Monday, February 16, 2009

selamat hari kasih sayang

semester baru dah start.selamat hari kasih sayang.
exam minggu depan.selamat hari kasih sayang.

ini jadual baru kelas saya.tak faham?tak mengapa.yang penting saya ada 4 hari kelas start pukul 8 pagi(wahhh happynye saya *nada sesarkastik mungkin*)
and to make my life more happier, 3 hari kelas habis pukul 4 petang(melonjak-lonjak 'kegembiraan')

dan,ini belum campur kelas-kelas tambahan lagi yang mana saya terpaksa drop satu subject untuk kelas tambahan saya kerana saya dah tak larat nak balik malam-malam buta tiap-tiap malam,dan dengan harapan saya akan dapat belajar subject biochemistry itu tanpa sebarang masalah.

tapi,berita yang betul-betul gembira(buat saya sahaja,dan mungkin rakan-rakan gigi yang lain),kami mempunyai 2 hari cuti dalam seminggu.compared to 1 day per week last semester,kami rasa sangat-sangat bersyukur. :)

semangat semester baru!!!! mari baca..errr...baca magazine di kuliah?contoh terbaik daripada orang arab!haha

*jangan orang ni baca dan sue saya sudah la..hoho*(eh,orang arab reti ke baca bahasa melayu?Ahmed is excluded)

saya ada exam minggu depan dan a week after that.God loves me,i know.
mari berkasih sayang dengan buku tebal-tebal.
(serious terfikir mahu merebus buku dan minum.hoho)

selamat hari kasih sayang!have a blast valentine's day.
saya nak bear besar dan coklat sekotak.siapa rela kasi,dapat pahala.haha :p

p/s: sepatutnya entry ini bertarikh 14.2 tapi internet rumah ni bodoh.sekian.

Monday, February 09, 2009

the winter break :)

ok now i can blog :D

the memorable vacation.

the holiday started with me going back to cairo with kak hanis for the zakat(yang macam sangat membazir masa because the pegawai was so effing kerek and told me that the zakat thingy is still in malaysia yada-yada..bila aku balik,kata ada kat sini,bila aku kat sini,kata ada kat malaysia pula!kata nak tolong orang susah!wtf?)

while waiting for the pegawai to come to cairo all the way from zagazig,we went to the book fair (again).

and we went to rumah selangor the next day by bus which cost us for only 50 PIASTRES! (proudddd!!!) all the way from ARMA.(which by cab will cost you almost L.E 15,see how jimat you can be when you use public transport?huhu)

this is for aisa..dengar baik-baik aisa..
nak naik bus from ARMA to hayyu asyir haritu kitorang main tanya je bus driver tu which bus is going to hayyu asyir.once we got it,we hopped in lah.tapi mcm tak sangka lah pula kan 50 sen je.huhu

after the whole drama of me nearly crying telling the abg kerani about my late dad,my family etc etc and kecewa over the kerek pegawai,we went back to mansoura the day itself to pack for the next day's trip to luxor which needed us to come back to cairo again because the train is from there.

we wanted to go to luxor and aswan sebab nak lari daripada sejuk yang agak mengecewakan sikit la kesejukan tahun ni tak berapa sejuk.miekk.

honestly i nearly merajuk and wanted to go back mansoura once i heard that the train tickets were fulled.

but after some time of thinking,i decided to go jugak.

we went to luxor by bus.and the kaki was effing aching for the 12 hours of traveling.

once checked in to the L.E 20 per night cute hotel,we went touring the temples around luxor.

king's valley

hapshetsut temple

horse riding in luxor.

the L.E 20 comel oasis hotel :)

after a comel breakfast on the rooftop of the comel hotel the next day,we travelled for 4 hours by van to aswan but stopped at karnak temple in luxor before.

karnak temple,luxor.

favourite pic :)

watched sunset from a yatch.cantik!cantik!cantik!

3 am the next day,4 more hours of travelling to abu simbel.the sunrise scenery on the way there was superbly beautiful.

abu simbel was hot but windy.

Abu Simbel,aswan

back to aswan,the philae temple..

dari russia:amin and zack

went back to cairo by the 16-hour train which cost L.E 102 only.
we extended our vacation for another day in cairo to accompany my friend sending her boyfriend to the airport.but before that,we went to giza for the pyramids and sphinx,and dream park.


unta riding :)

cairo international airport.

overall budget to luxor and aswan :
if you're not an easy spender,L.E 800 is just nice(transportation,hotel and tour are included)
L.E 500 is for tansport,hotel and tour.
you just have to keep another L.E 300 with you for some shopping,lunch and dinner,and also,tickets to get into the temples.
the most expensive ticket is abu simbel where you can get L.E 48.50 for student price.

for an easy spender,ermm...just bring as much money as you can lah.huhu

what i achieved along the trip:
i met new people,made new friends and hopefully it will last long. :)
i learned new stuff.did you know that the temples in abu simbel are actually under the sea?huhu
i've tried new things.riding a camel is one of them.
i went to the book fair thrice this year.haha(siapa boleh kalahkan aku?haha)
i learned that travelling like what we see in lonely planet or destinasi bajet is actually not that ewwy afterall.
sadly,i didn't get sunburn.which is for me,it's like a sourvenir from there.haha(i'm weird,i know that.haha)
it's not about the luxury,or the comfy that you needed when you travel under budget,it's all about the experience.bila lagi nak experience things like this if not now,right?

overall,i like this whole 'just go and terjah or redah without any tour guide' trip,and will probably do it again next year.
and i like this year's winter break,it's better than last year's lah but abit dissapointed with the not so cold weather lah.huhu

photos credit to:

hanis,hanim and zack :)

thanks for the lovely vacation,you guys!

and to the russian guys,datangla egypt lagi :D semester is going to start soon and i didn't prepare anything for it yet.leading to suicidal act,i know.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


just got back from my 1 week vacation in luxor,aswan,and abu simbel.
met new people,made new friends.
a fun vaca it was.a memorable one.
but,now is not the time to spill everything here as..

i havent receive the thousand photos from everybody yet.
the internet has gone effingly gila today.1 minute ok,the next minute hell la me in front of the lappy waiting for the internet.(nak cerita kat niksu pon tak sempat..miekk!)
and i effingly not feeling well.(whole body aching lah..perut miek-ing lah..etc)making me sleep whole day and my intention to study today was...not succeeded.another day spent emblessly.miek!!

will update about the vacation once i got everything i needed.

i still have 1 week of holidays left and it's time to pulun!!

damn it,i hate exams.can i have more cuti please?

miek - originally imitating the miek sound of a kitten.but now is widely used(by those who know je la) to show disappointment ,ketidaksukaan or to replace the censored cursing words.credits to kak hanis for inventing this word.
contoh ayat:
'weih perut aku sakit do..miek betul.'