Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the violin.

yeah,i have nothing else to do than lying on the bed watching tv,or cook if mak told me to,or just sit in front the boring desktop for hours.

people are just too busy studying and left me here alone with nobody else to hang with.wahh emosi.hahaha..

i'm not actually that bored!mak's friends always visit mak here and for that reason i have to entertain them with my egypt stories and like mak said,tunjuk muke orang mesir.and i have to start over the same story from day by day.cant they just come on 1 day so that i would not waste my saliva of talking the same stuff and my jaws would not be cramped almost everyday for giving those aunties the sweetest widest smile i ever gave?but there's nobody to least i would not be dead bored with nothing to do.huhu.

i found this video on kajang town.and i was like hey!i know that guy!i met him before.

he was the instructor of er hu in my old school.

after being amazed by the talented Mr Cham Kum Loong,i decided to learn this er hu(chinese violin)

but then i am so sure that mak will slap me back to reality.i wasted hundreds of ringgits when i was in form 2 when i told my mak that i wanted to learn the chinese flute but only went for only 2 months of classes.hee.

who ask the instructor to be so fierce?i came innocently and willing to learn but he scolded me and liyin most of the time.till we almost cry one day.huh.maybe we were too young at that moment.haha.

he's too fierce that at one time when i ask him where to buy the chinese flute he didnt answer me at all he just showed me his fierce face and i was like smiling innocently.then at that time the er hu instructor,Mr Cham,came to me and told me that he will buy 1 for nicee..(smiling)

i remembered my friend told me that er hu was supposed to be played by men only!the women were forbidden to play it but in the modern world,the men and women has the same rights,so the women are now damn luckier than their greatestest great great great grandmothers and they can play the er hu now.(i dont know the truth of the story,blame my friend if she's telling me the wrong story.hehe)

if only i know i would not survive the fierceness of the flute instructor(i basically forgot his name la,see?too fierce that i forgot his name),i would go and spend the money to er hu instead.and i will be a pro in no time!(cewah berlagak!)huwaaaa...

mommy,i want to learn er hu!!!

i bet mak will pretend that she didnt hear me.

oh well..


Niksu Rashid said...

wakakaka. hannah. saya belajar piano before. when i was in std 4 ke 5 ntah. but i quitted sebab CIKGU TU GARANG. wakaka. and now terasa menyesal jugak la. haihhh. betul la kate kamu, we were to young to understand. haha

hannahsahimi said...

tau xpe..last2 menyesal jugak kan?
cikgu ajar muzik tak patut garang!!
jom buat perarakan..CIKGU MUZIK JANGAN GARANG!:p
takpe,nnt dah besar blaja lg ek?huhu