Saturday, July 28, 2007

shut up and drive.

ringkasan 2 minggu.

went to mid valley with roomates last wednesday.elly bought something for her boyfriend and i bought myself a new radioactive handbag.memang puas hati la.we were there from 6 till 10 pm.nasib baik dapat catch up the last train to go back to ukm.kalau tak,tidur je la kat mid..hee.


went to alamanda with mak,luqman n kak yong on 21 july.saw the harry potter books but didnt buy it for i being so stupid didnt grab the chance to buy it when it's only 70 bucks!OH TIDAKKKKK!!!!hadoih.went jalan2 and had our lunch there.

22 july.was raining all the day.and i have to iron everything up so i would not have to wear wet shirts to kuliah or to sleep.lenguh tangan!sampai cadar2 pon aku iron tau tak?haha..bought the delicious chocolate hazel nut cake yang sangat yummy yummy yummy to surprise mak for her 50th birthday.again,happy birthday mak!kak lang loves you so much!

kuliah went okay.sekarang dah ade orang bercouple2 skarang crite hot pasal couple2 la.hadoih.

yesterday,syazwan fetched me up from ukm with his hot waja.hee.thinking that he will drive me to alamanda so i can buy mak's present and some stuff but then when i got into the car he said we're going to shah we fetched ekhwan,ean,ekhwan's gf n nadia and went to shah alam to meet 'ariff gemok'.he was gemok when he was in yuhua but he's thin now.but we still call him ariff gemok.hee.ariff drove his swift and brought us to kedai kopi.then we went to 'belakang rumah persinggahan sultan' then to subang's uptown yang totally memang takde pape langsung,then finally hang dekat mcdonalds kat subang.hee.went back to kajang at 12 am and arrived back at ukm at 1 am.seronok gile dowh!memang mcm fun gile.hee.good luck to syazwan untuk 2nd semester di unisel.welcome to my kampung.hee.

sign P

driverku yang hot


kedai kopi

seronok!!!let's do it more often!!!hee.

p/s:korg,flight saye pukul 0040 hours 2 september 2007.lagi beberapa minggu je lagi..sobs..

Saturday, July 14, 2007


1st week in keris mas.macam seronok la roomates are kak hanis,elly and fifek.kinda beginning to love them dah.haha..we sang songs almost every night,screaming and chatting and doesnt even care if others were asleep or got annoyed with us.hee.seronok.

but i got really stressed up with some of the students yang sangat2 hipokrit,sangat2 berlagak,and some guys who sangat2 perasan orang tengok die,and some guys who sangat2 perasan kononnye kacak la.ADEK AKU LAGI KACAK WEIH!perghh..


i was practising my mandarin with izzah and she suddenly come to me and said:'woi,tak bleh ckp melayu ke?'

WHAT THE FUCK?????!!!!aku ade kacau kau ke??ke ko nak mampus cepat??babi betul la.aku mcm nak baling je kamus tebal tu kat muke kau yang kononnye comel tu.DAH LA HIPOKRIT!apsal kau suke nak carik pasal ngan aku ha????

luckily seeling wants to meet me and winshen came and took me out for our gathering with xinwei,peilee and meiyee in mcd kajang.kalau x,seriously tension tahap kingkong.thanks,friends.u guys are the best!

i would also like to thanks syazwan who were being so hot dan kacak gile nak mati bawak waja and fetched me up with ean and ekhwan to attend husna's late dad's tahlil.serious aku happy time tu.lepas berterbangan semua ketensionan.hee...

i've planned not to come back home this week.but then mak called and she asked me tp pack and go home immediately.i guess mak misses me.hee.seronok!penangan message I LOVE YOU,MAK really does the trick!hee.

starbucks is now in kajang!!!OMG OMG's been ages since i've went to starbucks.OMG OMG NAK PERGI!!and kajang soon will have its own GSC.bapak gempak!!takyah pergi jauh2 dah nk tgk movie dengan sound system yang best.hee.seronok!seronok!hee.but then,entah2 die start bukak after i fly to egypt.pfft!tapi starbucks dah bukak!!hee.HEAVEN!this all new stuff is in metro point.the new metro in kajang.near kajang high school.near yu hua also!so the students can like..walk there.especially budak2 high school la kan.lintas jalan je dah sampai.hoho.

oklah.i'm tired and it's almost maghrib and i havent iron up my baju kurungs yet.apatah lagi hafal ayat2 arab.hee..adios!

with friends at mcd.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

keris mas.

yea.i moved from kolej rahim kajai to kolej keris mas in ukm.

after i booked the rooms,put all my bags in,and shared the 'eww,keciknye bilik ni' expression with kak yong and left,i went there again to attend lectures.

seriously my bilik is like so small that i think can be shared by only 2 people but they've put in 2 double dacker(spelling x reti.) beds in,and it ends up with 4 people sharing 1 bilik yang kecik nak mati.with fan yang kodi gile and meja yang dah lapuk and imagine how 4 girls have to share 3 almari baju!!!!it's like..OMG kolej rahim kajai is wayy least rahim kajai has bigger room with bigger almari and each person has 1 almari and cleaner toilet!YOU HAVE TO SEE THE TOILET IN KOLEJ KERIS MAS!it's like hell!nak gune pon mcm tak berani ok???with air yang bertakung and bau yang tak menyenangkan langsung.and the jamban mcm serious TAKNAK GUNE LANGSUNG!!!but terpakse la kan..kalau tak..gile la..sanggup tak mandi!haha.

lecture hall is extremely kecik.i prefer rahim kajai's lecture hall walaupun sejuk and jauh tahap kingkong but still besar,luas dan best!tapi tutorial rooms sangat berpuas hati la.hee.

nasib baik i had the chance to complaint everything to prof. mad. when we had breakfast together.and prof mad being the nicest guy ever willing to listen and he jotted down every single ketidakpuasan hati kami in his pocket note book! gile la kawan dgn prof ni.haha.

nasib baik gile mak allows me to skip my class tomorrow (class canceled pon actually)so she fetched me and now i'm resting in my house yang selesa tahap kingkong.BUT,drp all three KMM,Kolej rahim kajai,and kolej keris mas,KMM is like the most selesa asrama mcm rindu.hahaha..

enough of kelakar,mengarut and mengkomplen stories.i have a sad news to announce.
husna(yu hua)'s dad telah pulang ke rahmatullah malam tadi.
to husna,may the force be with you.insyaAllah everything will be just fine.


