Friday, December 29, 2006


arwah bapa saya,Mohd Salleh Sahimi bin Hj Mohaned telah pulang ke rahmatullah pada 24 december 2006.harap kesemuanya maafkan segala kesilapan arwah bapa saya jika terdapat salah dan silap yang telah dilakukan sepanjang kehidupan beliau.tolonglah doakan rohnya agar dpt dirahmati ALLAH yang maha Esa bersama dengan mereka yang beriman.AL-FATIHAH.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

L licence.

i've been busy studying undang-undang.had the test today n got it all correct.yes.50/,yeay for me!x disangka2!i thought i can only score 42/50,which is the passing mark.yipee!

i still have 1 more theory class to attend.dimana memakan masa 6 2 more hours of waiting..equals to..oh..8 hours!great.still not confim of which day to attend the class though.then,i can get my L licence n maybe will get a P late january.haha.cant wait for that!whee~.

didnt go to cancelled it last minute.huhu.but we went to putrajaya instead.just to pusing-pusing a though.hehe.

harini,semua orang dlm rumah x sihat.except me.mak,luqman n muni demam while dad just didnt feel well.oh well,jadi housewife lagi larh!hehe.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

emo day

what a day.

what an emo day!went to the 5 hours lecture this morning.actually,i just got,it's not exactly 5 hours!we've waited 2 hours before the lecture started di atas sebab2 kelembapan sistem or kesalahan technical.dah la sorg2.met some of the yuhuarians there but sadly duduk jauh pulak.then yang pergi sama2 tu menyombongnye ya ALLAH!ok,i was trying to be nice to make friends.say hi n all.but they were like x nak layan,berlagak n so.bla la woi!luckily,i've met two nice people there.nurul nadia n i-forgot-to-ask-her-name.nurul nadia was one of puan raziah's tuition,'s nice to talk with her.such a nice person.

the lecturer was funny though.pak cik hamdan.i think he talked more gibberish than teach.great!didnt feel bosan when he teach.he even left early!it was like,he only teached for 3 n a half hours.the other 3 and a half hours was spent by waiting for our ic n the kakak.there goes my whole day.adoi.7 hours of not making noise was not easy for me!haha.

mak had to go to hospital putrajaya.tok ucu was admitted there today.i didnt get the chance to follow them.mak asked me to walk!i wont walk home!it's raining,i didnt bring my umbrella n i was wearing baju kurung n u expect me to walk?so,i called shai to pick me up at mazris.n he did.

have to take the ujian komputer on sunday.adoi.have to study.again.after only 2 weeks of not touching a book.hish2.

off to genting on friday!'s only genting.but i love it there!so hooray for me!haha.

syaf just told me about her cousin has passed away.she was same age as me but sadly has passed away due to a car fatal

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


anjang n muni came over yesterday.they're planning on staying here for awhile.yippie!ada teman!went to mazris yesterday for the registeration.the 5 hours lecture is tomorrow.alamak malasnye!!!i'll go there alone!hadoih.imagine how bosan it will be.hish2.

went to along maiza's house yesterday n hanged out.her kids are really fun to play with!Bilal even spoke indonesian.'thanks' to bawang putih n bawang merah.haha.

i had durian last night!!haha.sgt lame dah x merasai!it's like heaven!haha.i must say that anjang is a real great cook!banyak makan lagi!must loose weight!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

bbq nite.

last nite was a BLAST!i went back to school!kinda miss school actually.harh!we had bbq there.the interactors were organising a christmas bbq party for us.the seniors,or should i say..former interactors.gaha.i was late.had to wait for maghrib.but luckily,the event havent started yet!i was exactly on time.the event was supposed to start at 6.30pm but some so-called technical problems melambatkan party which only started at 8.00pm.oh well,malaysians are never punctual.gaha.

so,we had our bbq.i didnt bakar anything.i just ate the meehoon.lama la bakar!malas.haha.the party macam bosan for a,me,liyin n waikuan keluar senyap-senyap n went yamcha at the beach cafe.duh~.liyin dapat kereta baru!urgh!envy!envy!yamcha moment was much much better.n the food was berbaloi gile.

after yamcha,we went back to school.lai said there's a game,so we should go back to school asap.had a present exchage a cute mug from desiree.i don't know who got my present.regina got a pen.a pen?kedekut gile whoever gave it!hish2.played the chicken n egg though.i did win but sadly i didn't inform the emcee,harpreet about my winning.nevermind.have fun sajelah rite?

ean n syaf was supposed to come but they couldnt make it so i went there n liyin did dance.a bit.haha.i cant dance,dont blame me.hehe.u should see victor's move.mcm robot yang dah rosak.gaha.jessy's a really good dancer!she's so hot last nite!my curfew was before,i called dad to pick me up at 10.45pm.liyin wanted to fetch me home but mak was not confidence enough of her driving.urgh.parents.they're just worry too much!dad picked me up at 11.45pm.arrived home at was a blast nite.really enjoyed it.should do it more often!

i'm getting fatter!imagine,those fast food,junk food,n weddings.urgh.jom bersenam!
photos are with liyin.akan dikeluarkan later.

