Monday, April 28, 2008

i've been tagged.

by niksu.

Currently - browsing the net.
Playing - magic,colbie caillat
Pending - solat,study.
What's new? - exam dah ketuk pintu.
Real name - hannah.
Nickname - hann.
Married - insyaAllah,when the time comes.
Male/Female - Female
High school - sekolah menengah jenis kebangsaan yu hua,kajang.
College - mansoura university?
Are you a health freak? - not really.
Do you have a crush on someone? - yes.
Do you like yourself? - melampaui batas.hakhak.


Surgery - neck.
Person you see in the morning - as usual,kak hanis,elly,nuna.
Award - gemuk yg byk songeh..
Sports you join in -lari dalam guni?
Vacation - england kah?cant really recall.
Concert - school juge.
Drink - for today,nescafe mokate.
I'm about to -pull my notes toward me.

Your future,

Want kids - YES!
Want to get married - YES.
Careers in mind - a successful dentist.

Which is better?

Lips or Eyes? - eyes.
Hugs or Kisses? - hugs
Shorter or Taller? - taller,of course.
Romantic or Spontaneous? - middle.
Sensitive or Loud? - quiet yet cool?
Troublemaker or Hesitant? - errrr...

Have you ever,

Kissed a stranger? - nope.
Drank bubbles - nope
Lost glasses / contacts - tiada keperluan.
Ran away from home - once.tak jauh.bawah bukit je.
Liked someone younger - ohh..tanak jawab.
Broke someone's heart - yes.
Been arrested - nope.i'm a good kid.
Cried when someone died - yes.

Do you believe in:

Yourself - of course.
Miracles - yess..
Magic - nope.
Angels - yes.

Answer truthfully: Is there someone you want to be with right now? - yes,there,i said it.

Tag 5 people: everybody who's reading and have a blog.hee.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

global warming.

i dont really understand the weather day it will be too hot and i'll be sweating like water flowing from the pipes.the next day,when i wear the thinnest layer of shirt,the weather is cold.sangat-SANGAT tak faham.but it's still a hot spring la kan.

hot.dont really like it.reasons?
flies and other tiny animals will crawl into the house.
they will disturb my beauty sleeps now are not so pretty for i tend to sleep for only 3 to 4 hours per night due to the my last minute final preparations.and with those tiny animals that flies over around the room,it will make the night damn perfect.

the food will get bad easily.
i cant keep the food for more than two will get bad.even the bread spread strawberry jam gotten bad

i have to take my bath everyday.(which is very opposite during winter days where i only take my bath once in 2 to 3 days.kinda miss it.haha)

the lihaf(winter blanket)have to go back into the closet.
which is very sad.because sleeping inside the lihaf is sooooo cozy~.

oh i miss winter.

BUT,it's been raining last 2 mornings.and the weather for the last two days were just nice.but as i said,the weather here is very unpredictable.

and oh!the time differences between malaysia and egypt has been reduced to 5 hours's a sad news because i used to wake up around six,but now,6 am is 7 there goes my 1's like living a day with only 23 hours.haha.

exam is like soooooo near..


last physics practical.

photo courtesy of syahidah jaya.

dental formula of human skull = 2 incisors 1 canine 2 premolars and 3 molars for both upper and lower jaw

i know i'm outdated and back home,ghost the series is like so last aired around february but i just watched it 2 days ago.i did the whole 10 episodes marathon and i LOVED the series!a double thumbs up to cheryl samad,abg naz and mr director.congrats~!

ghost.stole the photo from 8tv

Friday, April 18, 2008

strive hard!

subjects to study:


oral cavity
medical zoology

organic chemistry
physical chemistry
inorganic chemistry

modern physics
dental materials
bioactive materials

plant physiology




total number of subjects:20.

branches of final examinations:
oral,sheet and practical.

oral and written exam.

total number of experiments and slides to memorize: too much to count.

total subjects studied: 9(hanya kerana kewujudan tuition classes and quizzes)

countdown till final examinations: 31 days.

ohhhh i'm doomed!!there are loads more to study!!i feel exhausted by only looking at the books and notes.

nevermind hannah,you have to do this!!you can do this!you want this remember?strive hard hannah!!ganbatte ne!

oh yea,congratulations to my matriculations friends(gosh,i miss you guys like hell!),you are now free from any,it's my turn to start pressuring myself..haha..

some pictures of pre-dentistry 2007/2008

the building behind us is kuliah ulum(faculty of science).

that is the musolla(surau) of faculty of science.

oh yea,the part where i love the most.i dissected a rabbit during practical zoology class.

our last English lecture.(the only picture with all malaysian dentistry students)

lets pass the finals succesfully together,God willing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my perfect guy list

was tagged by here it goes..
my perfect guy..

1. educated,this is a MUST for my perfect guy.whom i can share thoughts with.and whom understands that education is important,AND at least if i end up marrying this type of guy,we will surely have a stable economic state together~..haha..

2. has a good religious knowledge.i want a guy to reprove me for not performing my prayers and guide me to the right path in islam.and he can be the one i trust for teaching me any religious act(bukan ajaran sesat) that i dont know.

3. family first!i will definitely fall for him if he cares for his family more than anything(even me).exceptional to anak mak.if he's an anak mak,then it's a big trouble for me(and other girls too).

4. understanding.he wont be my perfect guy if he doesnt know me or understands me well.a guy who listens to my complaints,a guy who always lend his shoulders for me to cry on to is definitely one of the top guys for me.hee~.he also has to be there whenever i need him and always advice me whenever i need his advice in any matter.

