Tuesday, January 08, 2008

merry christmas

egyptians celebrate christmas today.ke yesterday ntah.but the point is,they celebrate it in january.not 25/12 as usual.and it's weird.because they didnt decorate or do whatever they should to celebrate their christmas.dah la lambat,tak meriah pulak tu!hoho..no wonder there's no class today for both dentistry and medicine students.hoho.

i've touched my books for too long that i decided to touch it back yesterday.medic students make us,dentistry students feel guilty about not studying.cis mereka!and once i open my book,i'll get so sleepy that i feel like sleeping for only 15 mins.now,my 15 mins is equal to 6 hours.no matter how my housemates wakes me,i wont wake up.seriously!and no matter how pekat my nescafe is,i will get sleepy.i dunno what should i do to solve this.hoho.

the egyptians are active at night.they will sleep after subuh.my lecturer once ask me why i call him at 7 am.he said he was sleeping and he dont like people to disturb his sleep.And i felt guilty to disturb his sleep that day.the egyptians will wake up when zohor's athan fill the sky..and most of my housemates are starting to become egyptians.kinda bored actually to wake up early in the morning and realize that you are the only one who's awake and others are only start to dream.huhu.

awal muharam is tomorrow.so i would like to wish all muslims a HAPPY AWAL MUHARAM!may God bless us and may our journey as muslims will not end.

i discovered that there are some people viewed my blog without letting me know.so,hi readers!whoever u are!enjoy reading my blog!even though it's rojak and full of merepek stuff,but,do enjoy it!haha..segan plak aku..hohoho..

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