Friday, December 15, 2006

warta and billion.

what a day!

hani,luqman n i went to warta bangi.we walked there ok.jauh!about 1 km i i wish at that moment to drive.haiz.tapi demi hadiah,aku rela jalan jauh2.haha.bought presents.1 for nadia n another one is for tomorrow's lucky winner.

as we were walking,adelah orang2 yang tak bertamadun mengacau.hoi!takde keje ke hah?bawak kete tu bawak je la!bawak moto tu bawak je la.ko accident padan muke!ok saya emo.i mean kami emo!hani once said:'ni yang aku nak emo ni!'.funny sentence.should use it more often.gaha.seriously mmg tak bertamadun.hish geram!

we got back home at 5.30.lepak!so much's been a while since the last time i lepak with hani.hehe.

the next hour,dad said let's have kfc.oh yeah.come baby,come! we went to pkns billion's kfc to ta pau it home.met see ling.she has started working.she has started taking driving lessons to!dah on the road dah.hish!geram!see ling said ada kerja kosong at billion.3 days a week,1 day rm50.mcm nak.i mean,bosan ar duduk rumah.i dont care about the money,nak hilangkan bosan je.hehe.asked mak.mak didnt say a thing but i dont think dia kasi.oh well,have to beg i guess.haha.

tomorrow.guess what?i'm going back to school!we are having bbq there.!gaha.gile skema pergi skolah balik.haha.

tired yet bloated.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006



i woke up this usual,made breakfast n so.accompany my mom to the clinic.bought lunch n so.yadiyadiyada.blablabla.

let's make it short.
night.cikde,pak ude,anjang n muni came.gave muni my spm papers.heaven!wont be seeing it again!haha.luqman on the other hand was playing some stupid games on the computer.he switched it off.i switched it on again.n guess what happened?

ALL THE DOCUMENTS HILANG!!i meant ALL!i dunno what happened.i asked him what he did.he said:tak tahu.ntah.thank you so much luqman,because of u,all my pictures hilang.all my songs that i've downloaded's document pon hilang.banyak gile gambar tau!urgh!gambar yang tak cuci lagi!even my graduation pictures hilang!thank god i still keep some of it in the camera.guess what he did after i scold him?he went back to sleep!brothers sucks!URGH!!!.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

housewife 2.

day two of being a housewife.

i survived.mak is still sick.walked my bro to his school.excercise.gaha.didn't get the chance to register the driving thingy.i went there but it still closed.doink betul.i walked there u know.exhausted.lelah.phew!cooked soup for here n there.keep mak accompany n so on.asked hani n iffah wether any of them can accompany me to klcc.but none of them can.thus,i didn't go to that blogger gathering at klcc.seriously,sangat last minute!nevermind then.xde rezeki la kan.hehe.

my day wasn't that bad.watched batman begins with luqman n was excited i must say!haha.n yeah!found a new hotty.reminder:nico hulkenberg is hot!gaha.n we went out!hell yea!

was chatting with shai n he suddenly said husna[her new girlfriend a.k.a my bestfriend] ajak hang i was like ok kalau sekejap sahaja.then they said ok.he'll come n pick me up!

so yea.we did hang,ean,shai n the new bangi kopitiam.[tpt di mana ramai org hang out]like it there.barang2 antik yang dipamerkan menarik perhatianku.especially the vespa.was fun.borak-ing the good old days..cheh!konon la sgt tua dah!haha.must say,their coffee was quite good actually.hurray for the malaysians!'s like heaven for me to actually get out from the house.i mean,it is my duty to take care of the house but staying in for 2 months can make me crazy!haha.

i've made my matter how.i'll register the driving thingy tomorrow.tak tahan la berjalan!hish2.hadoih.

conclusion,the day was quite okay for me.thanks to my friends who willingly invited me to hang out with them.

the next hotty.

the name: nico hulkenberg.
the next hotty that rules the circuit.n he's actually just 19!he's an august dude n he loves pancake.just like yours truly.gaha.

nico hulkenberg adalah wakil germany for the A1 grand prix.seriously,he's great at it!he's new.he just joined the german's team last year.therefore,rather than wasting my time hoping n screaming for alex yoong to actually win the race,i think i'll stick to germany from now on.gile x setia pada negara.duh~.haha.

germany for victory!