5. doesnt smokes.yup.i dont want to risk my life to be a second hand smoker and receive lung cancer as a present.but if he smokes before he met me,then i'll guide him to stop smoking.but please,dont smoke in front of me.i hate it when the smokes smell is all over my shirt and will give me headaches.

6. tall and has a great smile.yea that tall part is nothing to worry about as guys are tend to be taller than me.hehe..i love a guy with nice teeth,and when he smiles,his nice white teeth will be shown.kalau bergaya je lebih tapi gigi kuning tak best gak kan?

7. quiet type.because i'm will make things balanced.and quiet guys are cute too!hehe..but he should be talkative and have sense of humor in front of me..hee..

8. a guy who has high self confidence,act as his true self,good advisor,not a hypocrite.he loves me as who i am and he does not pressure me with what he want from me.(ie:thinner,prettier).i am who i am,so,please accept me for who i am.

9.basketballer.because i love to watch him playing basketball.sgt mcm seronok untuk ditonton..huhu..

yeah,i'm very picky.but you have to choose the best for you kan?ahahaha..niksu,saye bagi amelin 9!saye menang!haha..:p

my crush has 8 out of these 9 qualities that i'm looking for over my perfect is good enough for me as nobody is perfect.but,yeah,i have to say goodbye to him too..adoi..selamat tinggal jejaka yg diminati..semoga berbahagia!

to faridah and ilya,you are now tagged by u have to do this too!hahaha..padan muke korg~!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the truth.

this blog was born 2 years ago.and i'm still writing because the blog is the medium for me to tell my stories to my friends who're living back home.and it's also the place where i pour my dissatisfactions,my problems and my feeling towards anything that i want to share with.sometimes,when i feel like keeping something to myself,i dont write it here.maybe i did tell everything for the past two years,but i grown up.i began to realize that not everything is there to tell.but please dont come to my blog and condemn me for what i am being.

living abroad,i blog to tell my friends how i live in this deserted offense,but i think egypt has to make malaysia as a role model in building an islamic country.ignore the political and immorality side,i think malaysia can be a great role model as an islamic developing country.

but i am me.i'm short,fat,hyper wacky girl.and i curse whenever i feel like cursing.i loose temper when i feel like loosing one.i am a carefree teenager.i do whatever i want,i show my true saying that i'm not a good person because i curse,then you're cant judge me because i cursed once when i commented 'that' blog.'that' blog has made many people angry.because he,the admin of the blog doesnt think twice before he write about us,the private students who undergo agent.he should be ashamed of himself because he didn't use his so-called-straight-As-in-SPM-medic mind to think about other people's,i returned him back by show him how we felt when he labeled us as those who doesnt qualified to pursue our studies in this field.dear,you are still a student have no rights to tell a person he or she doesnt have enough qualification for furthering their studies in this field when you,yourself havent finish the course yet.and to those who said that i have loads of money.think dont know dont know what i went through.who i much i guilty i felt when mak wants me to study abroad using the money my late father left for us.yes,it's my fault for cursing.i admit it.but to criticize me by saying that i can come here because i'm rich.YOU ARE WRONG!YOU ARE DEFINITELY WRONG!

yes,i am the one who said that spm results is just a piece of is just a piece of paper.yeah,you worked your ass off for your spm.i regret that my effort wasnt enough for me to get as excellent results as you.i realized how fair the world works.and i am here to change that.spm is past.let past be past.and tell me again why are you keep mentioning you have excellent spm results.yes,i respect that you are an excellent student.but remember,people deserve a second chance.give them their second chance.they want to improve themselves.I want to improve myself.let me change!dont let our spm results lower our self confidence to chase our told us that being a muslim means giving the people around you the opportunity to be a better please,do as what you said.we saw the opportunity for us to chase our dreams,and we grabbed it so hard to understand?why,oh why are you keep blocking our ways?

i had enough of this.all i want to do now is to prepare my finals.insyaAllah,i will work as hard as i could to get mumtaz.

and for those who felt insulted by me,the deepest apology is on me.i really am sorry.

salam imtihan.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

hari stripes pre-dentistry

we've made an insane idea of forming a society named Persatuan Mafia Gigi(PMG) yesterday night while having dinner at nusantara.we even formed a committee for
the so-called society too!haha.

penaung: chubby.
pengerusi: eza.
naib pengerusi: cida.
setiausaha: nadia.
bendahari: wani.
jubir(juru bicara): izzah.
komander kawat kaki: me!haha.
exco kerohanian: faridah(fari)
ahli lelap: ara.huhu

then we decided to wear stripes on the next day and sit at 1 banch during lecture in lecture hall because we were having this chordata quiz at the same day..and the result's a success!!EVERYBODY WORE STRIPES YESTERDAY!everybody looked pretty and everybody kept on complimenting how pretty their friends were, was like some sort of hari pre-dentistry~

i love my course mates.we are in the minority group.but our bonds made us closer and stronger.and we face everything together.throw away their badness.keep the badness aside for a while.we had fun!we had so much fun!

after the chordata quiz(don't want to elaborate regarding the quiz,it will spoil my happy blogging mood.haha),we went to kfc for some lunch.comel je semua pakai stripes..huhu.

i had fun!we should do it more often..huhu

solat before makan
solat before makan with izzah

the stripes crew~

tunjuk makanan masing2~


the stripes pre-dentistry malays.

people are now busy preparing for finals..the period for the finals for pre-dentistry students is 1 MONTH!for medicine students,2 months!!ohhhhhhh 1 bulan!sgt mcm spm.huhu
so,the persatuan perubatan did a campaign about it and it's called kempen kecemerlangan kendiri.they recommended us to use the wallpaper they designed as our desktop's wallpaper,they said it will motivate us during our studies.huhu.

but,it works!(at least,for me,it is)!!huahuahua..