Sunday, May 09, 2010

shift your paradigm

i was touched when i watch this the 1st time when we had our solat hajat mega and Apang showed this to us.

and it did open my eyes when i watch it again after i learn about the ISK (Ini Sejarah Kita) with kak Hanisah.and i hope that it will touch your heart too,insyaAllah :)

thank you so much kak yong, for pushing me to learn about the ISK, where i learn about the responsibilities of a muslim and made me go to the Shahadatul Haq (SH) when i was in Ireland a couple of months back.

and thank you kak hanisah for finding us and letting us know that there's a sharing group also in egypt and the way they approach us is wayy different than other circles here and thank you for finding me when i need this sharing group the most.

and thank YOU, GOD. for planning this for me.for us. and to open our eyes.

terharu.sangat-sangat terharu.terima kasih,Tuhan. :')

aku tak pandai describe dengan kata-kata.tapi aku harap, kamu dapat rasa apa yang aku rasa. :)

will be hiatus for a month insyaAllah.
saya minta maaf kalau ada salah silap.
semoga semua mendoakan kejayaan saya tahun ini(sbb tahun ni sangat-sangat susah!!)

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