Thursday, July 23, 2009

i really really want to show you this picture eventhough i already post about it last year!haha

i know i knoww
i've already post about the nasi durian thing last yearr..(please refer here )

i still want to show you how it actually looks like,just because i just looovvveeee this meal sooo much.yeay me :D

so the nasi durian is actually look like this.

picture 1.
the white rice,2 slices of durian,some sugar and some coconut milk/milk(in this case,i used milk,because the santan that i bought was actually too thick)

picture 2.
just mix everything up and it will look like this!tadaa~

okok i know it looked a bit..geli, bad or whatever you may call it,but it tastes's like a mouth full of yummy lemak high cholesterol stuff.
i really really recommend EVERYBODY who eats durian TRY at least ONCE this nasi durian!

but you may suffer migraine after you had it due to the overdosage of just try it,Don't have it like..daily!or else you can get obesed or extreme migraine.


Anonymous said...

alaaaaaaaaa.... nak jugak!!

hannahsahimi said...

beli la the durian kat kuching..hehehe..

. said...

pak andak memang suka nasi durian ni. tapi kalau setakat 2 ulas durian dalam satu pinggan nasi tak cukup. Kena tambah (7-8 ulas lagi) baru best. Selamat berjaya

hannahsahimi said...

7-8 ulas?
banyaknya,pak andak!