll have fun.

is it?well,we just have to wait and see,aite?

i wish next semester will not be like last 2 semesters.i wish the lecturers can speak english and i wish that the lecturers can use english in class or make extra classes for the malaysians.not like what we went through last year where when we asked a lecturer to make extra class for us,he said..

'you just study at home and come to my office if you dont understand.'

heh.mcm tak the heck to study when we dont understand a thing?mengeluh.but i didnt say that the tuitions didnt helped a lot!
i just didnt agree with the 'just memorize eventhough u dont understand' part.

mengeluh tu tak baik.but i did that a lot today.

mcm nak nangis pon ade!huwaaaa...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

this is MY blog.

i bought a @#$%^&* sim card from this chinese makcik and i thought i can enjoy the advantages of actually using the handphone to contact my old friends starting that day.till when do i have to go around mak and 'mak,nak pinjam phone,nak sms.' again and again and again.i think mak is already worry about the balance of her handphone's i filled the registeration form,gave the makcik a sweet smile after she said after half an hour i can use it already and went back home.

then after half an hour the message havent arrive yet.i waited till 1 whole day then i received the message the next day but she registered me with someone else's name.ahmad something.i tried to send a message but couldnt,again,i tried to call,and it dissapoint me yesterday i went to the makcik's shop again and complain it to her.she said,she will solve it.again,she said,after half an hour,it will be settled.

i waited patiently for one whole day thinking that it might end up just like the other day but no changes today after i babbled it to mak,mak took me to the shop again.mak asked me to tell the makcik to give me back my money.

arrived,i smiled to the makcik.i told her nicely that the problem about the registeration is not done yet.she said she didnt promise me that it will be blood pressure emotion unstabled.i cant control my anger.the hormon suddenly taking over the body and poof!i scold her!oh i still cant believe i scold her!this is absurd!the funny thing about the scolding part is that i suddenly uttered this sentence

'i baru balik dari luar negara!i nak contact kawan2 ipon tak boleh!mcmane nk contact sekarang?'

and she was like..'oh u pigi luar negara buat apa?'

i screamed:'BELAJAR LA!'

silence.she picked up her phone,call her @#$%^&* agent and gave the phone to me.directly i screamed to the agent.dah la melayu!pemalas plak tu!

i was soo angry tears almost fall from my was that critical.haha.the gerai makan's customers beside the shop stopped eating.heh.i was making a scene.haha.

stupid malay.melayu.perangai tak senonoh langsung.adeke patut ckp dengan customer malas2?the company should fire u,u stupid moron!

i scold him by saying

'hello?i've paid the money!i should get what i've paid!'
and then he replied me by saying 'i know la u dah pay..tapi this is not salah i'(bengong,ape bende ntah kau ckp)

'this is your job!u didnt do your job well!'(the same sentence i gave mahmood in egypt the other day..haha)

and then he started to blame the makcik,tibe2 terase nak defend makcik bengong tu.
'so u're saying this is her fault?siape yang tak buat kerja sekarang?'

then the same sentence that i gave to the makcik came out from my mouth again.but with different tone.the angrier one.
'i baru balik dari luar negara!i nak contact kawan2 ipon tak boleh!mcmane nk contact sekarang?'

then he said'i tak boleh nak buat ape?'

tak boleh nak buat ape?solve this thing,moron!

he suggested that i have to go to the center.but the center will be closed tomorrow.for the problem that i didnt cause,i refused.i said 'TAKDE MASE LA!' n he dropped the phone.bodoh betul.nak je aku sepak 55 kali.(apsal 55 kali pon aku taktau kenape)

then the makcik pulak buat hal.i asked her to give me my money back..

'tak boleh oo..ini bukan masalah kitolang..'

ok then,i asked her to change the sim card to another one..

'tak boleh oo..'

ok marah lagi!

silence.tears were about to fall..(bertahan!bertahan!)
immediately i use my ability of speaking mandarin to scold her.hah!take that!tergamam kau!

i told her that i wont be coming back again to her stupid shop,slammed the desk and walk toward mak who were waiting in the car.and mak just smiled and laughed about what had happened.

hah.i didnt believe that i did that.i thought i only have the guts to do the scolding thing in front of the egyptians but i didnt know that i actually brought home that behaviour.

was wondering where the hell did i get that from.mak said it's in the gene.i got it from my late dad.haha.prouddd!!

1 more thing that annoys me.....

this is MY blog.i have the rights on writing whatever i wanted.i have feelings and i have my own thoughts and whenever i feel like i wanna write about my thoughts,i will write it and dont judge me by being a jane doe leaving me comments without telling me your name and start to lecture me about this and that.i have my own way of learning the stuff u told me to.and if you are that good,why being a coward?menyorok diri tak bgtau siape kau.whoever you are,stop,if you want to's my pleasure.but just keep your thoughts with you,ok?thanks.this is my blog and this is my rule.get your own blog for crying out loud!

or i will make my blog private.thank you.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

saya gemuk tapi pandai.

apa lagi penting?

kurus atau otak?

orang selalu mengata mereka yang gemuk.tapi kalau kurus tapi tak belajar tinggi pon tiada guna juga kan?kalau kurus dan pandai,itu sangat bagus.tapi kalau kurus tapi duduk dekat kampung pastu tak mahu belajar rajin2 dan perasan sangat lawa padahal hanya menjadi typical kampung girl tu bagus ke?maaf,teremosi sebentar.

