Sunday, July 13, 2008


when i meet my school friends,if they ask me how's egypt?i will answer..

'tak best.i dont like it when people judge my every move.'

but when mak's friends ask me how's egypt?i will answer..

'ok la.takde la teruk sangat.boleh je enjoy kalau dah adapted.'

and when my junior ask me how's egypt?i will answer..

'best!pengalaman baru!just enjoy it.'

heh.hypocrite ke ape?honestly i dont know how i feel about Mansoura University.i told my cousin about how stressful was i during last 2 semesters with lectures i dont understand and how tired was i after attending classes in the morning and still have classes till middle of the night.and my cousin suggest that i should change to university in indonesia instead.i immediately objected.i told her that it was not that hard afterall.

but then,after i got made me reconsider.

then mak asked me to clean up the study room.oh it was full with books here and there.i was cleaning up my table until i found this...

kolej matrikulasi melaka.i found the notes i jotted during lectures for the three weeks i was my surprise,i actually jotted a lot of notes!my notes were very thick even for only three weeks!and i had a conversation with mak about it..

'wah rajinnye hannah time matrik dulu!notes tebal2..hahaha'

'ha!bagusla..kalau stay dulu maybe boleh dapat 4 flat.'


would i get 4 flat if i stayed?probably.even kak ngah got 3.98 before.
regret of leaving?definitely.there's still tiny bits of that feeling haunting me.
would i have a great time in matriculation?probably.i had a very close prektikum mates.we still contact each other now.i had fun those three weeks!adoi.
tapi takpe la.i chose this path.maybe i'll get 4 flat but still didnt qualified to enter dentistry course.maybe i wouldn't get that 4 flat.everything happens for a reason.

i was studying form 4's addmaths for i have to teach my cousin's daughter after this.and i actually miss those moments where i learn to understand but not learn to school,the teachers gave us reasons on why this or that happened.but in my university,if we ask the lecturer why this thing happened,he/she will say..

'you dont need to know,you just have to memorize it.' comments.

the dentistry seniors told me that in pre-dentistry year,you will feel the stress but once you enter the 1st year,you'll have fun.

is it?well,we just have to wait and see,aite?

i wish next semester will not be like last 2 semesters.i wish the lecturers can speak english and i wish that the lecturers can use english in class or make extra classes for the malaysians.not like what we went through last year where when we asked a lecturer to make extra class for us,he said..

'you just study at home and come to my office if you dont understand.'

heh.mcm tak the heck to study when we dont understand a thing?mengeluh.but i didnt say that the tuitions didnt helped a lot!
i just didnt agree with the 'just memorize eventhough u dont understand' part.

mengeluh tu tak baik.but i did that a lot today.

mcm nak nangis pon ade!huwaaaa...


Niksu Rashid said...

bagi saya, i made a right decision by leaving KMM. hehe. tp haih. rindunye suasane di saneee

hannahsahimi said...

sangt rinduuu

Adilah said...

KMM!! haha. rindu time hannah ada kat kmm. walaupun kita skrg dah terlepas dari sana. haha.

rindu gelak hannah and masa hannah menjerit tgk gambar masit dgn sheikh muszaphar. kekeke.

hannahsahimi said...

oh yang menjerit tgh2 maghrib tu ke?
haha..yang sampai peluk2 pintu tu..

yang tu teruk gile hannah menjerit tu tak boleh terima maa masit siap pegang2 tgn dgn sheikh muzaphar..bikin panas!haha