Sunday, January 13, 2008

saye takut exam.

17/1/08.thursday.8 am till 11 am.
i am soooooooo going to die..
i have organic sheet test,inorganic sheet test and inorganic practical test to deal with..
and i only read half of the book..the tebal book..with 45 more pages to read and hafal.
i havent hafal a thing yet!!!

this is just an update..huhu..wont think will update anything again this week.

selamat berjuang!!!pray for me,people!!
good luck to the medic students too!bittaufik wannajah!

mak saye sudah belikan saye laptop baru.saye kene belajar betul2 sbb dah dapat laptop baru.
internet di rumah sudah ok!yeay!huhu

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