Monday, December 11, 2006

a housewife.

today is a housewife day for me!mak fell,i as the only daughter who still live in the house did everything i could so that the house wont terbalik or something.luckily today is the sultan selangor's birthday.therefore,i dont have to walk with my bro to get his lazy butt to the tahfiz al-hufaz bro is still have to go to school on the hols.kinda like a program cuti sekolah.haiz.pity him.

Luckily for me,i cant cook!so,less chores for me to do!haha.jaga mak mengingatkan aku tatkala kecil.where i was the one who fell sick.high fever n all.mak was the one who bersengkang mata stayed up late just to take care of her sick kid.macam hentakan kuat di kepala.mak's jasa was wonder syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu!

so,love ur mother everybody!love ur parents!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

home at last.

day 1.
went to port dickson.
people: us.
we arrived at guoman hotel pukul 12.00 but they said we can only check in at we went to swim.stupid hotel rules said those who didn't wear swimsuit can only swim in the children's pool.what the heck.we still had fun.with volley ball in water or polo air.whatever.still seronok.the guys were more awkward borak anymore.semua fun.

day 1.
guoman beach resort.
people: us.
we went to the beach to watch sunset.heaven!then at 7.30 we had our dinner.the chinese nak makan di chinese,me n syaf went to ta pao at mamak n went to the chinese restraunt n had our dinner there.found a secret.chinese tea will bring u good luck n it is great for orang yang nak kuruskan badan.suiying lied.she said,once u drink it,u must finish,i drank it.tawar n pahit.urgh.i finished it.then only they's nothing if u didn't finish it.geram.

day 2.
still at guoman.
people: me,jiayan,syaf n suiying.
slept at 2.00am.just enjoying the night.mak called at 6 something.sembahyang!sambahyang!she said.the best part of guoman hotel is they have the sauna,stim bath n gym for at 7.we went to the though.first time pergi gym ni!fooling around.nobody's there except us n the instructor.we were the first customers!haha.after that,we went to the sauna.again,1st time!syok habis!semua dah tanned.hehe.went straight for stim bath.1st time juga.have to say.stim lagi syok drp sauna.

day 2.
people: us.
one word,AMAZING RACE!.we arrived at A FAMOSA RESORT at 12.00.stayed in the D'AMOUR banglaw.the banglaw was like wow!each banglaw has 1 swimming gile.nak lunch.but the food there was extremely expensive.the banana shuttle driver said makan luar we waited for the bus to come.waited for almost half an hour and it started to rain.we rushed into the pondok guard.n this pakcik said rm7 for 1 ride to tampin.we had three rides.sebab 14 orang kan.had our lunch at tampin's pizza hut.n the rain is getting we waited there as we cant go to the bus station which was located extremely far from the pizzahutt.we caleed the same pakcik.but this time,the pakcik said 4 orang rm7.hell!nak makan duit budak sekolah!thank god hujan dah we ran to the bus station.semua lari.mcm amazing race.reached there.jeng jeng jeng..the last bus to famosa resort left.n there's no more bus we had our discussion there.n the people there started to,another chinese pakcik said he'll drive us there.with a bus.rm 1 each.that was the kindest pakcik ever!memang perasaan macam amazing race.haha.inside the bus,we made noises.we didn't ring the bell.we just yelled:RING!!!.rude i guess.but we don't care.we arrived at the resort nearly 6.00.bagus.lunch pukul 2,balik pukul 6.tak payah dinner.

day 2.
famosa resort's cow boy town.
people: us.
at 8,we went to the cowboy town.1st event there was the red indian show.we nearly missed it.we ran.again,macam amazing race.reached there.i was amazed by the show.then,we went straight to the parade.we picked a really good made noises.even bigger than the resort's special guest,dynabook something.everybody was looking at!we chatted in this pakcik.he's chinese.everytime i speak.dia akan tengok.even sepatah.macam nak tumbuk je dia!geram!no photos were taken.sangat gelap la.nanti tangkap mesti kecewa gila.pastu fireworks amat cantik.gambar fireworks is with suiying pulak.haiz.after the parade,we went to 4D.titled haunted!it was my first time!the chair went up n down.ada renjisan air midnight,we went to advice,jangan main bowling di sana.ntah hape2.everybody was tired.main bowling mcm terpaksa.then service dia mcm bluek.we went back to the bangalaw at 2.00 am.we had our supper.we talked.watched show.n went to sleep at 3.00am.

day 3.
famosa resort's waterpark.
people: me,suiying,shengloong,zhengyew,syaf n jiayan.
it's our turn to have our free breafast.we went there for breakfast.the food was ok.we chatted.n wait for others to come over.

