Wednesday, July 02, 2008

home is where the heart is.


this IS home!i'm happily announce that i AM home!i'm in bandar baru bangi,and i love the green scenery,the not so hot weather,the comfy bed,the clean house,the telly and the less sound pollution!

the best thing is,i dont have to put on lotion everytime after i took my wudhu'!jimat masa!haha.

like i guessed,mak didnt recognised me when i waved at her.she said that i became fat.haha.that 5 kilos are really stubborn!i didnt eat rice for a week last week to become skinni-er and i lost 1 kilo.but then the two days before i fly,we had a big lunch and dinner,aiyo,therefore i have to stop eating rice again for a time before i meet more people with this extra 5 kilos.huhu.syaf said she lost her 5 kilos with that method,we'll see how it work.huhu.

so far,i met the neighbours and they said the same thing:'wah sehatnye budak ni'

dang!kebalkan telingaaa!!haha.

and the chinese friends came just now.i would like to thank seeling,xinwei,meiyee,peilee,and suiying for coming.we were suppose to have dinner together at pizza hut but due to some circumtances,i couldn't come.i was so touched that they willing to come here all the way from kajang at the middle of the night.i miss you guys like hell!they are the best!i complaint alot to last,there're people who willing to listen!except mak of course.mak is the best listener.she listens to every detail i told her about dentistry in egypt.yeah,i whine a lot but i didnt get what i paid!it's my mother's money for crying out loud!i'll stop whining if it doesnt involve my mak's money.sekian.

so,i think i have to smooth up my mandarin language back.i talk like orang gagap just rojak with english,malay and,lets learn mandarin again!watch out chinese dramas!i'm preparing myself to addict to you!haha.

list of things to do:

makan durian(checked!thanks aunty sarah and aunty faridah~!)
kurus 5 kilo!(i will make it possible!)
jumpa kawan-kawan yang ramai.
puasa sunat.(for the sake of kuruskan badan.haha)
makan roti canai,pisang goreng.
kuih keria,my fav!(checked!thanks auntie nolly!)
jumpa nenek and kampung.
3S with niksu.
beli dental-related books.


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