Tuesday, December 12, 2006

housewife 2.

day two of being a housewife.

i survived.mak is still sick.walked my bro to his school.excercise.gaha.didn't get the chance to register the driving thingy.i went there but it still closed.doink betul.i walked there u know.exhausted.lelah.phew!cooked soup for breakfast.cleaning here n there.keep mak accompany n so on.asked hani n iffah wether any of them can accompany me to klcc.but none of them can.thus,i didn't go to that blogger gathering at klcc.seriously,sangat last minute!nevermind then.xde rezeki la kan.hehe.

my day wasn't that bad.watched batman begins with luqman n dad.dad was excited i must say!haha.n yeah!found a new hotty.reminder:nico hulkenberg is hot!gaha.n we went out!hell yea!

was chatting with shai n he suddenly said husna[her new girlfriend a.k.a my bestfriend] ajak hang out.so i was like ok kalau sekejap sahaja.then they said ok.he'll come n pick me up!

so yea.we did hang out.me,ean,shai n husna.at the new bangi kopitiam.[tpt di mana ramai org hang out]like it.love it there.barang2 antik yang dipamerkan menarik perhatianku.especially the vespa.was fun.borak-ing the good old days..cheh!konon la sgt tua dah!haha.must say,their coffee was quite good actually.hurray for the malaysians!gaha.it's like heaven for me to actually get out from the house.i mean,it is my duty to take care of the house but staying in for 2 months can make me crazy!haha.

i've made my decision.no matter how.i'll register the driving thingy tomorrow.tak tahan la berjalan!hish2.hadoih.

conclusion,the day was quite okay for me.thanks to my friends who willingly invited me to hang out with them.

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