Sunday, December 24, 2006

L licence.

i've been busy studying undang-undang.had the test today n got it all correct.yes.50/,yeay for me!x disangka2!i thought i can only score 42/50,which is the passing mark.yipee!

i still have 1 more theory class to attend.dimana memakan masa 6 2 more hours of waiting..equals to..oh..8 hours!great.still not confim of which day to attend the class though.then,i can get my L licence n maybe will get a P late january.haha.cant wait for that!whee~.

didnt go to cancelled it last minute.huhu.but we went to putrajaya instead.just to pusing-pusing a though.hehe.

harini,semua orang dlm rumah x sihat.except me.mak,luqman n muni demam while dad just didnt feel well.oh well,jadi housewife lagi larh!hehe.

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fatin said...

ceyh.. tgh amik lesen. nanti kalau dah dpt, bwk fatin gi jln2 tau. ;)