Thursday, May 13, 2010

hey hey there's a doctor in the family! (part 2)

cool gila family Mohd Salleh Sahimi ni. 2 doctors in a year!

congrats dear kak ngah for she is now officially a doctor.
it really worth all the hard works and all arwah ayah's money,right?
i am so proud of you.both of you, kak yong and kak ngah.
macam kagum gila la kan..i really hope to become a doctor too insyaAllah.
now it's time for you to pray for me.hoho :p

called mak just now, she was superbly happy! :)

anyway, congrats again, Dr. Sarah Mohd Salleh Sahimi. selamat mengharungi liku2 hidup seorang Doktor.hoho :)

mak msg, kata: thanks for calling. gile comel!. mak saya comel.sila jeles. hohoho.
found the semangat to study. thank you mom. :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

shift your paradigm

i was touched when i watch this the 1st time when we had our solat hajat mega and Apang showed this to us.

and it did open my eyes when i watch it again after i learn about the ISK (Ini Sejarah Kita) with kak Hanisah.and i hope that it will touch your heart too,insyaAllah :)

thank you so much kak yong, for pushing me to learn about the ISK, where i learn about the responsibilities of a muslim and made me go to the Shahadatul Haq (SH) when i was in Ireland a couple of months back.

and thank you kak hanisah for finding us and letting us know that there's a sharing group also in egypt and the way they approach us is wayy different than other circles here and thank you for finding me when i need this sharing group the most.

and thank YOU, GOD. for planning this for me.for us. and to open our eyes.

terharu.sangat-sangat terharu.terima kasih,Tuhan. :')

aku tak pandai describe dengan kata-kata.tapi aku harap, kamu dapat rasa apa yang aku rasa. :)

will be hiatus for a month insyaAllah.
saya minta maaf kalau ada salah silap.
semoga semua mendoakan kejayaan saya tahun ini(sbb tahun ni sangat-sangat susah!!)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Gotto envy them!

meet the Jayesslee. they are twins with the nationality of korean australian.
found them when i was just loitering around the facebook, and couln't help to watch other videos too..

what's not to envy?
they are just too perfect!adoi.


speaking of which,i have to do my lab work now!ok buhbye~!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

terasa dekat dgn tuhan

it's finally out!
here's my favourite song..
inshaAllah by Maher Zain.

suka.terharu.terasa dekat dgn tuhan.words cannot describe the feelings,man. :')