Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i finally got my life back

chemistry test wasnt that hard to deal dont have to read all and memorise them to answer the sheet's kinda...boleh jawab la..and i was being so chicken that i didnt get a good sleep for 3 days and memorised the whole book.

i was so afraid that i memorised the whole book to face my chemistry practical test.but at the end,you can literally open your book and read them while you're handling your experiment.and i felt like cursing the lecturer the 'avada kevada'(the killing curse..harry potter) curse.haha.

i was so stressed out when i was handling the experiment.i was so worried that i cant identify the unknown salt that's given to me.and the search of barium chloride make my stress level went higher and i was swearing and scolding everybody till nobody is brave enough to touch me.the chemical bottles are all written in arabic!what do you expect?damn!saye benci barium chloride,terima kasih.

and to tell u the truth,here,we did the experiment the old fashion way.there is no scientific method to deal with the chemicals.we have to pour the chemicals into our test tubes like how you tuang ur drink into ur glass.get it?it doesnt matter if the chemicals are one of those acid kuat where in high school,we hand them very delicately.AND!we have to buy our own lab apparatus.thank god the apparatus are cheap here.sebab tak berkualiti.

so now i'm back in the holiday's winter break baby!for the reason of being over budget this month with tuition fees,house rent and everything.we decided to spend our holiday in sinai.with dear abg jad as our tour guide.i think it's going to be a blast.huhu.kak hanis and i are planning on going to alexandria by our own (adventure sikit!) by train.never been to alexandria.heard that it's a beautiful place.we'll see about that.

but,even though it's holiday,i have to revise my studies for i have test coming after school's starts to open for 2nd semester on the 10th of february.

kak yong asked me wether or not i want to visit her at dublin.i was like...YES!but the tickets are rather more expensive than usual.CIS bedebah betul.nevermind,maybe some other time.

the internet is rather time it suddenly pop out into action,the other time it vanished through thin air.alhamdulillah for almost a week of mati kutu,the internet is back in action.haha.

the medic students are in exam week.(tomorrow will be the last paper).and me,as a dentist student are so free that we dont know what to i got myself busy with cleaning up the eww house(I MUST LEAVE THIS HOUSE!),cooking,movie marathon(enchanted is so fantastic!)and reading some novels.oh my life is so pathetic.

some of the students are flying back to malaysia this weekend.oh,i'm so envy them!but i prefer to stay here and enjoy my holiday with travelling,shopping or just stay at this eww home under the lihaf(blanket) so that i can warm myself up and enjoy the hot choc,aku nak kumpul2 dulu rindu rumah tu sampai june nnt,kang jumpa mak kang..ha..nangis la kau puas2..hoho

i am so annoyed with people who didnt clean their mess up.i mean,jangan la biar bersepah2.and ringan2kanla tangan buat kerja.sanggup ke tengok rumah mcm sarang tikus?this is why i hate spoiled rich kids.they are too spoiled at their home with every chores are done by their maids and they got used to goyang kaki at home that they didnt even care of cleaning up the house or know that you've made that mess,you went on babling and complaining about it.and tell me why you dont want to clean your mess up?oh yeah,you're waiting for someone who cant stand the messy house like me to do it????????fuck off la weih!tolong la blaja sket mcmane nak jade kemas sikit.barang nak mahal je..kemas tak reti!aku tak paham betul la orang kaye n manja ni!i want to make an announcement here...I AM NOT YOUR MAID!OR SERVANT(because you didnt pay me).i have my own life to live for GOD's sake!i am here to study!the same reason you're here.yea,i dont have my laptop now.sadly it's badly damaged.n yea,i have to borrow other's to go online.but i pay.we pay the same amount of money for the house rent and the internet.aku tak nak menggedik la kat kau punye laptop tu.tak hingin pon!you're acting like i dont have other housemates la?oi,aku ade ramai housemate lain,terima kasih!they are willing to lend me jgn la nak berlagak dgn laptop murah kau tu.

there it goes.saye sudah puas.

my eyes are begging me to for medic students,good luck for ur last paper!!!!and for those who're flying back home,have a safe journey!!!and for everybody,happy holidayss!!!!

i am currently missing my old friends.sampai termimpi2.oh tidak!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

saye takut exam.

17/1/08.thursday.8 am till 11 am.
i am soooooooo going to die..
i have organic sheet test,inorganic sheet test and inorganic practical test to deal with..
and i only read half of the book..the tebal book..with 45 more pages to read and hafal.
i havent hafal a thing yet!!!

this is just an update..huhu..wont think will update anything again this week.

selamat berjuang!!!pray for me,people!!
good luck to the medic students too!bittaufik wannajah!

mak saye sudah belikan saye laptop baru.saye kene belajar betul2 sbb dah dapat laptop baru.
internet di rumah sudah ok!yeay!huhu

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

merry christmas

egyptians celebrate christmas yesterday ntah.but the point is,they celebrate it in january.not 25/12 as usual.and it's weird.because they didnt decorate or do whatever they should to celebrate their christmas.dah la lambat,tak meriah pulak tu! wonder there's no class today for both dentistry and medicine students.hoho.

i've touched my books for too long that i decided to touch it back yesterday.medic students make us,dentistry students feel guilty about not studying.cis mereka!and once i open my book,i'll get so sleepy that i feel like sleeping for only 15,my 15 mins is equal to 6 matter how my housemates wakes me,i wont wake up.seriously!and no matter how pekat my nescafe is,i will get sleepy.i dunno what should i do to solve this.hoho.

the egyptians are active at night.they will sleep after lecturer once ask me why i call him at 7 am.he said he was sleeping and he dont like people to disturb his sleep.And i felt guilty to disturb his sleep that day.the egyptians will wake up when zohor's athan fill the sky..and most of my housemates are starting to become egyptians.kinda bored actually to wake up early in the morning and realize that you are the only one who's awake and others are only start to dream.huhu.

awal muharam is i would like to wish all muslims a HAPPY AWAL MUHARAM!may God bless us and may our journey as muslims will not end.

i discovered that there are some people viewed my blog without letting me,hi readers!whoever u are!enjoy reading my blog!even though it's rojak and full of merepek stuff,but,do enjoy it!haha..segan plak aku..hohoho..