Thursday, July 05, 2007


alhamdulillah.everything is settled.i've renewed my passport n the baitulmal scholarship thingy also has been settled.

cuti is almost over.i have to check in again tomorrow.but mak said,i can come back home and hang after that.meaning,i just have to go there tomorrow,book for my room and my friends' room,then,call kak yong to pick me up,then tidur balik! heaven is that?haha..i can drive.but mak doesnt allow me to.aha.takpe,asalkan balik.hahaha.

i called amal.gosh i miss her so much!she told me that our h2p6 has been closer than before.OMG i miss my prektikum in kmm.i still believe that kmm is still the me a freak but i still keep KMM in my heart.KMM dihatiku to be exact.i feel like wanna go there and stay there for just 1 night.argh!rindu giler seyh!especially my roomates,my jiran depan,my prektikum.gosh!harap2 janganlah lost contact.amiin..

so amal passed the phone to pipat.and pipat telah menjealouskan saya dengan jayanya with something i couldnt mention here.benci seyh!!pipat!!jage kau!aku bunuh!!!

ah enough.this thing is making me feel more rindu to KMM.i miss kmm's life.and the boys that annoys me much..syawal,naqi,ayai..ok i have to admit it.i miss korang yang kelaka dan pemalas!syimir and phiau.OMG.serious rindu gile ok?GOD plz,plz la ada orang yang sehebat mereka2 ini di UKM.

speaking of rindu.I MISS KEREPEK CONFERENCE!everybody has left and i felt lonely without merepek2.haha.imagine,i went to bed at 12 or 11 pm!memang serious sunyi!even mak asked me..:'ai,awal masuk tidur?'..haha..takblehbla.

ok.aku tak reti tangkap gambar mcm mane yang haziq bgtau haritu.aku main tangkap je.haha.tapi serious aku rindu conference sampai pukul 3 pagi ni.

i have to attend kelas ganti on saturday and sunday.arghh!benci la kelas on weekends!sabtu takpe lagi.AHAD sgt tak bleh,my cousin is getting married on sunday.but mak said,since i have classes to attend,she doesnt allow me to ponteng to attend the wedding pulak!dah la after i fly to egypt nanti i have to miss a lot of wedding ceremonies!perghhh...ADOI!

enough of meluahkan perasaan session.i feel so much better after typing it down.thanks readers.


settle suda.

KMM friends,i miss korang soooooooo much.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a day with honey.

spent almost the entire day with hani in kajang yesterday.i just bought kamus,file n some buku latihans at cziplee.then we went window shopping.met kak lyn at parkson.went totally crazy when i saw her.didnt buy any new clothes like i planned cos the clothes there were not that cheap.haha.aku tak kaya maaa...hish!

perut berorchestra so we head to pizza-hut to have our lunch.(jgn bagitau luqman!mampus aku kang.)i had the yummy baked rice yang memang mengenyangkan perut yang totally worth it lah!nak lagi!i met fion and mui fun somewhere near pizza-hut.they're taking form 6 physics class.funny to see them wearing form 6 uniform.memang TAK BOLEH BLA tahap king kong.haha.

then we went straight home at four by bus.bus ape?bas mini!hahahaha..SANGAT SANGAT TAK BOLEH BLA!ok what..1st time naik bas sendiri ok?hahaha(ada kereta tanak bawak!hahaha)hebat ar!hahaha..


at night.i got bored.suddenly felt like calling my KMM i did!i called masit,my roomate!we've talked for like an hour.masit passed the phone to kila and then stopped for awhile for their bacaan almulk then masit called again and we've talked for another hour.GILA RINDU!!!we've shared some secrets and problems.tak bleh bla banyak kapal terbang lalu and masit went like:'WEIH!PAKWE KITE LALU!'..hahaha..rindu..rindu..RINDU!!!

THANKS MASIT N KILA!!aku akan ke melaka jumpe korang soon.kemungkinan la.hee..

wasiat lagi?haha..
masit,sian kau sorg2..takpe 9 bulan je lagi.hee..
kila,kirim salam kat mimi!!!!!!!hee..

Sunday, July 01, 2007

nilai nilai nilai..

we,that included mak,kak yong,luqman,ikram,akma,along,kak fati,cikde n alang went to nilai square to shop!!

nilai square..the place where somebody broke like me went to shop to buy new clothes.hahaha.

i bought my baju raya.(ckp pasal raya,nak sedih plak dah!).quite nice.mak picked it for me.thanks mak!and i bought a new blouse yang boleh dikatakan lawa la jugak.hahaha..but mak paid for both.i love u,mak!

we went there with just 1 car!thanks to kia carnival that can fitted in 7 people,plus three others sat on the floor.hahaha..

i had a totally kecoh day.with cikde's melatah n jokes,with kak fati,along,and alang's non stop pergaduhan.really made my day!hahaha..

too bad lil ikram is having a he wasnt as jumpy,as hyper as usual.

jom keluar???i'm bored at home with nobody to chat with.everybody is in university/college now.aha.bosan.