berlagak la sangat dengan kekurusan tu?hello?ada orang gemuk sebab berjaga malam untuk menelaah shows that time kita belajar,otak kita berfungsi,kita menggunakan otak kita.tau tak belajar itu satu yang memenatkan?apabila kita guna otak kita,kita juga guna tenaga kita.dan apabila tenaga habis digunakan,kita pon..makan!makan untuk belajar.baca buku!memang la kau kurus,kau tak perlu belajar teruk2.duduk rumah,orang suruh masuk universiti tak mahu!duduk rumah goyang kaki,tak buat apa2,tengok tv,orang suruh itu ini semua malas,memang la kau tak lapar,bila kau tak lapar,kau takde keinginan untuk makan,dan kau jadi kurus.heh.bangge sangat la tu?ingat sekarang ini masih wujud lagi ke anak raja yang nak kahwin dengan orang kampung yang kononnya lawa?lawa tapi tak tahu apa2.apa berlaku pada dunia yang kau duduk tu pon kau tak tahu.mahu ke anak raja tu kahwin dengan kau?tolongla hidup dalam alam realiti.itu hanya cerita dongeng yang untuk diceritakan kepada budak2 bawah 5 tahun ataupun drama2 melayu yang kau gilakan sangat tu.maaf,teremosi lagi sekali.

bagaimana pula kalau gemuk?
gemuk tapi rajin belajar itu sesuatu yang harus dibanggakan.saya bangga saya gemuk tapi walaupun saya takde la rajin sangat belajar,tapi saya rasa belajar itu sangat penting!jadi,saya berusaha untuk merajinkan diri saya untuk belajar.saya buka internet untuk mengambil tahu tentang dunia ini.bukannya hanya melayari friendster dan myspace semata2.saya gemuk sebab tekanan belajar.ada masalah?jadi janganlah mengata orang si tembam sebab kemungkinan besar mereka itu adalah lebih bijak berbanding anda.mungkin juga mereka nanti akan lebih berjaya daripada anda,mungkin juga mereka akan dapat lelaki yang juga lebih baik daripada anda.mungkin bukan anak raja tapi mungkin anak orang kaya.mungkin juga lelaki anak orang kampung yang berjaya.tapi takpelah anak orang kampung pon,asalkan suami dia seorang yang berjaya.

lihat pula dari segi kewangan,ada perempuan tu mahu belajar,tapi ketiadaan wang untuk menuntut ilmu ke menara gading.tapi sekarang ni,ada penaja.pelbagai jenis penaja terdapat di negara kita.tak dapat jpa atau mara,mungkin juga dapat bantuan zakat.tapi kalau rezeki itu tiada,haruslah redha.tapi perempuan jenis ini haruslah dimaafkan.kerana perempuan itu rajin untuk belajar.jarang juga dapat jumpa perempuan sebegitu sekarang.sekarang ni wujud perempuan yang berlagak kononnya lawa tapi malas semua benda dan sibuk mengata orang gemuk walhal tengoklah orang tu,memandu kereta jenis apa?kamu tu pandu kereta apa?jadi,janganlah berbangga diri dengan kekurusan anda.kerana,orang gemuk pon boleh jadi kurus.tatkala dia sudah berjaya,dia mungkin akan kurus satu hari nanti.pada masa itu,dia sudah mempunyai segalanya.kecantikan,kekurusan,dan kejayaan.barulah orang2 kurus tapi berlagak ini terlopong memandangnya.barulah nak berkawan dengan si dia yang dulunya gemuk.jadi,kepada mereka yang merasakan diri mereka gemuk,atau berisi,janganlah sedih ketika terdengar umpatan orang,kerana gemuk atau kurus itu boleh diubah.senyum dan lalui hari anda dengan riang!

tensi dengan orang suka mengumpat.shoh shoh!pergi jaga tepi kain sendiri.nak terkoyak dah tu!

listening to: jason mraz-beauty in ugly.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

home is where the heart is.


this IS home!i'm happily announce that i AM home!i'm in bandar baru bangi,and i love the green scenery,the not so hot weather,the comfy bed,the clean house,the telly and the less sound pollution!

the best thing is,i dont have to put on lotion everytime after i took my wudhu'!jimat masa!haha.

like i guessed,mak didnt recognised me when i waved at her.she said that i became fat.haha.that 5 kilos are really stubborn!i didnt eat rice for a week last week to become skinni-er and i lost 1 kilo.but then the two days before i fly,we had a big lunch and dinner,aiyo,therefore i have to stop eating rice again for a time before i meet more people with this extra 5 kilos.huhu.syaf said she lost her 5 kilos with that method,we'll see how it work.huhu.

so far,i met the neighbours and they said the same thing:'wah sehatnye budak ni'

dang!kebalkan telingaaa!!haha.

and the chinese friends came just now.i would like to thank seeling,xinwei,meiyee,peilee,and suiying for coming.we were suppose to have dinner together at pizza hut but due to some circumtances,i couldn't come.i was so touched that they willing to come here all the way from kajang at the middle of the night.i miss you guys like hell!they are the best!i complaint alot to last,there're people who willing to listen!except mak of course.mak is the best listener.she listens to every detail i told her about dentistry in egypt.yeah,i whine a lot but i didnt get what i paid!it's my mother's money for crying out loud!i'll stop whining if it doesnt involve my mak's money.sekian.

so,i think i have to smooth up my mandarin language back.i talk like orang gagap just rojak with english,malay and,lets learn mandarin again!watch out chinese dramas!i'm preparing myself to addict to you!haha.

list of things to do:

makan durian(checked!thanks aunty sarah and aunty faridah~!)
kurus 5 kilo!(i will make it possible!)
jumpa kawan-kawan yang ramai.
puasa sunat.(for the sake of kuruskan badan.haha)
makan roti canai,pisang goreng.
kuih keria,my fav!(checked!thanks auntie nolly!)
jumpa nenek and kampung.
3S with niksu.
beli dental-related books.