Thursday, October 25, 2007

mak, i miss home.

i went through a tough week.i feel like screaming but didn't.i feel like wanna fly back.i really really want to fly back.i miss home,i miss mak,i miss luqman,i miss my kerepek friends,my yu hua friends,my KMM friends.i miss everybody.

i dont feel like people appreciate my work.i helped!i've waited!i did everything for them!why cant they wait for me?why cant they help me?i dont understand.

i cried alot.mate bengkak2.but nobody cares.except for my housemates.i think that's the only wise decision i've made.choosing housemates.although they've made u effing angry,geram like fcuking shit,they still there for you.i love my housemates.

patut ke a friend that you share food with,study together with,and joke around together with,did this fucking non-logical action to you?i dont understand why they treat me like this.

fine ar,korg mmg pandai..korg je yang pandai..ckp senang la..tak sendiri rase!senang la mintak maaf,tak kena kat batang hidung sendiri.i'm sorry,but i need time to relax,time to think.

i just feel like writing.kalau x faham,dont's just a luahan perasaan.

mak,i miss home.mak,i wanna go home..


Saturday, October 13, 2007

salam perantauan

open house.

this is where we called mansoura.

selamat hari raye peeps!

yo!selamat hari raya!

my 1st raya without family.

raya eve.
we went to wikalah to shop for groceries that was fun so much fun because it was my first time to shop raya groceries alone,i mean,without mak.hehe.after so much energy wasted for searching for the exact raya stuffs,and we were trying as hard as we could to find the exact raya stuff like in malaysia.and we found them!.betapa berdikarinye kami!hehe.

i had our buka puase with my housemates at a restaurant called was fun because because everybody was there.agak sebak jugak la.hee.

after we got home from paradise,we immediately clean up the house and cook raya dishes.kak hanis took over the rendang daging,which was superb!elly took over the kek batik and i took over kuah kacang with mak's recipe,bak kate nadia,resipi sms because the recipe was sent to me via sms from mak.hehe.eventhough it was my first time to cook kuah kacang alone(i never help mak to do it before pon..paling2 pon buang kulit kacang.haha),it was a great success!it taste just like mak's!hehe..the others took over the cleaning.and the house became alot like home now.hee.suke!

the plan of celebrating raya in cairo was cancelled last minute due to no transportation.agak sedih jugak la.huhu.

1st raya.
we woke up early and called mak via e-voiz,sadly i can hear her clearly but she couldn't.after so much of jeritan n all,mak still cant hear me.she just replied my salam.but the 'waalaikumussalam' has already touched my heart and made me cry.(oh ye,saye menangis di pagi raya!hoho).had our raya breakfast and off to senior's house to perfom our raya prayer.blimey,egyptians takbir is wayy different than malaysia's.their takbir is not sayu but bersemangat.while our takbir can touch one's heart,especially me..hoho..this is,i guess,how it felt when you raya in appreciate everything.including small things.huhu.had a little open house at senior's house and off to the next open house which was the boys' open was a huge open house.makan2 lagi.hoho.
later at night,we did some makan2 with the girls from our block(imaroh)and took loads of salam perantauan pictures!seronok!and we did the maaf bermaafan among housemates after that.and everybody cried.AGAIN!haha.

2nd raya.
went to cairo international airport to send afeeq back to malaysia!i dont really know him but we just follow him because we wanted to shop in cairo!hoho.doesnt really had fun there.we skipped a lot of open houses back in mansoura just because to shop in cairo.agak menyesal juga but what to do..huhu..but i bought myself baju n handbag.hoho.kegembiraan!!skarang aku dah sengkek.hooray!-_-"

3rd raya.
it was didi's birthday.elly and i wanted to bake a chocolate cake for her but it turned out to be real hangus and rentung!haha.but we covered it with chocolate and it tasted ok.but the rice cooker turned out to be broken and the lapik meja that we borrowed from other house koyak-ed.kena ganti.bertambah sengkek!haha.

i started my class on the 4th day of raya.again,for dentistry students,problem dtg kembali!oh,i dont know what mak will say if i tell her that i have to attend classes until 8pm yang gelap gile like dekat malaysia pukul 10pm.we're still in the discussion with the dean and i dont know what will be the result.hopefully dpt balik awal!amin~
classes are starting to get busier.i have dental material test and presentation on physiology next two weeks.oho takut..

wanna know what?saya rindu malaysia!!!oho..that's the fact.friends kept on telling me that petronas' iklan raya sangat menyentuh hati.i have to admit it.i've searched for it in youtube and it was a double thumbs up!burung ape tu bah?burung muraii..

next week,a persatuan perubatan is going to held an open house!hoho..there must be a lot of malaysian food!hoho makan!

eid sa'id! which means selamat hari raya!
and kullu sannah toyyibin!which means semoga sepanjang tahun anda bagus!
(egyptians wishes for hari raya.)

Monday, October 08, 2007

dah nak raye dah!

it's here!it's here!

raya is just around the corner!and i'm having the mixture of feelings now.i dont know wether i'm excited or sad for this.haha.

fasting in egypt is fun.we have to sahur very early in the morning.subuh is at approx. 4.30am,then we go back to sleep till 8.attend classes and go back home paling lewat at 4pm,and breakfast is at 5.30pm.with the cold weather,and people inviting us to iftar(break fast) at their house.and the programs that has been set to us,such as,tadarus and qiam every week.things that i rarely do back in malaysia.

the last few days of the fasting month is quite tiring for me.i had a fever and flu and other problems pressured me.but i survived!i didnt call mak for a week now.i just sms kak ngah and skyped with the way,kak ngah is now at home with mak and's irritating when everytime she sms me telling me how delicious mak cooked that day.oh tidakk!!

i'm going to celebrate my raya in malaysian hall,cairo.i will leave tomorrow to we would not cook rendang or ketupat that day.i will make sure my phone's credit is enough for me to call mak.dont know wether or not i'm going to cry nanti.we'll see about that!haha.

me and my housemate will shop for some raya shoes and bags today!hurray!hehe.this year's raya will be my first raya without dad and i'm going to celebrate it alone.i miss my dad so to arwah ayah.

to the readers,eid mubarak!selamat hari raya aidilfitri!maaf zahir & batin!berhati2 ketika pulang ke kampung!ceria2 selalu!for those who are having finals after raya,good luck to you!!best wishes from hannah sahimi!

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selamat hari raya everybody!