Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i finally got my life back

chemistry test wasnt that hard to deal dont have to read all and memorise them to answer the sheet's kinda...boleh jawab la..and i was being so chicken that i didnt get a good sleep for 3 days and memorised the whole book.

i was so afraid that i memorised the whole book to face my chemistry practical test.but at the end,you can literally open your book and read them while you're handling your experiment.and i felt like cursing the lecturer the 'avada kevada'(the killing curse..harry potter) curse.haha.

i was so stressed out when i was handling the experiment.i was so worried that i cant identify the unknown salt that's given to me.and the search of barium chloride make my stress level went higher and i was swearing and scolding everybody till nobody is brave enough to touch me.the chemical bottles are all written in arabic!what do you expect?damn!saye benci barium chloride,terima kasih.

and to tell u the truth,here,we did the experiment the old fashion way.there is no scientific method to deal with the chemicals.we have to pour the chemicals into our test tubes like how you tuang ur drink into ur glass.get it?it doesnt matter if the chemicals are one of those acid kuat where in high school,we hand them very delicately.AND!we have to buy our own lab apparatus.thank god the apparatus are cheap here.sebab tak berkualiti.

so now i'm back in the holiday's winter break baby!for the reason of being over budget this month with tuition fees,house rent and everything.we decided to spend our holiday in sinai.with dear abg jad as our tour guide.i think it's going to be a blast.huhu.kak hanis and i are planning on going to alexandria by our own (adventure sikit!) by train.never been to alexandria.heard that it's a beautiful place.we'll see about that.

but,even though it's holiday,i have to revise my studies for i have test coming after school's starts to open for 2nd semester on the 10th of february.

kak yong asked me wether or not i want to visit her at dublin.i was like...YES!but the tickets are rather more expensive than usual.CIS bedebah betul.nevermind,maybe some other time.

the internet is rather time it suddenly pop out into action,the other time it vanished through thin air.alhamdulillah for almost a week of mati kutu,the internet is back in action.haha.

the medic students are in exam week.(tomorrow will be the last paper).and me,as a dentist student are so free that we dont know what to i got myself busy with cleaning up the eww house(I MUST LEAVE THIS HOUSE!),cooking,movie marathon(enchanted is so fantastic!)and reading some novels.oh my life is so pathetic.

some of the students are flying back to malaysia this weekend.oh,i'm so envy them!but i prefer to stay here and enjoy my holiday with travelling,shopping or just stay at this eww home under the lihaf(blanket) so that i can warm myself up and enjoy the hot choc,aku nak kumpul2 dulu rindu rumah tu sampai june nnt,kang jumpa mak kang..ha..nangis la kau puas2..hoho

i am so annoyed with people who didnt clean their mess up.i mean,jangan la biar bersepah2.and ringan2kanla tangan buat kerja.sanggup ke tengok rumah mcm sarang tikus?this is why i hate spoiled rich kids.they are too spoiled at their home with every chores are done by their maids and they got used to goyang kaki at home that they didnt even care of cleaning up the house or know that you've made that mess,you went on babling and complaining about it.and tell me why you dont want to clean your mess up?oh yeah,you're waiting for someone who cant stand the messy house like me to do it????????fuck off la weih!tolong la blaja sket mcmane nak jade kemas sikit.barang nak mahal je..kemas tak reti!aku tak paham betul la orang kaye n manja ni!i want to make an announcement here...I AM NOT YOUR MAID!OR SERVANT(because you didnt pay me).i have my own life to live for GOD's sake!i am here to study!the same reason you're here.yea,i dont have my laptop now.sadly it's badly damaged.n yea,i have to borrow other's to go online.but i pay.we pay the same amount of money for the house rent and the internet.aku tak nak menggedik la kat kau punye laptop tu.tak hingin pon!you're acting like i dont have other housemates la?oi,aku ade ramai housemate lain,terima kasih!they are willing to lend me jgn la nak berlagak dgn laptop murah kau tu.

there it goes.saye sudah puas.

my eyes are begging me to for medic students,good luck for ur last paper!!!!and for those who're flying back home,have a safe journey!!!and for everybody,happy holidayss!!!!

i am currently missing my old friends.sampai termimpi2.oh tidak!!!!


AaLaa' said...

wehehey mcm best je dapat kutuk orang sepuas hati. haha. been wanting to do that since my first post! haha but due to one reason to another,, tak dapat le kot.

hannahsahimi said...

kutuk je..
there's nobody reading..
if there is they wont even know who i kutuk-ed..haha..
if they read it pon,biar terase sikit..since that i am not a straight forward person,biar blog ni let them know how i feel la..hehe..