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

hello 2008

jom bid 2007 farewell.

what have i done the whole 2007?

1.i got this heavy job to do.
during mak's 40 days of pantang,i did almost every chores that's dealing with outside the house.mak cant get out from the house alone during this period,therefore,i always have to keep her company,be beside her and go to the shop and buy cooking stuff,go to uniten to settle up dad's stuff and so.

2.i got my hodoh spm results.
and i regret for being so kurang ajar with the teachers through my form 5 year.and it's a lesson for me.respect your teachers!alhamdulillah i statisfied with that hodoh result as i passed every subject and i got what i really want.and let the pass be the pass.dont ever remind or ask me again how was my spm's kinda sensitive.haha.

3.i got my driving licence.
after failing the jalan raya test once,i finally got my driving licence and surprisingly my driving licence's pic is prettier than my ic,if u ask me to show you my driving licene,i would be happy to do so but if you ask me to show you my ic,over my dead body!haha.

4.i've been selected to kolej matrikulasi melaka and stayed there for 3 weeks.
surprisingly i enjoyed myself there.i love it there.i've made new friends.i began to make loads of malay friends.i have my own kembar,masit!who love to watch airoplane flying above the sky with in the middle of senja and admirer dr sheikh muszaphar so much and have the same taste in boys.hoho.we were roomates.the close one.hoho even though we only got to know each other for only 3 weeks.i love my jirans.which made me as ketua wing.i love the job also.i love my prektikum friends.and the friends that i always hung out with..nikki,amal,zarip and pipat.h2p6 rocks!i even miss my lecture hall which was so big.much much bigger than here's.i love cafe c.i love hep.i love blok A5.A5.3.11 is the best room!bottom line is that,i love KMM.and until now,i regret that i left.because KMM is much better than here.

5.i attended kursus bahasa arab in UKM for 2 months.
love kolej rahim kajai,hate kolej keris mas.oh i miss the ustaz and ustazahs.ustaz ridhwan the funny one,ustaz asnawi the good looking one and others.UKM is where i learn how to communicate arabic in egypt.and where i made friends that will be my family through my 5 years here.this was where i met my present housemates.

6.i left malaysia.
i left my hometown,my family and my friends to come here,mansoura,egypt to furthering my studies on pursuing my dreams of becoming a dentist.i obeyed mak's decision for coming here.although it is dirty and busuk and the university doesnt actually look like a university,but what abg jad told us,this land is the land of was so ewwy at first,but i feel ok now.maybe i got used to it kot.haha i got used to the kotor and busuk egypt!haha.they drive crazily here.they always do the drift i think my driving skill will be getting worse..hoho.i've made new friends.this time with the people who cant understand malay and only understand a bit of is hard to communicate at first.but it will become easy after few months.hoho.

7.i celebrated raya without family for the first time.
it was hard.because i cant reach mak and my other family members that day.lebih lebih lagi we just lost our was a complete sad housemate asked me that day:'kenapa muka hannah tak happy harini?'.i didnt tell her why though.but it was a great raya experience.where we attended open houses,we went to cairo to celebrate the perubatan sure raya,we attended the PCM sure raya,with mak's parcel of kuih raya made my raya complete..haha..

8.i touched kambeng's nose and lapah kambeng's head.
this was fresh.hoho.and i want to announce it again.I TOUCHED THE KAMBENG'S NOSE AND LAPAH-ED IT'S HEAD!i guess i dont have to elaborate it anymore.i wrote a long post about it already.hoho.but I HAD FUN!even though it was tiring.hohoho.

9.i cooked.
mak selalu risau about this before i fly here.but i did it!i tried kuah kacang,speghatti,bubur ayam,hotdog with kak ngah's recipe,ayam masak kurma,kerisik.hoho.mak,i can cook now!dah boleh kawen dah!

10.i learned that 'dont judge a book by it's cover' is actually true.
i mingled with loads of people this year.and i learned a lot about people.people can be pretty and kind at the same time but they also can be very annoying at some times.people can be very educated or very mumtaz or very intelligent but kedekut in sharing ilmu.Loads of people with loads of perangai.i am now making friends with those who doesnt really care of sharing things and thoughts,and will be there if i need them.i'm starting to stay away from those who,at first was close with me,but after they being such kedekut and selfish person,i had enough of it.i cant stand them.i'm so sorry but u are out of the line.i also believe that not every rich person have this so called berlagak attitude.some are nice.but some are spoiled.

those are the top ten things that i've learned throughout the year year has arrived.i will be 19 this year.oh,sudah tua!didnt have any new year resolution yet.maybe i should make one.hoho.hello 2008!welcome!i wish that everybody will have a great year ahead.we will deal with many obstacles in life but we have to face it no matter shows how strong we are in life.hoho.Anyhows,HAPPY NEW YEAR,people!have a great start in this new year!GOOD LUCK korang!!have a great new sem for niksu,syukri, and those who will start a new sem.hoho.tunggu kepulanganku in june or july!hohoho.

goodbye's great to know you.