Saturday, July 14, 2007


1st week in keris mas.macam seronok la roomates are kak hanis,elly and fifek.kinda beginning to love them dah.haha..we sang songs almost every night,screaming and chatting and doesnt even care if others were asleep or got annoyed with us.hee.seronok.

but i got really stressed up with some of the students yang sangat2 hipokrit,sangat2 berlagak,and some guys who sangat2 perasan orang tengok die,and some guys who sangat2 perasan kononnye kacak la.ADEK AKU LAGI KACAK WEIH!perghh..


i was practising my mandarin with izzah and she suddenly come to me and said:'woi,tak bleh ckp melayu ke?'

WHAT THE FUCK?????!!!!aku ade kacau kau ke??ke ko nak mampus cepat??babi betul la.aku mcm nak baling je kamus tebal tu kat muke kau yang kononnye comel tu.DAH LA HIPOKRIT!apsal kau suke nak carik pasal ngan aku ha????

luckily seeling wants to meet me and winshen came and took me out for our gathering with xinwei,peilee and meiyee in mcd kajang.kalau x,seriously tension tahap kingkong.thanks,friends.u guys are the best!

i would also like to thanks syazwan who were being so hot dan kacak gile nak mati bawak waja and fetched me up with ean and ekhwan to attend husna's late dad's tahlil.serious aku happy time tu.lepas berterbangan semua ketensionan.hee...

i've planned not to come back home this week.but then mak called and she asked me tp pack and go home immediately.i guess mak misses me.hee.seronok!penangan message I LOVE YOU,MAK really does the trick!hee.

starbucks is now in kajang!!!OMG OMG's been ages since i've went to starbucks.OMG OMG NAK PERGI!!and kajang soon will have its own GSC.bapak gempak!!takyah pergi jauh2 dah nk tgk movie dengan sound system yang best.hee.seronok!seronok!hee.but then,entah2 die start bukak after i fly to egypt.pfft!tapi starbucks dah bukak!!hee.HEAVEN!this all new stuff is in metro point.the new metro in kajang.near kajang high school.near yu hua also!so the students can like..walk there.especially budak2 high school la kan.lintas jalan je dah sampai.hoho.

oklah.i'm tired and it's almost maghrib and i havent iron up my baju kurungs yet.apatah lagi hafal ayat2 arab.hee..adios!

with friends at mcd.

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