Wednesday, December 13, 2006



i woke up this usual,made breakfast n so.accompany my mom to the clinic.bought lunch n so.yadiyadiyada.blablabla.

let's make it short.
night.cikde,pak ude,anjang n muni came.gave muni my spm papers.heaven!wont be seeing it again!haha.luqman on the other hand was playing some stupid games on the computer.he switched it off.i switched it on again.n guess what happened?

ALL THE DOCUMENTS HILANG!!i meant ALL!i dunno what happened.i asked him what he did.he said:tak tahu.ntah.thank you so much luqman,because of u,all my pictures hilang.all my songs that i've downloaded's document pon hilang.banyak gile gambar tau!urgh!gambar yang tak cuci lagi!even my graduation pictures hilang!thank god i still keep some of it in the camera.guess what he did after i scold him?he went back to sleep!brothers sucks!URGH!!!.

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