Wednesday, December 20, 2006

emo day

what a day.

what an emo day!went to the 5 hours lecture this morning.actually,i just got,it's not exactly 5 hours!we've waited 2 hours before the lecture started di atas sebab2 kelembapan sistem or kesalahan technical.dah la sorg2.met some of the yuhuarians there but sadly duduk jauh pulak.then yang pergi sama2 tu menyombongnye ya ALLAH!ok,i was trying to be nice to make friends.say hi n all.but they were like x nak layan,berlagak n so.bla la woi!luckily,i've met two nice people there.nurul nadia n i-forgot-to-ask-her-name.nurul nadia was one of puan raziah's tuition,'s nice to talk with her.such a nice person.

the lecturer was funny though.pak cik hamdan.i think he talked more gibberish than teach.great!didnt feel bosan when he teach.he even left early!it was like,he only teached for 3 n a half hours.the other 3 and a half hours was spent by waiting for our ic n the kakak.there goes my whole day.adoi.7 hours of not making noise was not easy for me!haha.

mak had to go to hospital putrajaya.tok ucu was admitted there today.i didnt get the chance to follow them.mak asked me to walk!i wont walk home!it's raining,i didnt bring my umbrella n i was wearing baju kurung n u expect me to walk?so,i called shai to pick me up at mazris.n he did.

have to take the ujian komputer on sunday.adoi.have to study.again.after only 2 weeks of not touching a book.hish2.

off to genting on friday!'s only genting.but i love it there!so hooray for me!haha.

syaf just told me about her cousin has passed away.she was same age as me but sadly has passed away due to a car fatal

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