Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the truth.

this blog was born 2 years ago.and i'm still writing because the blog is the medium for me to tell my stories to my friends who're living back home.and it's also the place where i pour my dissatisfactions,my problems and my feeling towards anything that i want to share with.sometimes,when i feel like keeping something to myself,i dont write it here.maybe i did tell everything for the past two years,but i grown up.i began to realize that not everything is there to tell.but please dont come to my blog and condemn me for what i am being.

living abroad,i blog to tell my friends how i live in this deserted offense,but i think egypt has to make malaysia as a role model in building an islamic country.ignore the political and immorality side,i think malaysia can be a great role model as an islamic developing country.

but i am me.i'm short,fat,hyper wacky girl.and i curse whenever i feel like cursing.i loose temper when i feel like loosing one.i am a carefree teenager.i do whatever i want,i show my true saying that i'm not a good person because i curse,then you're cant judge me because i cursed once when i commented 'that' blog.'that' blog has made many people angry.because he,the admin of the blog doesnt think twice before he write about us,the private students who undergo agent.he should be ashamed of himself because he didn't use his so-called-straight-As-in-SPM-medic mind to think about other people's,i returned him back by show him how we felt when he labeled us as those who doesnt qualified to pursue our studies in this field.dear,you are still a student have no rights to tell a person he or she doesnt have enough qualification for furthering their studies in this field when you,yourself havent finish the course yet.and to those who said that i have loads of money.think dont know dont know what i went through.who i much i guilty i felt when mak wants me to study abroad using the money my late father left for us.yes,it's my fault for cursing.i admit it.but to criticize me by saying that i can come here because i'm rich.YOU ARE WRONG!YOU ARE DEFINITELY WRONG!

yes,i am the one who said that spm results is just a piece of is just a piece of paper.yeah,you worked your ass off for your spm.i regret that my effort wasnt enough for me to get as excellent results as you.i realized how fair the world works.and i am here to change that.spm is past.let past be past.and tell me again why are you keep mentioning you have excellent spm results.yes,i respect that you are an excellent student.but remember,people deserve a second chance.give them their second chance.they want to improve themselves.I want to improve myself.let me change!dont let our spm results lower our self confidence to chase our told us that being a muslim means giving the people around you the opportunity to be a better please,do as what you said.we saw the opportunity for us to chase our dreams,and we grabbed it so hard to understand?why,oh why are you keep blocking our ways?

i had enough of this.all i want to do now is to prepare my finals.insyaAllah,i will work as hard as i could to get mumtaz.

and for those who felt insulted by me,the deepest apology is on me.i really am sorry.

salam imtihan.


amelin. said...

haiyoh, banyak sungguh masalah gadisku ini..

cepat-cepat lah pulang ke tanah air..

ohh, yes, ignore all the mulut busuk..

they just dont have respect to anybody..

i mean, everybody deserve a chance to study in any field they like..

like as if the mulut busuk paid your fees and stuffs..

and if the mulut busuk did that, then only the mulut busuk can say anything he/she wants to..

so, before i loose my temper on u for being such a jerk to my sister, back off dear mulut busuk..

ok, so what, i'm being protective to my loved ones..

and sorry, u r not in the list..

bebeh, i love you damn fucking much..

ohh yess, i curse too.. just like my sister, hannah!


hannahsahimi said...

betul betul..
konon baik sgt tp baik2 pon asyik sakitkan hati org..asyik memecahbelahkan that what u call baik?
heh..cursing tu jahat la amelin..
nanti tak boleh jadi baik mcm diorg..
fucking fake sungguh mereka!

bebeh,i love u damn fucking much too!

ye saye jahat sebab saye curse..haha..

boo you org baik!shoh shoh..jgn dtg kat blog orang jahat yg mencarut!

Nuha Speaks said...

hey its me again! :p
i read this post kan
like ive known u forever..wee~
we are practically in d same boat jgk la..
my mum uses her late father a.k.a. my late grandfather's money
to pay my dental tuition fees
kat egypt..sdey kan? felt guilty gila..
y la i didnt study hard in my a levels..
then i can go to india under jpa scholarship
yup, thats my story..
i flunked my a levels, i am under jpa scholarship..
then i blew my chance..
felt guilty kan when ur mum had alredi plan wut to do wif d money
n suddenly her daughter is a bummer..
i read all ur posts in d blog
(rajinnya saya!! hahahaha)
well, it sounds so hard living in egypt though..really?
i hate la when ppl says we r rich because we r private studnts
they dun know d true story behind it..
well, nice written post btw
gd luck for ur exams..=)