Saturday, July 07, 2007

keris mas.

yea.i moved from kolej rahim kajai to kolej keris mas in ukm.

after i booked the rooms,put all my bags in,and shared the 'eww,keciknye bilik ni' expression with kak yong and left,i went there again to attend lectures.

seriously my bilik is like so small that i think can be shared by only 2 people but they've put in 2 double dacker(spelling x reti.) beds in,and it ends up with 4 people sharing 1 bilik yang kecik nak mati.with fan yang kodi gile and meja yang dah lapuk and imagine how 4 girls have to share 3 almari baju!!!!it's like..OMG kolej rahim kajai is wayy least rahim kajai has bigger room with bigger almari and each person has 1 almari and cleaner toilet!YOU HAVE TO SEE THE TOILET IN KOLEJ KERIS MAS!it's like hell!nak gune pon mcm tak berani ok???with air yang bertakung and bau yang tak menyenangkan langsung.and the jamban mcm serious TAKNAK GUNE LANGSUNG!!!but terpakse la kan..kalau tak..gile la..sanggup tak mandi!haha.

lecture hall is extremely kecik.i prefer rahim kajai's lecture hall walaupun sejuk and jauh tahap kingkong but still besar,luas dan best!tapi tutorial rooms sangat berpuas hati la.hee.

nasib baik i had the chance to complaint everything to prof. mad. when we had breakfast together.and prof mad being the nicest guy ever willing to listen and he jotted down every single ketidakpuasan hati kami in his pocket note book! gile la kawan dgn prof ni.haha.

nasib baik gile mak allows me to skip my class tomorrow (class canceled pon actually)so she fetched me and now i'm resting in my house yang selesa tahap kingkong.BUT,drp all three KMM,Kolej rahim kajai,and kolej keris mas,KMM is like the most selesa asrama mcm rindu.hahaha..

enough of kelakar,mengarut and mengkomplen stories.i have a sad news to announce.
husna(yu hua)'s dad telah pulang ke rahmatullah malam tadi.
to husna,may the force be with you.insyaAllah everything will be just fine.


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