day 3.
still at the waterpark.
people: us.
we went in.n air.yang gelongsor ramai2 dalam satu tiub tu.itu paling best.the body slide was boring.the main pool where ramai orang main there was also fun.kitorg pergi ke tpt yang paling dalam atas tiub la tapi.made a huge circle.again,people were staring at us.haha.n we waited the wave to come.everytime alarm berbunyi,kami jerit.syok dowh.yang slide 2 orang tu ok.we went to the lazy river.on the tiub.tapi the river pon bukannya deep.haha.guess what song we sang?together by the high school musical.syok.haha.shengloong almostdrown me.tapi x jadi.i'm good in balancing myself on the tiub.kahchun suka simbah air.i simbah balik.ketuk2 guna tiub everything.syok.we were there from 10 till back to the bangalaw at 1.30.siap2.checked out at 3.00.waited for our van to come for almost two hours.n went back to the car,we sang high school musical's songs again.medley la kiranya.haha.tema cuti ini:high school musical.haha.arrived at school at home and went straight to bed.

best gila.that's the word.kinda sad.gonna leave them.bila lagi nak berjumpa?i wonder.huhu.

kampung n wedding.

went back to kampung yesterday.nenek semakin sihat!alhamdulillah.ayah ngah came.i love ayah ngah.he's my favourite uncle!ayah ngah invited us to his kenduri.mak ngah nak pergi,before we go back home,we stopped at ayah ngah's house.we were actually the first to come!luckily the food was ready.hehe.makan.makan.had the udang galah n kerang.n pulut!kenyang sungguh!3 hari x makan nasi la kan.haha.i kirim doa to mak ngah.hoping to get great spm results insyaAllah.we went back home at 3.00.

it's been a while since the last time i attended a wedding ceremony.yeah.spm n,when mak asked me wether i'm following her.i was like..HELL YEAH!.we went to ukm's hall.the wedding was awesome.the food was delicious n the music was great.after the wedding,we went to pak andak's house.he n mak andak just arrived home from new zealand last night.mak andak asked a really weird question.result dah keluar?.i was like..HUH??.baru seminggu habis exam dah tanye result.hish2.mak andak gave us some souvenir from sydney n new zealand's choc was extra delicious!gemok nanti!hish2.pak andak said the atmosphere there suitable for students like me.haha.pak andak said pergi la belajar sana!.mak andak on the other hand,tenang hannah!sana tenang sangat.ok fine.i'll go there if ada peluang la kan.hadoih.dah start tanye soalan pelik2 ni yang tak tahan ni!told kak ina about taking driving liscene.mak andak looked at me with a tak percaya face.haha.tak percaya leh..nanti i drive to ur house pulak.lagi terkejut.haha.

this hols is getting bosan day by day.nak keluar!!huhu..

Saturday, December 09, 2006

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i'm like a bird.

as i said.i'm like a bird!spm is finally over!mcm the rock that i've been carried all year terjatuh terlepuk ke dlm air.i feel like a feather.sangat ringan.sangat senang.sangat happy.ok sangat over.

overall spm this year susah.
bmelayu-x siap peribahasa.
bcina-sastera amat susah.
binggeris-paper 1 sangat senang.
mathematics-saya cinta kamu.
addmaths-mcm nak bakar2 kertas 2.
fizik-lost too much markah.hancur harapan A1.
kimia-seronok.kertas 2 mcm bangang sikit.
agama-kertas 2 ok.kertas 1 hish!
biologi-esei salah pilih.tersedar ketika tinggal hanya 5 minit.kertas 2 sux.kertas 3 ok.

apa2pon,lupekan semuanya.jom enjoy!they're planning on lepak di mid valley tomorrow but i can't go sebab i'm probably ikut my mum to the hospital.

after spm to do list.
1. tido.bangun lambat.gaha.itu haven!
2. pack all of my books!
3. class trip.
4. driving lessons.
5. work.[probably]
6. tengok CINTA.
7. tido lagi.haha.

happy merdeka friends!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

1 more. it...

spm is almost over!weehoo!but,like xinwei said,dah habis spm lagi takut!..
haiz..have so many stories to share..loads of new experience..
but,itu nanti la baru cerita!
now,biology.OMG!takut esei!..hish.but i'll do my best!nak A!hehe..
2 more days to study.syok giler ni!!!haha
monday last subject.merdeka!merdeka!
tuesday pergi mid valley or anywhere to sell the prom tickets.
wednesday till friday class trip to Port Dickson n Melaka.
i'll be home on friday.
till then!
see u!
good luck spm-ers, for the rest subjects!