Sunday, February 08, 2009


just got back from my 1 week vacation in luxor,aswan,and abu simbel.
met new people,made new friends.
a fun vaca it was.a memorable one.
but,now is not the time to spill everything here as..

i havent receive the thousand photos from everybody yet.
the internet has gone effingly gila today.1 minute ok,the next minute hell la me in front of the lappy waiting for the internet.(nak cerita kat niksu pon tak sempat..miekk!)
and i effingly not feeling well.(whole body aching lah..perut miek-ing lah..etc)making me sleep whole day and my intention to study today was...not succeeded.another day spent emblessly.miek!!

will update about the vacation once i got everything i needed.

i still have 1 week of holidays left and it's time to pulun!!

damn it,i hate exams.can i have more cuti please?

miek - originally imitating the miek sound of a kitten.but now is widely used(by those who know je la) to show disappointment ,ketidaksukaan or to replace the censored cursing words.credits to kak hanis for inventing this word.
contoh ayat:
'weih perut aku sakit do..miek betul.'


Nurul Nuha said...

wooooo!! dah update! hahah.
bestnyer pergi vacation! envy! envy! huhu.
oh i loike ur song on the blog. ;)
next post with pictures from vacation! ;D

Anonymous said...

wei jeles!org tgh struggle bace kes yg bertimbun2 die sronok g holiday. x aci ;)