Sunday, July 26, 2009

a note to dad.

i had a dream..
my dream was about you..
came home from your work..
wearing your favourite long sleeve whitish blue shirt..
and you were smiling to me..

i ran to you..
and cried: 'ayah,kenapa lama sangat baru balik?'

daddy,i miss you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i really really want to show you this picture eventhough i already post about it last year!haha

i know i knoww
i've already post about the nasi durian thing last yearr..(please refer here )

i still want to show you how it actually looks like,just because i just looovvveeee this meal sooo much.yeay me :D

so the nasi durian is actually look like this.

picture 1.
the white rice,2 slices of durian,some sugar and some coconut milk/milk(in this case,i used milk,because the santan that i bought was actually too thick)

picture 2.
just mix everything up and it will look like this!tadaa~

okok i know it looked a bit..geli, bad or whatever you may call it,but it tastes's like a mouth full of yummy lemak high cholesterol stuff.
i really really recommend EVERYBODY who eats durian TRY at least ONCE this nasi durian!

but you may suffer migraine after you had it due to the overdosage of just try it,Don't have it like..daily!or else you can get obesed or extreme migraine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i have a big brother now!! :D

regarding the title, i would like to congratulate the newlyweds,my dearest eldest sister hajar and the new brother in law, fareed.

the ceremony was A BLAST!
maybe i only felt that way because it was the first time i involve in everything regarding the ceremony and was the first wedding in Mohd Salleh Sahimi's family.

the wedding was held at the Dewan Surau Annur near my house.yeap,a surau.probably thinking how to hold a wedding in a surau.well,ladies and gentlemen,the surau is actually the biggest surau i've ever seen.2 floors,both wide and superbly huuuggeee.and the 1st floor is open to public during weekends.whoever wants to rent it,can do so,they will clean it up after that.and yes,we wear shoes in the dewan,like i said,they will clean it up.huhu.

a week before the wedding, we were busy for about everything,the majlis tahlil,the packaging the doorgift(which what mom said,luckily i'm home,at least i can help packaging the door gift) yup,packaging almost 300 by my own is really a' sweet' memory.but luckily mom and cikde did help making it up for a total of more than 1000 doorgifts.

what's in the doorgift,you asked?
for the adult,inside those little boxes,there's some tamar,a triangular dodol and the egypt chocolated brought to you by yours truly all the way from there.huhu
for the kids, they get toofees from iran.
the doorgift is then coincidencly themed 'arab style' huhu.

so the day before the wedding, mom's side of family came.too many of them,berkampung.some sleep on the floor,some on the sofas.everywhere!and i love the scenario.the super loud kecoh kepoh family that i have. :D
what makes me love the family more is when one van of them came all the way from singapore.aww~arent they sweet. :)

so after the long nite of berinai and endless layaning everybody, answering the same questions over and over like...
'where are you studying now?'
'how's the weather there?'
'how long will you finish?'
'what course are you taking?'

dannn yang paling tak boleh bla..
'when is your turn?'
ROFL. i'm just 20 for God's sake! adoi laaa..

okok back to the story,so after the long night,the day has come!!
AND people were kecoh-ing right after subuh,tension la,shouting la,the perfect,the whole perfectly all emotions were there.

after we get ready,me and luqman took the chance to escape from the noise to the surau to make sure everything is ready.hehe :D

And everything is set and done.thanks to the caterer, the cousins who helped and the surau committee itself.

the wali was luqman,the 15 year old hero of the family,mann i am so proud of him :)
and the akad nikah went well. alhamdulillah.

thus, i now have a big brother.yeay! the sporting one summore.yeay kali kedua!

courtesy of : kak fati
thanks to those who came memeriahkan majlis.and to those who didn't get the doorgift,we're so sorry but there's tonnes of them in the house.please come and take it if u want it.haha :p
terima kasih juga kepada mereka ini kerana datang dari jauh. :)

last but not least,congratulations again kak yong and abg fareed!(or should i call you yeop?haha :p)

more photos on facebook :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

jet lag punya cerita

mother: tengahari baru bangun?

saya: jet lag.

mother:jet lag apenye dah nak dekat 2 minggu dah balik? tak habis-habis jet lag.
(intonasi: garang; expresi: tak boleh bla punya geram)

saya: teehee.. :D

pengajaran untuk diri sendiri: sudah2 la tu,pergi tidur awal starting today!

goodbye nescafe,mommy scold me for staying up :(

Sunday, July 05, 2009

si adik penyanyi.

This morning..
i woke up early, terus membantu membuat door gift for kak yong's wedding.
mom suddenly came to us and said:
' mak nak call mak faizal tahir..nak jemput'

and we were like..'call la call la!!' super excitedly..
and my sister was like..'anas mak..anas!!..'

me and luqman were beside mak when she call the mother of faizal tahir..
hoping that she'll come..

but sadly..
mom:' tak boleh datang, dia nak pergi convo anas kat UK.'

oh mannn....masing2 muka sedih.haha

well mak and faizal tahir's mom are actually friends when they were in UK berjuta tahun dahulu,that's why she's invited.huhu

how i wish anas could come..huhu

i like this one better.haha :p

hee :D

okiedokie,off back to books!enjoy the videos :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

the place called HOME.

i am home!
home as in the house of mine,not the one i'm renting, not the one with small living room with overcrowded stuff and super hot temperature either in or outside the house.

how hot you ask?
egypt is now super hot that you'll be sweating like a pig even though you just went out for 5 minutes with 40+ degree celcius, and the fan is only like.. half inch from the face which pretty much made your mood swings whenever the fan's making trouble.

for the two weeks of merdeka, we did a photography session and an annual dinner together

dentist photography session
venue: gama'ah mansoura (Mansoura University,Egypt)
photographer: Taqi(syukran awwi taqi!)

the dentist batch 07/08 dinner.
venue: ramada hotel.

with a super duper fast egypt air(ok, i'm exageratting), i took a 12 hour flight straight to home sweet home.and dear mak made a surprise for me with the new room.yeay!my mom is just too sweet,i know.. :D

they made me fill the health declaration form for a precautionary step of the H1N1.and what made my jantung berdebar is when they give me the card stated ' this person may be exposed to the influenza A (H1N1)' and they told me to give the card to a doctor if i catch any flu.creepy..especially when it was the first time i fly alone,and the nurses treated me as if i really got infected with the H1N1.

changes since i left home for approx 8 months:
luqman has grown taller,and i'm missing the short him.haha
everything in the house has changed,it felt like eric leong came to the house and made some decorations..haha
yours truly has gained weight but lesser than last year due to the stress of studying.well that's the alasan that i gave to whoever ask me 'kenape dah berisi?' haha.
yours truly has gotten tanned,due to the super duper hot weather in egypt.

did i tell you that my eldest sister is getting married?*super excited!*